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Summer Christening Party Table Setting - One Small Child

How to Plan a Summer Christening


What could be better than a summer christening?  Summer is the perfect time to plan an outdoor christening!  Flowers are in bloom, a light breeze rustles the leaves, birds singing–it all is so enchanting.



Having guests sign in upon arrival is a fantastic way to commemorate the day. All of those signatures by loved ones are a visual display of “we love you THIS much” that baby will appreciate in years to come!  A great way to do this is to have a guest book or, better yet, a christening party signature frame that can be hung on baby’s wall.

Table Settings

Feel free to be creative when it comes to the table setting.  With summer time, anything goes! You can be more personable and have name tags next to each plate or have embroidered napkins with the guest’s name on them.  Or keep it casual and use pretty paper plates and napkins with plastic utensils.   Either way, be sure to add a touch of summer with some live flowers and a crisp tablecloth. Also, it is a good idea to make sure no sprinkler systems will be turned on during the festivities.


For the main course, go for something that is versatile and easy.  For example, sandwiches can be little and fancy or can be customized by providing all the fixins’ to accommodate any taste buds. Fresh chilled fruit is always a great addition to a summer meal.  You can do fruit kabobs, fruit pizza, or just have a pretty bowl with your favorite fruits mixed together. For dessert, a cake is always a yummy option, as a bonus, it can be decorated to be part of the decor.  Have the bakery add a cross, embellishments to match your table setting, or baby’s name to make it extra special.


We can’t stress enough the importance of pictures.  It is the only way to capture baby’s special day in vivid detail.  The best way to make sure you do capture every moment, in its truest form and lighting, is to hire a professional photographer.  There are many talented options out there.  Talk to more than one to find the photographer that will be the best fit for you.  Ask questions before booking: find out the cost, what is included with that cost, what type of photos they will be taking (you will want someone who can blend in with guests so they can snap moments and not just staged photos), what is their shooting style, and ask to see some of their previous work.  You will be glad you have these photos, and they will become more precious as time goes on.

Summer Christening Gown/Outfits

One of the most important things to consider for this special occasion is baby’s christening attire.  You want something that will hold up to the challenges only baby can bring.  We love these little people and want them to look adorable but also be comfortable. Here are a few things to look for:

For Girls

  1. Lace with a light lining and cotton slip. Why? Both are a breathable material and will feel cloud-soft against new, tender skin.
  2. Short sleeve, silk, and open-back bonnet. Why? Short sleeves for obvious reasons but silk is another lightweight material that is great for warm weather events.  The open-back bonnet is not only an adorable vintage style it also allows for a cooling airflow as well.

For Boys

  1. Outfits made with 100% cotton broadcloth.  Why? It is crisp by nature to bring out the handsome and, above all, it is light and airy.
  2. 100% silk or polyester shantung romper.  Why? Both materials have an irresistible luster in the summer sun.  However, be sure to look for a short sleeve option and (if possible) a shorts style. These materials, although stunning, are less airy than cotton but are still a great light-weight option.
  3. Bodysuit tops, overalls, or rompers.  Why?  This is just a good rule in general.  All babies are precious and all babies LOVE TO WIGGLE!  With a one-piece style, you can rest at ease knowing you will not spend the day adjusting your little man’s outfit or tucking his shirt back in.

Thanks for reading and letting us share our ideas with you.  We hope these tidbits will help spring forth a plethora of your own amazing ideas as you plan your little’s magical outdoor summer christening.

Kylie Lace Christening Jacket - One Small Child

Kylie, Satin & Lace Baptism Jacket, Renaissance Christening Jacket, Lace Baby Jacket

Dress it up

This dainty baptism jacket for girls looks absolutely angelic on any of our heirloom length gowns.  In fact, it makes a simple cotton slip look “special event” worthy! The two-inch satin ribbon ties are absolutely divine.  Tie them in a pretty bow and “Viola”, baby’s jacket is secure.  The pretty print of the lace is a floral bliss.  For the finishing touch, scalloped lace graces the jacket edge.

Kylie Christening Jacket for baby

More Than Just a Baptism Jacket…

Use this jacket to add extra elegance to her Sunday dress.  Drape it atop her special gown for a wedding party. Tie it over a simple dress to make it photo ready.  This jacket has so many uses, and it will bring out the princess in your little every time.  The best part is, the heirloom quality will make it a great piece to pass on to another generation.


christmas picture photo - One Small Child

How to Coordinate Holiday Photos

christmas picture photo


Holiday card photos. Everyone has a love/hate relationship with them. You love getting family pictures taken and sending them out to friends and relatives, but putting together cute outfits for everyone that match but don’t look too much alike is a chore in itself. Today we offer a few ideas on how to coordinate holiday photos for the perfect look.

