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What to pack for the Christening - One Small Child

Free Printable: What to Pack for a Christening

We’re all about making your special events go more smoothly! When planning a Christening or Baptism, you’ve got a lot on your plate! Between scheduling venues and officiators for the event to food and decorations for the after-party (not to mention catering to your out-of town guests!) we know you’re starting to feel the stress! Among everything you have to worry about, you have to pack all that you’ll need for your baby’s event. The last thing you want is to forget something at home and have to make a flying trip to get it — or worse, go without it. Let us help! We’ve come up with a free printable checklist of what to pack for a Christening. You can pack up baby’s things with confidence that you’ve got everything. Or better yet, assign someone else to pack! With one less thing to worry about, you’ll have time to enjoy your baby, guests, and event! After all, that’s what it’s all about!

{Print your free What to pack for a Christening checklist here}

Did we miss anything? Please share what else you found helpful to have on your Christening or Baptism day!

Phoebe Silk Christening Dress - One Small Child

Monogrammed Christening Gowns: Phoebe

Phoebe Monogrammed Christening Gowns by One Small Child

A trend we’ve noticed lately is monogramming. Personalization is hot, and more readily available on many products every day. Let’s talk monogrammed christening gowns!

A christening gown is by nature an item to be kept and treasured for a lifetime. This heirloom status invites one to put a great amount of thought into the selection of the dress. There are many details to consider, and each element makes a difference in the final product: style or cut, fabric, trims, and accessories. In addition to the integral details of any gown, one way to make it a truly personal keepsake is by adding embroidered symbols and meaningful words.

Monogrammed Christening Gowns

Our gorgeous Phoebe gown is elegant in its simplicity and luxurious in the details. Handcrafted of lustrous silk dupioni, this gown measures a generous 38-40″ in length. Sweet touches of soft pink grace Phoebe’s waistline and bonnet, and the bodice display a lovely flourish monogram. The three-piece set includes the gown, the ruffled bonnet, and a beautiful ruffled cotton slip. Additional embroidered details, such as a cross or a name and date can be added to the hem of the gown or slip according to your preference.

Personalized Christening Accessories

Most of the matching accessories can be personalized as well. The Phoebe christening accessory collection features the same pink trim found on the gown and includes:

  • The adorable Phoebe Romper (perfect for her after-christening party) – add a flourish monogram to this romper to match her gown, or a single initial, or her name!
  • A sweet Jacket – place an initial on the front corner (coming soon).
  • This Ruffled Blanket – lined with soft flannel, add a cross, her name, and the date, or the flourish monogram.
  • These dainty slippers – add a cross, or her name, or initial.
  • This Ruffled Bib – no embroidery available, but it’s a beautiful way to add a layer of protection.

Phoebe Monogrammed Christening Accessories by One Small Child

Baby with Mother Christening Image - One Small Child

Penelope’s Blessing Dress: Getting Ready

Little Miss Penelope’s blessing took place earlier this month, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap photos of her getting dressed for her big day.  ‘Getting ready’ can be such a sweet process to document as part of any big event; it’s a tender thing to slow down for a bit and revel in the experience of being in the moment with the tiny star of the show.

Penelope’s mama chose our gorgeous Memory Lace Christening Gown for her long-awaited princess’ blessing dress, and it suited her perfectly!Lace Christening Gown

Ivory Lace Blessing Gowns | Christening, Baptism Gowns at One Small Child

{Memory Lace Christening Slippers, Memory Lace Christening Gown, Prayer Bear Cuddle Blanket}

Penelope's Blessing | Heirloom Slips for Christening, Baptism, Blessing Gowns

{The Memory Gown comes with our Heirloom Length Cotton Slip}

Dressing Baby | Portrait Ideas for Christening, Baptism, Blessing at One Small Child

Getting Dressed | Ideas for Christening, Baptism, Blessing Portraits at One Small Child

Memory Slippers | Ivory Lace Shoes for Baby Girls at One Small Child

{The Memory Lace Christening Slippers are lined with flannel, making them as soft as they are pretty!}

Mama's Girl | Ideas for Christening, Baptism, Blessing Portraits at One Small Child

Ivory Lace Rosette Headbands | Baby Hair Accessories at One Small Child

{Our new Lace Rosette Headband in ivory looks stunning with this gown}

Memory Gown & Accessories | Ivory Lace for Christenings, Baptisms, Blessings at One Small Child

Memory Ivory Lace Christening Gowns | Baptism, Blessing Dresses at One Small Child

{Being beautiful is hard work!}

David Christening Outfit - One Small Child

Christening Outfits for Boys

A baby’s christening or baptism is a special event for the whole family. As the day draws close, it is important for the family to choose the best boy christening outfit available. This is a special purchase that takes a lot of thought…after all, this is a rite of passage for both the baby boy and the family.

Enter One Small Child: it’s easy to shop for boy christening outfits options on the One Small Child website. With just a few clicks, parents, grandparents, godparents and friends can find everything they need for this big day. We offer a well-rounded selection of gowns, rompers and accessories to suit everyone. We know families want everything to go perfectly for this day, so we offer advice on how to measure infant boys to correctly select the size of a gown or romper. Anyone with questions can easily email or call us for tips on sizing or information on shipping. Checkout is easy: you can pay with major credit cards or use your PayPal account. Shipping is fast too–most orders are delivered within a week of placement.

While you’re preparing for the big day, why not invest in some thoughtful christening gifts? Stuffed animals, crosses, personalized jewelry and traditional baby gifts are all offered on the One Small Child website. This is a chance to commemorate a truly special moment for years to come, and many of our items can be personalized with a cross or a name and date.

