7 Steps to Beautiful Baby Holiday Portraits

Holiday Baby Dresses & Outfits - One Small Child
Holiday Baby Dresses & Outfits - One Small Child

With the big Holidays upon us, it’s not too late to throw together a sweet portrait for card-sending or gift-giving. Whether you’re working with a professional or putting together an impromptu shoot on your own, these steps will help you get the job done:

1-Pick an outfit. It can be fancy & formal holiday attire, or simple with a hint of holiday color.

2-Think about your background. Christmas lights, pretty patterned fabric, chalkboard, outdoor, front porch, back-alley…the options are limitless!

3-Grab some props. Ornaments, candy canes, little chalkboards, pillows, garlands, variations on the trendy mustache, wrapped gifts…again, if you can imagine it, it can work.

4- Timing is everything. Make sure you’re hitting the kiddos’ happy time! Timing is important when it comes to lighting too: you’ll need to pay attention to the natural light from your windows for indoor shots, and dusk is best for outdoor shots.

5-Have some attention-grabbers on hand. Squeaky toys, funny faces…whatever works to bring a smile to that sweet face.

6-Snap a LOT of photos. More often than not, it takes a TON of shots to get one that’s just right.

7-Pick your winner and go with it. Now that you’ve done the work, print and share it. Portraits make lovely gifts…and there are so many fun ways to enjoy them in your own home too!

For more ideas, we’ve put together a Pinterest Board with many ideas to spark your creativity.

Oh, and if you’re still in need of something special for your little one to wear for portraits or to that big party, consider our beautiful selection of baby holiday dresses & outfits.


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