Having a range of colors for your theme spread out on each person pulls it all together. Mixing several prints is good if they have a cohesive look and are not too overpowering. Say, for instance, you wanted to do grey, navy, teal and lime green. If each person had a large amount of lime it would be too much. But if Mom had a lime necklace, Brother had lime shoes, Sister had a lime dress and Dad didn’t have any it would be just fine. As long as Dad has the other colors on that coordinate with everyone else, it will work. Polka dots, strips and even tartan can work together if the colors flow from one person to another.

For Christmas pictures though if you have little ones, having a back drop is always extra fun. Going outside in the snow, drinking cocoa, a Christmas tree, some simple lights, the kids building a snowman and so on can add an element of humor and be more personal than just everyone standing together.

For Ideas on adding pattern, texture and color see this great post for Holiday photos

We hope you have fun putting together memorable photos this season! What are some color combos you have tried?

Fall Christening Portrait Ideas Lexi Bella Photography 2 - One Small Child

Fall Christening Portrait Ideas: Pinterest Roundup

Fall Christening Portrait Ideas

Let’s talk about Fall Christening portrait ideas:

When you’re planning your Fall Christening, one of the most important things to plan for is a photo shoot. You’ll want to document her beautiful Christening gown; his handsome smile. These precious photographs will be proudly displayed throughout baby’s entire life. So, when you plan your event, don’t forget the Christening portrait ideas! Want to include a great prop? For a girl try lace or large floral bouquets. For your little man, we love wagons or trikes. Use leaves, pumpkins, hay bales, apple barrels, or brown baskets. Barns, trees or pumpkin patches make great outdoor backdrops. It’s fun to show the season of baby’s event with a great photo!

Fall Christening Portrait Ideas-One Love Photography

{We love this adorable father-daughter Christening photo by One Love Photography!}

Fall Christening Portrait Ideas

{Here’s one of our portraits from our Fall 2013 photo shoot.}

Fall Christening Portrait Ideas-Lexi-Bella Photography 2

{Beautiful fall family portrait idea from Lexi-Bella Photography.}

Fall Christening Portrait Ideas

{Our Tallie Christening Dress is adorable for fall!}

Fall Christening Portrait Ideas-Image is Everything Studio

{How adorable is this indoor fall photo shoot from Image is Everything Studio?}

Fall Christening Portrait Ideas


Fall Christening Portrait Ideas-Lexi Bella Photography

{Great gown detail shot from Lexi-Bella Photography.}


{Don’t forget to show off all the details!}

Pinterest is a great place to find Christening portrait ideas. Check out our Fall Christenings and Pretty Christening Portraits pin boards for more! Browse your favorites, and share what you have in mind with your photographer.

Birth Story Photography  Heather - One Small Child

Mom Talk: Heather’s Birth Story Photography

We’re excited to introduce a new series of posts on the OSC Blog: Mom Talk. Every mother has a story. Every day. Good, bad, adorable, not-so-adorable…we’ve all been there. So let’s share!

Birth Story Photography

First up is Heather, who recently gave birth to her third child…a long-awaited sister to two big brothers. Heather, a professional photographer, has a beautiful sense of style and is very thoughtful when it comes to details in every aspect of her life. As she was preparing for this baby girl, it was only natural that photographing the blessed event would be on her list of must-dos. She graciously shares these thoughts:

“Having a child can be such an amazing experience. The only downfall to it all is that I am always too loopy to really remember much of what is going on or see all the details of my new baby since I am in a bed across the room, or worse in another one completely. I cannot express how much this session means to me and my family. Having [my business partner] Kayla there to photograph the things that I was unable to see was amazing. She was able to capture my kids in the hall building Legos, and the anticipation of all my loved ones, and was there to capture Miss Penelope’s first moments into this new world. At the time I felt pretty aware of what was going on, but after I was able to see the images…..I would have missed sooo many great moments without those images to remind me. It was amazing and I am so grateful to have such a good photographer as a business partner and friend. I recommend anyone having a child seriously consider having a professional photographer there to capture some of the most cherished memories you may ever have.”

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Photo Checklist - One Small Child

Christening Photography: Free Printable Checklist

We’re here to talk about Christening Photography today. It is so important to capture the sweet memories of special events like your baby’s christening because they only happen once! No mother ever regrets having a good photographer or lots of pictures. To help you determine which things are most important to you, we’ve put together our checklist of must-haves to capture.

There are two types of sessions to consider for your christening photography: a portrait session, and an event session.

