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Free Christening invitation printable - One Small Child

Free Christening Invitation Download

Free Christening Invitation

Free Christening invitation printable

Our Gift to You

In honor of your baby’s upcoming event, One Small Child would like to offer you free printable Christening Invitations.  Just click the link of your choice below, add your info, and share on your social media or print and send them through the mail. The editable PDF will be sent to you by email. You will then make the changes, following the included instructions and use the completed file any way you would like.

With all of the details that go into planning your child’s Christening, this will take one more task off your list.

Click the link below to download our boy invitation.

Boy Invitation

Free Christening invitation printable




Click the link below to download our girl invitation.

Girl Invitation

Why send out Christening Invitations

Using an invite to announce to friends and family to your little one’s special day, not only helps them save the date, it also gives a sense of formality.  The effort that goes into creating and sending a mail invitation exhibits the importance you place on the invitee’s attendance.  It will also impress on them that you, and your family, value their time and support.

Your invitation can be as unique as your precious little one.  However, you want to make sure your invitations convey sufficient info that is clear, timely and looks great too! This Free template has fields for all the important details for you special day.


Invitations for Guests Invited to the Celebration Afterwards

Don’t forget to invite guests to the celebration afterwards. We find it is easiest to include a small card in the envelope along with the christening invitation to let them know when and where the party will be held.

When to send the invites…

Sending your christening invitations out at least a month in advance will allow loved ones enough time to make adjustments in their calendar.  This time frame also allows sufficient time for those who may live far away to get their travel plans set.

Never Grow up Printable - One Small Child

Did Someone Say FREE Printable…


As life moves along at such a fast pace I can’t help but marvel at my children.  They learn and grow so quickly.  I feel immense joy as I watch them progress and adjust to life.  No matter how “grown up” they seem to get each day, it never ceases to amaze me how they still play without a care in the world.  We adults can learn so much from children.  Let’s take their lead and find time to play with them, and (no matter how old we get) in our hearts–Never Grow Up!


Download “Never Grow Up” printable here.





Baby Scrabble - One Small Child

Free Printable Baby Shower Games

April Showers continue with three modern baby shower games. Did we mention each is a free printable? Enjoy!

Baby Scrabble Game Printable

For the brainiac: Play this fun baby word scramble game. Unscramble each set of letters to reveal a newborn-related word. Don’t forget to copy down the answers below! Download your free printable here.

Bassinet – sentisab
Pacifier – reficaip
Bottle – tobelt
Rattle – treatle
Onesie – eniseo
Diaper – preadi
Swaddle – waddles
Lullaby – bluyall
Car Seat – arc eats
Love – veol

What's In Your Phone | Baby Shower Game Printable

For the social butterfly: What’s in your Phone? Guests rack up the points as they scour their phone for the things listed. The one with the most points wins! Download your free printable here.

5 points:
You have the baby’s due date marked in your calendar.
You have a pink or blue phone case.
You have a pregnancy or nursing app.
You have a text from the mom-to-be.
4 points:
You’ve already taken a picture of the baby shower.
One of your contacts is labeled ‘pediatrician’.
You have one or more apps for kids.
You have a text containing the word ‘baby’.
3 Points:
You have the baby shower marked in your calendar.
One of your contacts is labeled ‘doctor’.
Your background or lock screen is a picture of a baby.
Your music collection includes a song with ‘baby’ in the title.
2 Points:
You put your phone on silent for the shower.
You have a picture of a baby saved in your photos.
Your mom or dad are saved as favorite contacts.
You have a pink or blue background or lock screen.
1 Point:
For every contact that starts with the letter ‘B’.
One of your recent calls was to one of your parents.
You have an alarm set.
You made a call before 7:00 a.m.

Baby Name Game Race | Baby Shower Game Printable

For the speed demon: This Baby Name Race Game will have everyone laughing! Be the first to come up with 26 names for the baby-to-be. One for every letter of the alphabet. Download your free printable here.

We hope you enjoy these free printable baby shower games and wish you a wonderful celebration!

Baby Checklist - One Small Child

Free Printable New Baby Checklist

Preparing for a new baby can be a daunting task! You find yourself wondering all sorts of things you’ve never thought of. Should I go with disposable diapers or cloth diapering? How many burp cloths will I need? Should I invest in a good baby monitor or spend more for a stroller? We’ve been there. We know all newborns are different. Some spit up more than others. Some take pacifiers. Some don’t. The same mom will swear by a different brand of diapers for each baby. How do you know what you’ll need?

Don’t stress! We talked to a panel of experienced moms and came up with a list they all agree on. This will ease your mind! They suggest you have these items on hand when bringing baby home from the hospital. Most parents wait until they know the gender to start shopping. Our moms suggest you leave yourself plenty of time to organize baby’s gear and set up the nursery. The last trimester can sneak up on you. And an expecting mom’s energy is easily depleted by then. So, grab the list and get started! We hope you enjoy this free printable new baby checklist!

{PDF “New Baby Checklist”}

Ready to start shopping? Check these new baby items off your list now!

Shop New Baby Girl Essentials | Shop New Baby Boy Essentials

Wondering what you need for your newborn? Enjoy a Free Printable New Baby Checklist from One Small Child!

Blankets | Onesies | Car Seat Cover


Wondering what you need for your newborn? Enjoy a Free Printable New Baby Checklist from One Small Child!

