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Gift Standard RegistryFI on Orders Over $75 US ONLY - One Small Child

Check Out the All New “Gift Registry” Feature–Makes Christening Shopping even Easier!

All New “Christening Gift Registry” Feature!

Whether big or small Christenings, Baptisms, Dedications, and Blessings require planning.  There are dates to be set, loved ones to invite, buildings to secure, things to consider like “what to wear?”, and more.  Every bit-of-help counts, and THAT is where our gift registry comes in handy!

Why Parents & Guardians Will Love it!

Amidst the hustle of preparation is the task of finding an outfit or gown that will be perfect for your little one’s special day.  Luckily this is where family, friends, or Godparents step in and help out!  Godparents are honored to provide this for their Godchild.  In other denominations family and friends usually help with this as well.  Some moms want to have a say in deciding the special apparel, while others like to choose a few for the sponsor to pick from.  Either way this registry will accommodate both scenarios.  Not only can outfits or gowns be added to the registry; matching accessories, and gifts can be as well.

During this exciting time many loved ones want to help.  With a gift registry they can.  Parents compile a list within the registry, then share it with anyone who wishes to help.

Why Godparents, Family Members, and Friends Will Love it!

Our gift registry takes out the guess work and uncertainty of knowing what to buy.  Here’s a few ways how:

  • Maybe one person is supplying the outfit or gown, and another is getting matching accessories.  Our gift registry allows parents to compile a complete list so helpers can choose what to purchase with just a point and click.  This ensures everything will match, and keeps everyone up to date with what still needs to be purchased.  It also keeps things budget friendly!
  • Sizing is always tricky when it comes to buying for a little one.  This is no longer an issue as the sizes will already be entered by the parents.
  • Worrying over what style or length will be best for the event is a thing of past.  The gift registry will show the parents preference.

How the Registry Works

  1. Create an account.  If you already have one, simply log in.Create-account
  2. Once your account is created and you are logged in, you are ready to start.  While in your account you will notice a menu on the left side of the screen.  Click on “My Gift Registries”.  Create-registry
  3. Now you enter important information regarding your event.   Begin-registery
  4. Now for the fun part!  It’s time to enter your favorite Christening clothing, matching accessories, jewelry, and more!  Just click on the category of choice on the menu bar at the top of the page.  Then find an item you want to add to your registry.  Select a size and click on the “add to registry” located next to the “add to cart” button.  When finished you can go back to your registry to view the selected items.Items
  5. When your registry is complete click on “Share Registry” and enter in emails of those you would like to share it with.Track-registry

It is that easy!


Penelope's BlessingHeirloom Slips for Christening, Baptism, Blessing Gowns - One Small Child

LDS Blessing Day: Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Event

Is there an LDS Blessing Day coming up for your little one? Here are some tips and tricks to help keep your day smooth and stress-free. It’s all about making special memories!

LDS Blessing Day Tips and Tricks

-Plan a time to take pictures and schedule a photo session. Moms never regret any efforts or money spent on good pictures. Make a plan to capture a couple special memories. Ask someone in advance to take a couple snapshots for your family so everyone can be in the picture. Plan to take a family photo in the foyer after baby is dressed, and before the meeting begins. This is the perfect time to capture your family while everyone’s looking their best. Another great photo you’ll love is one will all the men holding your little one. Ask them ahead of time to gather before or after Sacrament meeting for a quick snapshot. We also recommend doing a professional photo shoot of your little one in their blessing outfit after their special day.

-Pack everything the night before. Especially if you have 9am church! Gather baby’s outfit and accessories, pack the diaper bag, round up anything you’ll need for yourself and older children (snacks, quiet activities for sacrament meeting, etc.). Set out outfits and take baths the night before. This ensures that nothing will be forgotten, and you won’t be scrambling to find a missing shoe 5 minutes before you’re supposed to leave.

-Consider dressing baby at the church. Especially girls! With some dresses, there’s no way you’ll be able to buckle the car seat around all the ruffles and bulk. Baby will be more comfortable traveling in her footed sleeper anyways. Take advantage of the mother’s room and dress her there. A few quiet minutes together can turn into a very special memory. Just be sure to arrive early enough that you have plenty of extra time. It will be more stressful if you’re rushed.

-Don’t forget a blanket. Babies are happier when they’re snuggly warm. A beautiful white blanket will compliment her pretty dress. She’ll be all smiles if she’s comfortable. If your little one is used to taking a pacifier, make sure to pack one.

-Make a plan to preserve the outfit. Babies are natural stain machines. Extra care will need to be taken with any special occasion outfit. If you plan to leave baby in the outfit for the entire block, you may want to purchase a pretty bib to protect it. Plan a quick diaper change before Sunday school. After the event day, properly clean the blessing outfit (following the instructions on the care and content label) before preserving it. Whether it’s framed, stored in a special chest or a garment bag, it will need to be cleaned before hand.