After the event, many families want to save and preserve christening outfits so they can become family heirlooms. One Small Child offers a full line of textile-preservation supplies including muslin bags, keepsake boxes and acid-free tissue paper. Proper preparation makes it possible for families to pass christening outfits boy mementos down through generations.

A christening or baptism only happens once in a baby’s lifetime. Thus, families want the best christening outfits boy options around. We’re here to help: shop with us before the big day!

Christening Party Signature Frame - One Small Child

Christening Party Idea: Signature Keepsake Frame Giveaway {Closed}


Signature Keepsake Frame Christening Party Idea

Looking for ideas to make your christening party or baby shower extra memorable? Here’s a fast & easy way to bring a lasting personal touch to your plans: print your favorite version of our ‘For This Child I Prayed’ free printable, place it in a frame with a simple white mat, then invite guests to sign and/or share notes of love for the little guest of honor. Read more…

Silver Cup - One Small Child

How to Give Christening Gifts from the Heart

When it comes to christening gifts, it’s a big world out there, with a myriad of products to choose from…in a world of nearly limitless possibilities, how do you choose something truly meaningful? To help you narrow it down, here are a few things to consider:

1-Think about the recipient: what do you want them to remember & feel when they see or use your gift?

2-Think about the purpose of the gift: do you want it to be snuggled? Viewed? Worn? Carried?


3-Think about the type of gift: do you want to give something soft & cuddly, extra-ordinary or fancy, neutral or long-lasting, a personalized keepsake?

4-Think about the message you want to send with your gift: Love? Faith? Comfort? Thoughtfulness?

5-Think about how you’d like to present the gift: in a pretty bag, carefully wrapped, with a special letter or note?


When all is said and done, the gift should really be a symbol of the relationship you intend to nurture with your gift recipient: for that is what truly matters.


Holiday Baby Dresses & Outfits - One Small Child

7 Steps to Beautiful Baby Holiday Portraits

With the big Holidays upon us, it’s not too late to throw together a sweet portrait for card-sending or gift-giving. Whether you’re working with a professional or putting together an impromptu shoot on your own, these steps will help you get the job done:

1-Pick an outfit. It can be fancy & formal holiday attire, or simple with a hint of holiday color.

2-Think about your background. Christmas lights, pretty patterned fabric, chalkboard, outdoor, front porch, back-alley…the options are limitless!

3-Grab some props. Ornaments, candy canes, little chalkboards, pillows, garlands, variations on the trendy mustache, wrapped gifts…again, if you can imagine it, it can work.

4- Timing is everything. Make sure you’re hitting the kiddos’ happy time! Timing is important when it comes to lighting too: you’ll need to pay attention to the natural light from your windows for indoor shots, and dusk is best for outdoor shots.

5-Have some attention-grabbers on hand. Squeaky toys, funny faces…whatever works to bring a smile to that sweet face.

6-Snap a LOT of photos. More often than not, it takes a TON of shots to get one that’s just right.

7-Pick your winner and go with it. Now that you’ve done the work, print and share it. Portraits make lovely gifts…and there are so many fun ways to enjoy them in your own home too!

For more ideas, we’ve put together a Pinterest Board with many ideas to spark your creativity.

Oh, and if you’re still in need of something special for your little one to wear for portraits or to that big party, consider our beautiful selection of baby holiday dresses & outfits.


How to measure your baby's torso - One Small Child

How To Measure Your Baby For A Christening Outfit

How to Measure Your baby For A Christening Gown

One of the most common questions we get is, “What size should I order for my baby?” It’s normal to feel uncertain when trying to gauge exactly what size to select when you don’t have the actual gown or outfit in your hands. Fortunately, we’ve been doing this a long time, and we have a lot of experience in helping you make your decision.

Our christening gowns and outfits are sized in a traditional infant size range: Newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month, 18 month, and 24 month. These size names can be misleading: it makes sense to think, “If my baby is 6 months old, he’s going to wear a size 6 month outfit.” However, every baby is unique. You may have a thin, petite 9 month-old who perfectly fits a size 6 month gown, or a chubby little cherub who’s rocking size 12 month at the ripe old age of 6 months.

For this reason we always encourage our clients to measure their babies and refer to the size charts listed on the ordering page for each of our christening styles.

Here’s what you’ll need to gather to measure your baby:
-the baby (you want to be sure he/she is unclothed or close to it…measuring over a snug-fitting undershirt is fine; over a heavy top is not)
-a blanket or other comfortable surface on which to work (be sure baby won’t roll off an elevated surface)
-a soft measuring tape (if you don’t have a flexible tape, you can use a piece of string, and compare it to a ruler or construction measuring tape)

For both christening gowns and outfits, you’ll need a chest measurement. Wrap the tape just below baby’s underarms, and pull it snug (not too tight). Make sure the measurement is as accurate as possible.

How to Measure Your Baby's Chest

For christening rompers, you’ll need both the chest measurement and the torso measurement demonstrated below. The torso measurement is the most important metric to guarantee a correct fit. Place the end of the tape at the point where his neck meets his shoulder, and measure down to the bottom of his diaper.

How to Measure Your Baby's Torso

It’s a simple process, but can get complicated pretty quick with a squirmy child…it’s okay if you need to take the measurement a couple times to verify accuracy.

How to Measure a Squirmy Baby

Once you’ve got your numbers, check them against the size chart for the particular style(s) you’re interested in. All size charts are found on a tab in the lower left-hand corner of the product ordering page. Many of our size charts list a weight range as well as the measurements–this is for reference only, if in doubt, go with the measurements.

Once you’ve tackled this job, you’re well on your way to acquiring the perfect outfit for Baby’s special day!