Play Mat | Newborn Outfits | Baby Wash

Been here, done this? We welcome your experienced feedback! What would you add to the list? Is there anything you purchased, but didn’t need? Let us know!

What to pack for the Christening - One Small Child

Free Printable: What to Pack for a Christening

We’re all about making your special events go more smoothly! When planning a Christening or Baptism, you’ve got a lot on your plate! Between scheduling venues and officiators for the event to food and decorations for the after-party (not to mention catering to your out-of town guests!) we know you’re starting to feel the stress! Among everything you have to worry about, you have to pack all that you’ll need for your baby’s event. The last thing you want is to forget something at home and have to make a flying trip to get it — or worse, go without it. Let us help! We’ve come up with a free printable checklist of what to pack for a Christening. You can pack up baby’s things with confidence that you’ve got everything. Or better yet, assign someone else to pack! With one less thing to worry about, you’ll have time to enjoy your baby, guests, and event! After all, that’s what it’s all about!

{Print your free What to pack for a Christening checklist here}

Did we miss anything? Please share what else you found helpful to have on your Christening or Baptism day!

Photo Checklist - One Small Child

Christening Photography: Free Printable Checklist

We’re here to talk about Christening Photography today. It is so important to capture the sweet memories of special events like your baby’s christening because they only happen once! No mother ever regrets having a good photographer or lots of pictures. To help you determine which things are most important to you, we’ve put together our checklist of must-haves to capture.

There are two types of sessions to consider for your christening photography: a portrait session, and an event session.

The Portrait Session

You’ll want to schedule the portrait session separately from your event. With tons of guests to entertain and a venue to prepare, you’ll be way too busy to think about capturing the precious moments of the christening day. We recommend taking the following pictures either before or after the event. If taken before, it might be a fun idea to display them as dinner table décor on the christening day.

A portrait session can be any setting that is special to you-or several ones. Photos in the baby’s nursery offer a personal feel, while photos in a studio are very formal and classic. Outdoor shots are a great way to document what season the event took place in. Photos of the church and chapel can be a beautiful addition to your book of remembrance as well. Be creative! Whatever you choose, it’s important to consider your setting and go for something of significance to you and your baby.

Whether indoors or outside, formal or informal, add these shots to your list:

  • Christening invitation
  • Getting dressed:
    • outfit on a hanger/bed/dresser
    • baby in underclothes
    • buttoning outfit
    • tying bows/belts/ties
  • Baby with Mom & Dad, individually and together
  • Baby with siblings
  • Full-length shot of baby in their christening outfit
  • Detail shots of the baby in their christening outfit
    • head-shot with hat/headband
    • hands with bracelets, etc.
    • feet with shoes, socks, etc.
  • Detail shots of the christening outfit: whatever makes the outfit special and beautiful
    • headband/hat
    • lace/trims
    • accessories: shoes, jewelry, etc.
  • Detail shots of the venue (as allowed)
    • chapel
    • font/water
    • candle, shell
  • Baby with bible
  • Baby with rosary

We recommend including the venue shots in the portrait session if possible. It will be easier for the photographer to set up great detail shots of the chapel and ceremonial items (the stained glass window, the water, the chapel ceiling, etc.) without all the guests to work around. You’ll want her to focus on the actual ceremony during the event.

Dressing Baby

Ivory Lace Rosette Headbands | Baby Hair Accessories at One Small Child

Clancey Silk Christening Coats for Boys | Winter Christenings at One Small Child

Tallie Christening Dresses & Headbands | One Small Child

Tallie Christening Dress & Headband | One Small Child

Christmas Christening Family Portraits | One Small Child

The Event

You’ll want to hire a photographer to capture all the moments of the christening as well as the post-ceremony dinner or reception. Keep in mind (and let your photographer know) that you’ll want to document the event as if you’ll be showing your best friend who could not be there.

Make sure you don’t miss these moments:

  • Greeting guests at the church
  • Ceremony (as allowed):
    • officiator reading from the bible
    • baby being passed to the officiator
    • officiator blessing baby
    • candle burning
    • baby in water
    • drying baby
    • officiator blessing family
    • candid photos of the baby and guests (grandma’s smile, etc.)
  • Group shots after the ceremony:
    • baby with Mom & Dad, individually and together
    • baby with Godparents, individually and together
    • baby with siblings
    • baby with grandparents
    • baby with everyone!
  • Candid photos of baby and guests during post-ceremony dinner/reception
  • Dinner/reception décor

Be sure to add your own creative ideas to the list!

Snowflake Cross Christening Cake | Winter Christening Ideas at One Small Child

Ginger Ale with Raspberries | Winter Christening Food Ideas at One Small Child

{All photographs by Paisley Studios}

We’ve included a free Christening Photography Checklist printable to help ensure that you won’t miss a moment!

christening photo checklist

Download the PDF checklist.

Did we miss anything? … Share your christening photography ideas in the comments below!

For This Child Quotes Natural - One Small Child

Free Printable: For This Child I Prayed

“For this child I prayed.” These powerful words are special to my heart, evoking feelings of gratitude, faith, and hope. As I’ve worked on these sweet printable designs, the words have sunk deeper and expanded in meaning for me…I love how re-visiting verses can often bring new facets of understanding to one’s mind.

Formatted in a 5×7 print size, this print would be great incorporated into a baby shower, christening party, or as meaningful wall art in a nursery; and in two different designs with six different color ways, there’s one perfect for your special event–hope you enjoy!

Click on the thumbnails below to download individual pdf files. Read more…