We hope you found these tips and tricks useful. We wish you a wonderful, special day.

We love to hear from you! Let us know of what worked for your Blessing Day in the comments below.

{Our Memory Christening Gown and Lace Rosette Headband in the ivory option are pictured above.}

Personalized Royal Christening Gown - One Small Child

Personalized Royal Christening Gown from One Small Child

We love the new Royal Christening Gown! We adore all the frills and can’t help but swoon over all those ruffles. Did you know that we are offering embroidery options for the Royal Gown as well? Is doesn’t get much better than a gorgeous gown that’s personalized just for her!

Personalized Royal Christening Gown

Embroidery options are placed on the front of the slip, just above the ruffle and off-center to the right. Choose from 7 embroidery options and several thread colors. Oh, and don’t worry. Adding personalization options won’t delay your order. Learn more about our embroidery options here.

Personalized Royal Christening Gown

We can’t get enough of this gorgeous gown! In honor of the royal christening to take place this weekend, here are some more pretty pictures from our Royal Christening Gown shoot. Enjoy!

Personalized Royal Christening Gown


Personalized Royal Christening Gown

To learn more about the Personalized Royal Christening Gown, check out this post.

Royal Christening Party - One Small Child

Royal Christening Party Ideas from One Small Child

In honor of our new Royal Christening Gown, today we’re bringing you a collection of five Royal Christening Party Ideas. Follow our new Royal Christening Pinterest pin board for all the source links and more ideas. Now, let’s sit back and soak up some inspiration…

Royal Inspired Christening… Who doesn’t love the lavish look for such a special celebration? Invite your guests in style with a gold leaf embossed invitation. Ornate lace details and a beautiful crest add to the royal effect. Treat your guests to a five-tiered gold and white christening cake. Pretty lace fondant will taste as wonderful as it appears. Send them off with a fabulously re-decorated chocolate bar favor-with gold wrapping, of course!

Royal Christening Party

A Touch of Pink… Throw her a Christening party worthy of the little princess she is! Pale pink and sparkling gold detailing grace these invitations. Each layer of this fabulous cake offers its own unique decoration-each precious and princess appropriate. Favor your guests with a princess inspired re-decorated chocolate bar. So adorable!

Royal Christening Party

Fit For A Prince… We love a dark blue with gold! Subtle navy pinstripes offer a masculine touch to a classy invitation. Simple gold scrollwork accentuate this rich blue cake. Isn’t it stunning?!

Royal Christening Party

A Modern Twist… Love the royal feel, but not crazy about all the frills? A simple gold-lettered invitation will feel rich, but modern. Go for a glittery gold and white color-block cake. Dare to be different! Favor your guests with hand-made lace crowns. The little girls will love prancing around pretending to be princesses!

Royal Christening Party

The Look, But  Less… Short on time or money? Send a postcard invitation with a royal essence. Favor your guests with a buffet of gold-wrapped candies in ornate apothecary jars. Rolos, Hershey’s nuggets and Ferro Rochers are conveniently ready to go! Opt for a simple one-tier cake that’s beautifully decorated and supplement with a sheet cake. You’ll get the grand effect without the cost.

Royal Christening Party

Royal Christening Gown - One Small Child

Royal Christening Gown from One Small Child

We are pleased to introduce something stunning today. It’s been months in the making, and we feel this new gown is finally ready for a big debut. We’ve created a profoundly regal Christening gown, worthy for any royal. Take a look at the new Royal Christening Gown from One Small Child!

Royal Christening Gown

What makes it Royal…

The Royal Christening Gown is made from the finest materials… An ornately embroidered satin-silk bodice is absolutely stunning. This luxurious fabric has all the charm and rich pearl color of silk. It offers the beautiful sheen of muted satin. You’ll love the silky-smooth feel that only a combination of these materials could provide. We topped the satin-silk with layers of re-embroidered lace netting, in the same pearl tone. This lavish material has character! The re-embroidery offers a pronounced texture, found in only the finest of textiles.

The Royal Christening Gown has style… It offers all the simple charm of an old-world heirloom. The bodice features ornamental embroidery. flanked with lace. The three-tier ruffle sleeve is suitable for any season. A slight gather provides an appropriate skirt volume. Symmetrical sweeps reveal yet another layer of exquisite lace. Generous ruffles finish the sweeps and hem of the gown. Hand-gathered silk trim offers extra decoration. Silk-covered buttons neatly secure the back of the gown to part-way down. This offers gown presentation ease. From the lace collar to the over-stated hemline, this gown is timeless.

