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Baby Minky Dot Coat and Boots - One Small Child

Dottie Baby Coat & Boots

Every once in awhile our amazing seamstresses will come across a fabric that impresses them to create for someone special in their life.  One such seamstress, with our Madison Coat pattern in hand, began to cut, gather, and stitch a darling coat for her newest granddaughter.  It turned out SO fantastic we just had to add it to our shop for all of you!  What fabric did she use you ask?

100% polyester Minky Dot fabric

Minky Dot fabric is not only a supremely soft micro-fiber but the polka dot feature has a “pop-out” 3D effect that is uber cuddly.  The Peter Pan style collar, puff sleeves, and large silk covered buttons bring an air of whimsy and innocence. A high waisted bodice complete with subtle gathers will enhance the baby doll beauty in any little girl.  In fact, you will want to pinch her cheeks just to make sure she is still real.

Matching up

We loved this little Minky Coat so much we couldn’t help but make a pair of matching boots!  Starting with the same Minky fabric, a large silk covered button was fastened along with a looped elastic.  This makes dressing baby’s feet quick and easy!  What mom wouldn’t love that!  That is not even the best part, the insides are fully lined with synthetic fur that is so snuggly you will wish you could crawl inside.



Pines & Palms David Christening Outfit - One Small Child

Pines & Palms with One Small Child

Baptism Day!

We were super excited when this popular blog writer of  Pines & Palms reached out to us looking for a baptism outfit for her son.  She chose our popular David Christening Outfit made with 100% broadcloth cotton and handsome pleating…complete with a Diamond Monogram. You can read all about how her little man’s big day went here.  Thanks, Grace for letting One Small Child be a part of this special occasion.


Summer Christening Party Table Setting - One Small Child

How to Plan a Summer Christening


What could be better than a summer christening?  Summer is the perfect time to plan an outdoor christening!  Flowers are in bloom, a light breeze rustles the leaves, birds singing–it all is so enchanting.



Having guests sign in upon arrival is a fantastic way to commemorate the day. All of those signatures by loved ones are a visual display of “we love you THIS much” that baby will appreciate in years to come!  A great way to do this is to have a guest book or, better yet, a christening party signature frame that can be hung on baby’s wall.

Table Settings

Feel free to be creative when it comes to the table setting.  With summer time, anything goes! You can be more personable and have name tags next to each plate or have embroidered napkins with the guest’s name on them.  Or keep it casual and use pretty paper plates and napkins with plastic utensils.   Either way, be sure to add a touch of summer with some live flowers and a crisp tablecloth. Also, it is a good idea to make sure no sprinkler systems will be turned on during the festivities.


For the main course, go for something that is versatile and easy.  For example, sandwiches can be little and fancy or can be customized by providing all the fixins’ to accommodate any taste buds. Fresh chilled fruit is always a great addition to a summer meal.  You can do fruit kabobs, fruit pizza, or just have a pretty bowl with your favorite fruits mixed together. For dessert, a cake is always a yummy option, as a bonus, it can be decorated to be part of the decor.  Have the bakery add a cross, embellishments to match your table setting, or baby’s name to make it extra special.


We can’t stress enough the importance of pictures.  It is the only way to capture baby’s special day in vivid detail.  The best way to make sure you do capture every moment, in its truest form and lighting, is to hire a professional photographer.  There are many talented options out there.  Talk to more than one to find the photographer that will be the best fit for you.  Ask questions before booking: find out the cost, what is included with that cost, what type of photos they will be taking (you will want someone who can blend in with guests so they can snap moments and not just staged photos), what is their shooting style, and ask to see some of their previous work.  You will be glad you have these photos, and they will become more precious as time goes on.

Summer Christening Gown/Outfits

One of the most important things to consider for this special occasion is baby’s christening attire.  You want something that will hold up to the challenges only baby can bring.  We love these little people and want them to look adorable but also be comfortable. Here are a few things to look for:

For Girls

  1. Lace with a light lining and cotton slip. Why? Both are a breathable material and will feel cloud-soft against new, tender skin.
  2. Short sleeve, silk, and open-back bonnet. Why? Short sleeves for obvious reasons but silk is another lightweight material that is great for warm weather events.  The open-back bonnet is not only an adorable vintage style it also allows for a cooling airflow as well.

For Boys

  1. Outfits made with 100% cotton broadcloth.  Why? It is crisp by nature to bring out the handsome and, above all, it is light and airy.
  2. 100% silk or polyester shantung romper.  Why? Both materials have an irresistible luster in the summer sun.  However, be sure to look for a short sleeve option and (if possible) a shorts style. These materials, although stunning, are less airy than cotton but are still a great light-weight option.
  3. Bodysuit tops, overalls, or rompers.  Why?  This is just a good rule in general.  All babies are precious and all babies LOVE TO WIGGLE!  With a one-piece style, you can rest at ease knowing you will not spend the day adjusting your little man’s outfit or tucking his shirt back in.

