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When I hold your hand printable - One Small Child

Free Inspirational Quote Printable

We want to share with you a printable that expresses the feelings of every mom with a new baby, a new bride who gets to spend the rest of her life with the man of her dreams, or maybe it is a best friend you cannot imagine life without.  No matter what the reason this saying inspires us all when we are with that special someone–whoever they may be.

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3 John 1:4 Quote - One Small Child

Free Child Printable: No Greater Joy…

No Greater Joy Printable…

There is so much wisdom to be found in the Bible.  Each time you read it you find something new, or gain a deeper understanding of a concept you are already familiar with.  Along with this, it gives us a broader perspective on the things that are most important in life.  The scripture printable below is a favorite and reminds us where pure and lasting joy comes from:


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3 John 1: 4 printable

Royal Christening Gown - One Small Child

A Royal Christening Day Look for Mom

It’s a big day for your precious little one. She’ll be on display for everyone to adore. You’ve found something adorable for her to wear, and added all the accessories. She is going to look fabulous!

…Now what about you? You’ll be in the limelight all day long. Standing in the ceremony, posing for pictures and entertaining all your guests. So, don’t forget to plan your outfit as well! Here are some suggestions for a mom’s Christening Day look:


{For our Royal Christening Gown photo shoot, we chose a classy, simple dress from Shabby Apple and a practical satchel diaper bag from Petunia Picklebottom.}

Christening Day Looks for Mom

Keep it simple… Today, your role is a supportive one. You’ve picked out an adorable outfit for your little one, and they’re going to be stunning! That adorable little one is what you want everyone to focus on. So you’ll want to make sure your outfit doesn’t steal the show. Go for a simple print or a solid in a neutral color.

Keep it classy… This is a day that will be looked back on for years and years. And, as everyone knows, fads fade. Choosing something classy will help your photos seem more timeless.

Be comfortable… It’ll be a long day for you and your little. Make sure to dress for comfort and be weather smart. If it’s a spring event, bring a cardigan. Choose an outfit that’s made from light-weight, breathable material in the summer. You’ll be happier and a more pleasant host.

Be practical… Don’t forget that you’re a mom! Your blouse will be tugged on. Wear something with a modest, structured neckline. Your shoulder may get spit up on. Choose a fabric that can be washed easily. You’ll have to bend often, hold her on your hip and chase her down the hall. Go with something that you can move in. …And you may have to skip the gorgeous six inch heels.

Mother Child Pearl Bracelet 3433 - One Small Child

Mom and Daughter Pearl Bracelet Set

As moms, we love to be spoiled by our little ones on Mother’s Day. Breakfast in bed with maybe an eggshell or two, cuddles, and a homemade card. But asking for gifts for something we love so very much is not something we do. But what if it was for something sentimental and a keepsake? Perfect for Mother’s Day: Mom and Daughter Pearl Bracelet Sets are a great way to share something sweet and simple with your little girl that will last over time. Then someday, she can pass it down to her little girl. But this gift could also be for a goddaughter, niece, or any little girl that is special in your life. They could even be used for a flower girl! The possibilities are endless for something that is timeless and meaningful.

I remember those simple gifts over the years at memorable events that really made a difference for me. Things that I want my daughters to be able to see/use and know that I love them so much that I want them to enjoy something that I hold so dear to me. Those small glimpses in their memories will last forever and be a wonderful connection we’ll have through the years, even after they’re grown up.

Mother-child-pearl-braceletMother Child Pearl Bracelet Set

Find the bracelets here for purchase. 

These bracelets are made of freshwater pearls, and a sterling silver closure, and are made right here in the USA. If you have more than one little princess, you have the option to order more to go on everyone’s wrists. If this darling gift is for a Christening or Baptism we offer the ability to attach a cross charm as well. Mom and Daughter Pearl Bracelet Sets are a great start to traditions as well as one to begin even if they are not so little.