The Royal Christening Gown is hand-made… Each Royal gown is hand-crafted with love. Special care is taken to construct your gown with beauty and durability. We’ve selected only the finest materials. Our most experienced seamstresses work to give you a gown worthy to be passed from generation to generation.

All the details…

The Royal Christening Gown is a four-piece set… Along with the gown, you’ll receive a matching bonnet, cotton slip and preservation bag. The matching bonnet has two tiers of lavish lace and shimmery silk ribbon ties. The slip is made from combed cotton broadcloth material. It’s both comfortable and durable. A thick ruffle with generous gathering provides subtle volume to the bottom of the gown. This helps preserve the gown’s shape throughout the skirt. Our muslin preservation bag with padded hanger provide the proper environment for garment storage.

shop the new Royal Christening Gown and all the accessories

Get the complete look… What’s a gorgeous dress without all the perfect accessories? Check back next Monday to learn all about what completes this gown.

James Boys Christening Outfit - One Small Child

Christening Tips

Christening Tips from One Small Child

One of our main goals at One Small Child is to help make your event as enjoyable and memorable as possible. So, today we’re sharing some Christening tips to help your little one’s religious debut go smoothly.

  • Plan the Christening at a good time of day for baby. If at all possible, schedule it around nap and feeding times, so he will be his happiest self!
  • Pack everything the day before. Gather everything you’ll need including any paperwork, all the diaper bag essentials, Christening outfit and accessories, etc. Press or steam baby’s outfit and your outfit so they’re ready to go.
  • Bring a folder for your little one’s Baptism/Christening Certificate and any other paperwork the clergy may give you. You’ll need this certificate for many religious events in the future. Having a special place for it will help you keep track of it through the bustle of the big day.
  • Get a Christening bib! Especially if you plan on keeping your outfit as an heirloom. Or if your little one is wearing an heirloom gown. This can save your Christening outfit.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. You may be asked to arrive early anyway, but make sure to give yourself an extra few minutes on top of that as well. Both you and baby will be more at ease if you aren’t rushed and can take your time getting ready. If you arrive early, you can dress your little one after you arrive, give him a little snack, maybe play a game of peek-a-boo, etc. so he’ll be all smiles for the big event. It’s also a great idea to give him a fresh diaper right before the christening. A blow-out is less likely to occur with a new diaper.
  • Dress your little one at the church. Especially if you have a gown. There’s no way an heirloom-length gown is fitting in a car seat. You won’t want to chance baby spitting up or dirtying his outfit during the car ride. Warm car seats are sure to set wrinkles in freshly-pressed outfits. So, take it from us. He’ll be much more comfortable, and you’ll be less stressed if you dress baby at the church.
  • Invest in an after-Christening outfit. Your little one will be easier for guests to hold and love on in a comfy outfit rather than a long silk dress. You’ll be much less worried about keeping it clean as well.
  • Take a deep breath and roll with whatever comes. If something threatens to ruin baby’s perfect event, just smile and handle the situation with grace. You set the tone. Your guests and baby look to you for how they should react to less-than-perfect issues. It’s important that you keep a good attitude. It may drive you nuts today, but turn into a funny memory that you can laugh about later.

We hope you enjoy this blessed occasion and we wish you a wonderful event!

Merry Christmas - One Small Child

Pretty Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Tired of the same old wrapping ideas? Let your creative side run wild! Try these trendy Christmas wrapping ideas we found on Pinterest. (Are you following us on Pinterest?) Your pretty packages are sure to add to the festivity of the season!

Christmas Wrapping Ideas

{We love these Christmas wrapping ideas from One Good Thing by Jillee. Brown craft paper is inexpensive and comes in huge rolls! You can find it at any local craft supply store. Dress it up with nearly anything! (Which means stuff you already have!) Any extra can be used for wrapping gifts throughout the coming year. Color combos we love: brown and red, brown and green, brown and white, brown with black and gold.}

Christmas Wrapping Ideas

{Who doesn’t love a great monogram? These huge, sparkly tags are adorable! The newspaper is a great base for that red to really pop. Why not re-use your old newsprint this year? Guests will be amazed at your creativity! We found this awesome idea on Premeditated Leftovers. She offers some helpful tips: try not to use crinkled parts and let the kids color on the packages for an added touch. Try using sheet music for a variation of this idea.}

Christmas Wrapping Ideas

{Looking for a personal way to tag your gifts? Use a cute snapshot of the recipient taken this year. (Also from Premeditated Leftovers) What a great way to give them their photos and gifts! Everyone will love reminiscing about fun memories. And no more mixing up gifts! Photo tags really pop on plain paper, but we love it with a print as well! For an easy way to get the framed look-crop with good old fashioned scissors and glue (with an acid-free glue stick) to a plain background paper. Or cut into fun shapes and paste on pretty tags. The options are endless!}

 Helpful wrapping tips: Start with a good box-it’s much easier to cover! Learn how to tie a perfect bow here.