Thanks for reading and letting us share our ideas with you.  We hope these tidbits will help spring forth a plethora of your own amazing ideas as you plan your little’s magical outdoor summer christening.

Christening Invitation - One Small Child

Guest Post: Christening Invites by Paperlust

We are so excited to have a guest post today!  Paperlust creates amazing invitations for any special event.  Check out some of their great christening invitation tips and designs below.  Enjoy!

Christening Planning Guide: Christening InvitationsChristening Invites | Christening Invitations

A christening, baptism or dedication is a joyous time for a family, celebrating and thanking God for the gift of a new baby. It makes sense to want this sort of occasion to be perfect! One of the most important things to plan is the christening invitations. They not only ensure all your guests get to the right place at the right time, but they often serve as treasured mementos for years to come. We’ve put together this guide to getting them right.

Who to invite to a christening or baptism

The baptism of a child is usually a family event, with the child’s cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents invited. Close friends of the family are often invited as well, especially if they are religious. It’s always a good idea to check with the church before you send out your invitations to see if there is a limit on the number of guests you can bring. If so, you might choose to limit the number of guests at the actual christening but host a big after party that everyone can attend. Just make sure to specify this on the invitation.

When to send your christening invitations

Christening invitations should be sent out 4-6 weeks in advance of the big day to give guests ample time to plan and leave the day free. The early lead-time is especially important if anyone is going to be traveling in order to attend. In fact, it’s a good idea to give any key guests (your parents, the godparents of the child) as much notice as possible via a courtesy email or phone call so there’s no danger of them missing the occasion.

Christening Invites | Christening Invitations

Wording your christening invitations

When writing christening invitations, you should make sure to give guests all the information they need to be able to attend. This includes:


    • Who: specify who is being invited, who is being christened, and who is hosting the event (usually the parents of the baby). You might also include the names of any godparents.
    • What: be clear about what guests are being invited to. Is it a baptism, a christening or a dedication? Are you inviting guests to a religious ceremony, a party to celebrate, or both?


  • When: include both the date and the time of the event so guests know when to show up


    • Where: give guests the location in two ways – the name of the church or other venue, and the street address.


  • Dress code: this is especially important if the event is taking place in a religious setting. Is there a dress code at the church? Is it a formal occasion or something more laid-back?
  • RSVP details: make sure guests know when you need confirmation of their attendance, and give them the details you’d like them to use to let you know.



For example:


You are invited to join us for the christening of

Emma Joanne Johnson

May 7, 2018, 11:00am

St. John’s Presbyterian Church

25 Manifold Street

Warrnambool, 3280


A luncheon will follow
Smart casual attire

RSVP by April 30


Christening Invites | Christening Invitations

Most popular styles of christening invites

Christening invitations are usually quite restrained, but this depends on both preference and the nature of your event. The more formal and religious the christening or baptism is, the more simple it should be. Some common themes in christening invites are:


  • Religious iconography – crosses and crucifixes, saints, doves, candles
  • Typography – pretty script text accents
  • Photographic – either a photo of the baby alone or a family photo
  • Floral – illustrations of flowers or subtle floral patterns
  • Lace – illustrations, patterns, or actual lace added to the invitation suite


Many people choose to keep the design elements simple but embellish the invitations with a premium print type like letterpress or silver foil.


When you’re going to all the effort of planning a christening – choosing godparents, liaising with the minister or priest, finding the perfect christening gown and planning the after party – it’s important to get the right invitations for the day. Using this guide, you’re sure to have no problem settling on the perfect invites for your baby’s christening or baptism.

Gray baby shorts and suspenders - One Small Child

Baby Suspenders Gray Outfit by One Small Child

Could there be anything more charming that a bowtie on your little Mr.?  The answer…YES!  Our newest One Small Child design combines the timeless bowtie with adorable black baby suspenders. The result is too cute for words!  But we couldn’t stop there, we had to add cashmere-soft slack style shorts. This look will have everyone pulling their cameras out to capture the adorableness.

Cute + Great Features Too!

The short sleeved 100% cotton shirt was designed to be a bodysuit style.  Not only does this look great but you never have to worry about baby coming untucked as he is passed around and loved on.  Plus, the three snaps make diaper changes a breeze.  You get your choice of a classic bowtie or a “big boy” neck tie.  The best part is, they are removable making

The stylish black suspenders are elastic and adjustable.  This means the cuteness doesn’t have to stop when he grows.  Just make them longer and he is ready to wear them for future events.  You get your choice of a classic bowtie or a “big boy” neck tie.  The best part is, they are removable making

And last, but certainly not least, you get your choice of a classic bowtie or a “big boy” neck tie.  The best part is, both are removable!



Gray Shorts Suspender Set for Baby



Did we mention the accessories that are available for this darling outfit?  We have a newsboy’s cap that is a perfect match, not to mention it ups the handsome factor!