The Portrait Session

You’ll want to schedule the portrait session separately from your event. With tons of guests to entertain and a venue to prepare, you’ll be way too busy to think about capturing the precious moments of the christening day. We recommend taking the following pictures either before or after the event. If taken before, it might be a fun idea to display them as dinner table décor on the christening day.

A portrait session can be any setting that is special to you-or several ones. Photos in the baby’s nursery offer a personal feel, while photos in a studio are very formal and classic. Outdoor shots are a great way to document what season the event took place in. Photos of the church and chapel can be a beautiful addition to your book of remembrance as well. Be creative! Whatever you choose, it’s important to consider your setting and go for something of significance to you and your baby.

Whether indoors or outside, formal or informal, add these shots to your list:

  • Christening invitation
  • Getting dressed:
    • outfit on a hanger/bed/dresser
    • baby in underclothes
    • buttoning outfit
    • tying bows/belts/ties
  • Baby with Mom & Dad, individually and together
  • Baby with siblings
  • Full-length shot of baby in their christening outfit
  • Detail shots of the baby in their christening outfit
    • head-shot with hat/headband
    • hands with bracelets, etc.
    • feet with shoes, socks, etc.
  • Detail shots of the christening outfit: whatever makes the outfit special and beautiful
    • headband/hat
    • lace/trims
    • accessories: shoes, jewelry, etc.
  • Detail shots of the venue (as allowed)
    • chapel
    • font/water
    • candle, shell
  • Baby with bible
  • Baby with rosary

We recommend including the venue shots in the portrait session if possible. It will be easier for the photographer to set up great detail shots of the chapel and ceremonial items (the stained glass window, the water, the chapel ceiling, etc.) without all the guests to work around. You’ll want her to focus on the actual ceremony during the event.

Dressing Baby

Ivory Lace Rosette Headbands | Baby Hair Accessories at One Small Child

Clancey Silk Christening Coats for Boys | Winter Christenings at One Small Child

Tallie Christening Dresses & Headbands | One Small Child

Tallie Christening Dress & Headband | One Small Child

Christmas Christening Family Portraits | One Small Child

The Event

You’ll want to hire a photographer to capture all the moments of the christening as well as the post-ceremony dinner or reception. Keep in mind (and let your photographer know) that you’ll want to document the event as if you’ll be showing your best friend who could not be there.

Make sure you don’t miss these moments:

  • Greeting guests at the church
  • Ceremony (as allowed):
    • officiator reading from the bible
    • baby being passed to the officiator
    • officiator blessing baby
    • candle burning
    • baby in water
    • drying baby
    • officiator blessing family
    • candid photos of the baby and guests (grandma’s smile, etc.)
  • Group shots after the ceremony:
    • baby with Mom & Dad, individually and together
    • baby with Godparents, individually and together
    • baby with siblings
    • baby with grandparents
    • baby with everyone!
  • Candid photos of baby and guests during post-ceremony dinner/reception
  • Dinner/reception décor

Be sure to add your own creative ideas to the list!

Snowflake Cross Christening Cake | Winter Christening Ideas at One Small Child

Ginger Ale with Raspberries | Winter Christening Food Ideas at One Small Child

{All photographs by Paisley Studios}

We’ve included a free Christening Photography Checklist printable to help ensure that you won’t miss a moment!

christening photo checklist

Download the PDF checklist.

Did we miss anything? … Share your christening photography ideas in the comments below!

Baby with Mother Christening Image - One Small Child

Penelope’s Blessing Dress: Getting Ready

Little Miss Penelope’s blessing took place earlier this month, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap photos of her getting dressed for her big day.  ‘Getting ready’ can be such a sweet process to document as part of any big event; it’s a tender thing to slow down for a bit and revel in the experience of being in the moment with the tiny star of the show.

Penelope’s mama chose our gorgeous Memory Lace Christening Gown for her long-awaited princess’ blessing dress, and it suited her perfectly!Lace Christening Gown

Ivory Lace Blessing Gowns | Christening, Baptism Gowns at One Small Child

{Memory Lace Christening Slippers, Memory Lace Christening Gown, Prayer Bear Cuddle Blanket}

Penelope's Blessing | Heirloom Slips for Christening, Baptism, Blessing Gowns

{The Memory Gown comes with our Heirloom Length Cotton Slip}

Dressing Baby | Portrait Ideas for Christening, Baptism, Blessing at One Small Child

Getting Dressed | Ideas for Christening, Baptism, Blessing Portraits at One Small Child

Memory Slippers | Ivory Lace Shoes for Baby Girls at One Small Child

{The Memory Lace Christening Slippers are lined with flannel, making them as soft as they are pretty!}