James Boys Christening Outfit - One Small Child

Monogrammed Boy’s Christening Outfit: James


{James Christening Outfit}

Looking for something that will make your little gentleman’s outfit stand out? In search of something unique and special? Take a look at this monogrammed boy’s Christening outfit! The James is a fun mock-overall style romper. A simple braid trim and covered button details are masculine accents. Made from a rugged shantung fabric that is machine washable. Our James outfit includes a sporty visor-beret hat. Add personalization to the chest of the romper, or the visor of the beret (or both)! Choose from baby’s name, monogram or single initial. We love the personal touch this adds to a special event outfit. Your little tiger is sure to cherish his special outfit for a lifetime!

Complete the James outfit with our sleeveless bodysuittriple roll socks and satin oxford shoes. Want more personalization? Add a simple silver name bracelet to his outfit!

See another monogrammed boy’s Christening outfit here.

Blog Photo Baby to Church - One Small Child

Christening Ideas: How to Get Your Baby to the Church

So, you’ve filled a Pinterest pin board with Christening ideas, sent invitations, booked the venue, planned the after-party and packed for the Christening. The big day finally arrives, and you’re preparing to head out to the church. You’re ready, the diaper bag is stocked and you just got baby all dressed up in her gorgeous Christening outfit. Then you realize something. You have no idea how you’re going to fit that big, beautiful gown (with her in it) into the car-seat. And how are you going to keep his freshly-pressed romper from wrinkling where the seatbelt is? … Now what?

We’ve been there. We’ve found that the best solution is to dress Baby after you arrive at the Church if at all possible. Put him in a comfy onesie or one-piece pajamas for the drive-especially if it’s a lengthy one. Leave the socks, and headbands off too! (You won’t want to be missing a sock and retrace your steps to find it laying in a dirty gutter!) Since you’ll most likely have to arrive early anyway, it makes sense to dress baby there. Baby will be in their gorgeous outfit for less time before the ceremony, which means blow-outs or spit-ups are less likely to soil it before its big debut. Give yourself plenty of time for a fresh diaper change before dressing. The more you can take your time, the more you’ll be able to talk and play with baby-so he’s sure to show his best smile for all your guests.

If there’s no way you can dress the baby at the site, purchase an outfit that will fit in the car seat and allow baby to be fastened in. Choose booties that can be laced on baby’s tiny feet instead of just socks that are likely to slip off in transit. Splurge on a matching bib that you can remove just before the ceremony so baby’s drool and spit-up won’t soak the outfit before it even begins.

After we arrived at the church on my daughter’s big day, we realized her headband was nowhere to be found. I was so glad my sister-in-law had a spare white one in her diaper bag for me to borrow. Lesson learned: pack an extra headband and socks! You never know when those things will slip off and be lost forever!



Christening Gown Keepsake Bag - One Small Child

Traditions: Sweet Christening Keepsakes

Let’s get sentimental. A baby’s Christening or Baptism is his first big event in a lifetime of religious faith. It’s something to be remembered years down the road. Most of us have a trinket or two from different special events that have become a keepsake to us–a prized possession. Our Christening keepsakes have become our treasures as years have passed. Each memento serves as a memory and link to the past; the beginning promise of a wonderful life. These treasures are often shared with our family and close friends, bringing us together with love and memories. These are precious traditions! As parents, we long for our children to have the same special sentiments, the same fond memories and feel the same love. These are some sweet Christening sentiments that can become mementos for baby’s lifetime and even generations to come.

  • Christening gowns often become treasured keepsakes that are used by many other children in the family and handed down from generation to generation
  • Other Christening clothing, such as a slip, is often shared between siblings. Each one’s initials can be embroidered on the hem to make it even more special
  • Christening booties become a lifetime keepsake
  • A cross necklace can be shared between siblings and generations
  • A special picture frame becomes a lifetime keepsake
  • A special memory book from the event to share the event with future generations
  • Baby’s boutonniere may become part of the wedding bouquet or garter
  • Baby’s bracelet may become part of the wedding bouquet or garter
  • Baby’s bonnet may become a trousseau hankie
  • Her headband can become her wedding garter
  • A special scripture book may be used at their first communion, then become a wedding keepsake
  • A special Mother’s hankie can be used at all her precious little one’s special occasions, including the wedding down the road


{Turn your Christening headband into your wedding garter.}

Share with us! What sweet Christening traditions do you have?