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When I hold your hand printable - One Small Child

Free Inspirational Quote Printable

We want to share with you a printable that expresses the feelings of every mom with a new baby, a new bride who gets to spend the rest of her life with the man of her dreams, or maybe it is a best friend you cannot imagine life without.  No matter what the reason this saying inspires us all when we are with that special someone–whoever they may be.

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3 John 1:4 Quote - One Small Child

Free Child Printable: No Greater Joy…

No Greater Joy Printable…

There is so much wisdom to be found in the Bible.  Each time you read it you find something new, or gain a deeper understanding of a concept you are already familiar with.  Along with this, it gives us a broader perspective on the things that are most important in life.  The scripture printable below is a favorite and reminds us where pure and lasting joy comes from:


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3 John 1: 4 printable

Free Christening invitation printable - One Small Child

Free Christening Invitation Download

Free Christening Invitation

Free Christening invitation printable

Our Gift to You

In honor of your baby’s upcoming event, One Small Child would like to offer you free printable Christening Invitations.  Just click the link of your choice below, add your info, and share on your social media or print and send them through the mail. The editable PDF will be sent to you by email. You will then make the changes, following the included instructions and use the completed file any way you would like.

With all of the details that go into planning your child’s Christening, this will take one more task off your list.

Click the link below to download our boy invitation.

Boy Invitation

Free Christening invitation printable




Click the link below to download our girl invitation.

Girl Invitation

Why send out Christening Invitations

Using an invite to announce to friends and family to your little one’s special day, not only helps them save the date, it also gives a sense of formality.  The effort that goes into creating and sending a mail invitation exhibits the importance you place on the invitee’s attendance.  It will also impress on them that you, and your family, value their time and support.

Your invitation can be as unique as your precious little one.  However, you want to make sure your invitations convey sufficient info that is clear, timely and looks great too! This Free template has fields for all the important details for you special day.


Invitations for Guests Invited to the Celebration Afterwards

Don’t forget to invite guests to the celebration afterwards. We find it is easiest to include a small card in the envelope along with the christening invitation to let them know when and where the party will be held.

When to send the invites…

Sending your christening invitations out at least a month in advance will allow loved ones enough time to make adjustments in their calendar.  This time frame also allows sufficient time for those who may live far away to get their travel plans set.

Never Grow up Printable - One Small Child

Did Someone Say FREE Printable…


As life moves along at such a fast pace I can’t help but marvel at my children.  They learn and grow so quickly.  I feel immense joy as I watch them progress and adjust to life.  No matter how “grown up” they seem to get each day, it never ceases to amaze me how they still play without a care in the world.  We adults can learn so much from children.  Let’s take their lead and find time to play with them, and (no matter how old we get) in our hearts–Never Grow Up!


Download “Never Grow Up” printable here.





Baby Scrabble - One Small Child

Free Printable Baby Shower Games

April Showers continue with three modern baby shower games. Did we mention each is a free printable? Enjoy!

Baby Scrabble Game Printable

For the brainiac: Play this fun baby word scramble game. Unscramble each set of letters to reveal a newborn-related word. Don’t forget to copy down the answers below! Download your free printable here.

Bassinet – sentisab
Pacifier – reficaip
Bottle – tobelt
Rattle – treatle
Onesie – eniseo
Diaper – preadi
Swaddle – waddles
Lullaby – bluyall
Car Seat – arc eats
Love – veol

What's In Your Phone | Baby Shower Game Printable

For the social butterfly: What’s in your Phone? Guests rack up the points as they scour their phone for the things listed. The one with the most points wins! Download your free printable here.

5 points:
You have the baby’s due date marked in your calendar.
You have a pink or blue phone case.
You have a pregnancy or nursing app.
You have a text from the mom-to-be.
4 points:
You’ve already taken a picture of the baby shower.
One of your contacts is labeled ‘pediatrician’.
You have one or more apps for kids.
You have a text containing the word ‘baby’.
3 Points:
You have the baby shower marked in your calendar.
One of your contacts is labeled ‘doctor’.
Your background or lock screen is a picture of a baby.
Your music collection includes a song with ‘baby’ in the title.
2 Points:
You put your phone on silent for the shower.
You have a picture of a baby saved in your photos.
Your mom or dad are saved as favorite contacts.
You have a pink or blue background or lock screen.
1 Point:
For every contact that starts with the letter ‘B’.
One of your recent calls was to one of your parents.
You have an alarm set.
You made a call before 7:00 a.m.

Baby Name Game Race | Baby Shower Game Printable

For the speed demon: This Baby Name Race Game will have everyone laughing! Be the first to come up with 26 names for the baby-to-be. One for every letter of the alphabet. Download your free printable here.

We hope you enjoy these free printable baby shower games and wish you a wonderful celebration!

Baby Checklist - One Small Child

Free Printable New Baby Checklist

Preparing for a new baby can be a daunting task! You find yourself wondering all sorts of things you’ve never thought of. Should I go with disposable diapers or cloth diapering? How many burp cloths will I need? Should I invest in a good baby monitor or spend more for a stroller? We’ve been there. We know all newborns are different. Some spit up more than others. Some take pacifiers. Some don’t. The same mom will swear by a different brand of diapers for each baby. How do you know what you’ll need?

Don’t stress! We talked to a panel of experienced moms and came up with a list they all agree on. This will ease your mind! They suggest you have these items on hand when bringing baby home from the hospital. Most parents wait until they know the gender to start shopping. Our moms suggest you leave yourself plenty of time to organize baby’s gear and set up the nursery. The last trimester can sneak up on you. And an expecting mom’s energy is easily depleted by then. So, grab the list and get started! We hope you enjoy this free printable new baby checklist!

{PDF “New Baby Checklist”}

Ready to start shopping? Check these new baby items off your list now!

Shop New Baby Girl Essentials | Shop New Baby Boy Essentials

Wondering what you need for your newborn? Enjoy a Free Printable New Baby Checklist from One Small Child!

Blankets | Onesies | Car Seat Cover


Wondering what you need for your newborn? Enjoy a Free Printable New Baby Checklist from One Small Child!

Play Mat | Newborn Outfits | Baby Wash

Been here, done this? We welcome your experienced feedback! What would you add to the list? Is there anything you purchased, but didn’t need? Let us know!

Thanksgiving printables - One Small Child

Thanksgiving Printables: Pinterest Roundup

Printables for Thanksgiving

Today we wanted to share a few fun Thanksgiving printables from our Holiday Fun Pinterest board. (Are you following us on Pinterest?) First up is an adorable Count Your Blessings Tree from What a simple way to show what your family is thankful for!

Thanksgiving printables

{Kids and adults will have a blast with these photo props from! These silly snapshots will be fun to reflect on for years to come!}

Printables for Thanksgiving

{Send your guests’ goodies home in style! We love this Thanksgiving leftovers printable from}

Check out more Thanksgiving traditions and activities on our Holiday Fun pin board!