Mama's Girl | Ideas for Christening, Baptism, Blessing Portraits at One Small Child

Ivory Lace Rosette Headbands | Baby Hair Accessories at One Small Child

{Our new Lace Rosette Headband in ivory looks stunning with this gown}

Memory Gown & Accessories | Ivory Lace for Christenings, Baptisms, Blessings at One Small Child

Memory Ivory Lace Christening Gowns | Baptism, Blessing Dresses at One Small Child

{Being beautiful is hard work!}

Christmas Christening Portrait Ideas   - One Small Child

Christmas Christening, Part 1

We’re down to the last couple days before Christmas, and this week we have some beautiful images to share with you from our recent Christmas christening shoot. We had such a fun time shooting sweet baby Wolf along with his ridiculously beautiful parents ~ enjoy!

Christmas Christening Outfits for Boys | One Small Child

Christmas Christening Portrait Ideas | One Small Child

Christmas Christening Outfits for Baby Boys | One Small Child

Christmas Christening Family Portraits | One Small Child

Christmas Christening Family Pictures | One Small Child

Christmas Christening Family Pictures | Baptism Outfits for Boys at One Small Child

{Baby Wolf is wearing our handsome Lucas Knit Christening Outfits for Boys with matching Lucas Knit Christening Booties and Triple Roll Socks}

Holiday Baby Dresses & Outfits - One Small Child

7 Steps to Beautiful Baby Holiday Portraits

With the big Holidays upon us, it’s not too late to throw together a sweet portrait for card-sending or gift-giving. Whether you’re working with a professional or putting together an impromptu shoot on your own, these steps will help you get the job done:

1-Pick an outfit. It can be fancy & formal holiday attire, or simple with a hint of holiday color.

2-Think about your background. Christmas lights, pretty patterned fabric, chalkboard, outdoor, front porch, back-alley…the options are limitless!

3-Grab some props. Ornaments, candy canes, little chalkboards, pillows, garlands, variations on the trendy mustache, wrapped gifts…again, if you can imagine it, it can work.

4- Timing is everything. Make sure you’re hitting the kiddos’ happy time! Timing is important when it comes to lighting too: you’ll need to pay attention to the natural light from your windows for indoor shots, and dusk is best for outdoor shots.

5-Have some attention-grabbers on hand. Squeaky toys, funny faces…whatever works to bring a smile to that sweet face.

6-Snap a LOT of photos. More often than not, it takes a TON of shots to get one that’s just right.

7-Pick your winner and go with it. Now that you’ve done the work, print and share it. Portraits make lovely gifts…and there are so many fun ways to enjoy them in your own home too!

For more ideas, we’ve put together a Pinterest Board with many ideas to spark your creativity.

Oh, and if you’re still in need of something special for your little one to wear for portraits or to that big party, consider our beautiful selection of baby holiday dresses & outfits.


The Main Event: How to Get the Photos You Really Want

This is the second in a two-post series about christening photography–see the first here.

Photographs tell stories, and planning your christening event includes giving some thought to the images you want to have your photographer capture on your special day. Arpi Pap, a master at shooting baptismal ceremonies, advises:

“Imagine that your best friend missed the event and you want to show what happened with all things…not just the ‘VIPs’.”

I love that advice–it’s a great perspective to have in mind, and a good way to inspire creativity. How would you document the day for someone who couldn’t be there?

“Look for details: a hand, a bracelet, shoes, a cross, a bible, stained windows…all are part of the story and they build up to the culminant moment/picture. Candid moments are all around, just let the moment happen, [think beyond subjects looking] at the camera. Look for emotions [and interactions:] a joke told by the grandfather, a kid running, annoying the priest, etc.”

How to get photos of Christening day

At a minimum, it’s important to make a list of the shots you for-sure have to have. Here’s a comprehensive list of ideas:

-‘Before’ shots: hanging dress/outfit, accessories, child being dressed, invitations
-Venue: exterior, interior (as allowed by the church), service folders, flowers or event decorations
-Ceremony details: parents/godparents with baby around the font, clergyman w/baby (as allowed by the church)
-Individual shots of baby held by: mother, father, Godparents (singly), siblings, grandparents
-Group shots of baby with: parents, Godparents, siblings, grandparents, all attendees
-Close-up details: dress/outfit, baby’s feet and hands, crosses or religious jewelry gifted to the baby, baby with a bible

(Be aware that each church has its own guidelines and policies on photography. Many denominations and/or clergy do not permit actual photos inside the church or of the ceremony itself. Be sure to consult with your officiator to know what is correct for your service.)