Next are the matching shoes.  They are made from the same fabric as the tie, shorts, and cap.  A large strap crosses the foot and is secured with an exaggerated black button.  The soles are made of soft black leather to accommodate unsteady walkers.  The insides are fully lined with a soft satin for supreme comfort.

If you are looking for a more formal attire check out our Derek 5-piece suit.  It is great for winter events while our Gray Suspender Outfit is great for warmer ones.

Sadie Lace Christening Jacket - One Small Child

Sadie Embroidered Lace Jacket for Christenings, Baptism & so Much More!

Sadie Lace Christening Jacket for Baby


Give Her the Royal Treatment

Renaissance Royalty meets modern day baby.  This old-world style jacket is made with re-embroidered lace.  This edified artistry brings the intricate flower clusters to life. The dramatic spacing adds an undeniable regal essence.  Two ample 100% silk ribbons are securely fastened for presentation ease.  And finally, intricate hand-beaded lace trims the edge of the jacket’s entirety.

For a purely subtle elegance, drape this lacey goodness over our soft 100% cotton slip.  Or, if you still love subtlety but want something with just a little extra–pair it with our regal cotton slip.  The eight-inch ruffle makes a statement without being too loud.  Or, last but certainly not least, if you would like a truly royal affect pair this jacket with our exquisite Sophi or Royal Gown.


Kylie Lace Christening Jacket - One Small Child

Kylie, Satin & Lace Baptism Jacket, Renaissance Christening Jacket, Lace Baby Jacket

Dress it up

This dainty baptism jacket for girls looks absolutely angelic on any of our heirloom length gowns.  In fact, it makes a simple cotton slip look “special event” worthy! The two-inch satin ribbon ties are absolutely divine.  Tie them in a pretty bow and “Viola”, baby’s jacket is secure.  The pretty print of the lace is a floral bliss.  For the finishing touch, scalloped lace graces the jacket edge.

Kylie Christening Jacket for baby

More Than Just a Baptism Jacket…

Use this jacket to add extra elegance to her Sunday dress.  Drape it atop her special gown for a wedding party. Tie it over a simple dress to make it photo ready.  This jacket has so many uses, and it will bring out the princess in your little every time.  The best part is, the heirloom quality will make it a great piece to pass on to another generation.


Mia Lace Christening Jacket - One Small Child

Mila, Our Sparkles and Lace Christening Jacket for Baby Girls

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.

Sparkle and lace and full of grace, that is what little girls dream of.

Combine the two and you have an Angel true. 

Introducing Our Mila Lace Christening Jacket

One Small Child has just the thing for you…

ila Christening Jacket

It’s Spring time and what better way to celebrate than to dress up the little princess in your castle in this lace jacket.  It’s perfect if you want to add more to an elaborate gown or something to dress up a more simple gown or even a cotton slip.  This light-weight sheer fabric will fancy her up without making her too hot.  The embroidered flower embellished lace is 100% polyester.  The jacket ties are 2″ wide lush satin ribbons.  Finally, the glittering sparkles will make her shine like the precious diamond she is. This is one of three from our brand new spring designs.


Free Christening invitation printable - One Small Child

Free Christening Invitation Download

Free Christening Invitation

Free Christening invitation printable

Our Gift to You

In honor of your baby’s upcoming event, One Small Child would like to offer you free printable Christening Invitations.  Just click the link of your choice below, add your info, and share on your social media or print and send them through the mail. The editable PDF will be sent to you by email. You will then make the changes, following the included instructions and use the completed file any way you would like.

With all of the details that go into planning your child’s Christening, this will take one more task off your list.

Click the link below to download our boy invitation.

Boy Invitation

Free Christening invitation printable




Click the link below to download our girl invitation.

Girl Invitation

Why send out Christening Invitations

Using an invite to announce to friends and family to your little one’s special day, not only helps them save the date, it also gives a sense of formality.  The effort that goes into creating and sending a mail invitation exhibits the importance you place on the invitee’s attendance.  It will also impress on them that you, and your family, value their time and support.

Your invitation can be as unique as your precious little one.  However, you want to make sure your invitations convey sufficient info that is clear, timely and looks great too! This Free template has fields for all the important details for you special day.


Invitations for Guests Invited to the Celebration Afterwards

Don’t forget to invite guests to the celebration afterwards. We find it is easiest to include a small card in the envelope along with the christening invitation to let them know when and where the party will be held.

When to send the invites…

Sending your christening invitations out at least a month in advance will allow loved ones enough time to make adjustments in their calendar.  This time frame also allows sufficient time for those who may live far away to get their travel plans set.

William Silk Christening Gown - One Small Child

William Traditional Boy Baptism Christening Gown

And now...

Our Traditional Style William Baptism Gown for Baby Boys!

William Silk Christening Gown by One Small Child Read more…