How to Give Christening Gifts from the Heart

Silver Cup - One Small Child
Silver Cup - One Small Child

When it comes to christening gifts, it’s a big world out there, with a myriad of products to choose from…in a world of nearly limitless possibilities, how do you choose something truly meaningful? To help you narrow it down, here are a few things to consider:

1-Think about the recipient: what do you want them to remember & feel when they see or use your gift?

2-Think about the purpose of the gift: do you want it to be snuggled? Viewed? Worn? Carried?


3-Think about the type of gift: do you want to give something soft & cuddly, extra-ordinary or fancy, neutral or long-lasting, a personalized keepsake?

4-Think about the message you want to send with your gift: Love? Faith? Comfort? Thoughtfulness?

5-Think about how you’d like to present the gift: in a pretty bag, carefully wrapped, with a special letter or note?


When all is said and done, the gift should really be a symbol of the relationship you intend to nurture with your gift recipient: for that is what truly matters.


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