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Royal Christening Gown - One Small Child

The Royal Christening Dress by One Small Child

We had to include this regal christening gown in our collection of fall and winter occasion wear. We love this royal christening gown…

Royal Christening Gown

All About the Royal Christening Dress…

An ornately embroidered satin-silk bodice is absolutely stunning. This luxurious fabric has all the charm and rich pearl color of silk. It offers the beautiful sheen of muted satin. You’ll love the silky-smooth feel that only a combination of these materials could provide. We topped the satin-silk with layers of re-embroidered lace netting, in the same pearl tone. This lavish material has character! The re-embroidery offers a pronounced texture, found in only the finest of textiles.

It offers all the simple charm of an old-world heirloom. The bodice features ornamental embroidery. flanked with lace. The three-tier ruffle sleeve is suitable for any season. A slight gather provides an appropriate skirt volume. Symmetrical sweeps reveal yet another layer of exquisite lace. Generous ruffles finish the sweeps and hem of the gown. Hand-gathered silk trim offers extra decoration. Silk-covered buttons neatly secure the back of the gown to part-way down. This offers gown presentation ease. From the lace collar to the over-stated hemline, this gown is timeless.

Each Royal gown is hand-crafted with love. Special care is taken to construct your gown with beauty and durability. We’ve selected only the finest materials. Our most experienced seamstresses work to give you a gown worthy to be passed from generation to generation.

Along with the gown, you’ll receive a matching bonnet, cotton slip and preservation bag. The matching bonnet has two tiers of lavish lace and shimmery silk ribbon ties. The slip is made from combed cotton broadcloth material. It’s both comfortable and durable. A thick ruffle with generous gathering provides subtle volume to the bottom of the gown. This helps preserve the gown’s shape throughout the skirt. Our muslin preservation bag with padded hanger provide the proper environment for garment storage.

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Royal Christening Gown - One Small Child

Making the Royal Christening Gowns by One Small Child

 Today, we’re taking you behind the scenes. Here’s how the Royal Christening Gowns are made.

How the Royal Christening Gowns are made.

How it all started… After Great Britain’s little prince was Christened in 2013, we started receiving calls asking if we had any boys baptism gowns made from frilly lace. Do we offer anything a little more decorated? Can I get a longer gown? Can you make it with more ruffles? Mothers and Godmothers wanted something grand. Something monumental. Something Royal…

How we made it happen… We knew we had to answer the call to design an aristocratic christening gown. We started listing all the design elements that customers were begging for. Ruffles. Ivory lace. Very, very long. Ornate. Old-fashioned. Just like Prince George’s. So we went to work.

We selected fabrics of the highest quality. A lustrous satin-silk was the perfect base. It combines all the rich character of silk with the luster and smooth texture of satin. It’s absolutely heavenly to the touch. We topped it with a re-embroidered lace netting. What’s so great about that? All the texture! The fine needlepoint lace boasts filled-in motifs, outlined with a heavier silky cord that create a raised outer edge. The floral motifs stand out on a sheer net background. It’s absolutely lovely.

We designed the gown to be a replica of the English Royal Family’s gown. Our Royal Gown captures the essence of old-world fashion in a modern world. It boasts a lace collar. An embroidered bodice, flanked with lace panels. Tiered lace ruffle sleeves. Symmetrical sweeps and ruffled skirt. An exaggerated heirloom length. Button back closure. Hand-gathered silk trim.

The finished product… The Royal Christening Gowns are hand-made just for you, when you order. Our most experienced seamstresses construct your gown with special care. No detail is overlooked.

Begin your legacy… The Royal Christening Gowns are hand-made and of heirloom quality. Each is to be enjoyed through generations of special occasions. You now can bring a piece of Royal elegance to your family and bestow it on generations to come.

Personalized Royal Christening Gown - One Small Child

Personalized Royal Christening Gown from One Small Child

We love the new Royal Christening Gown! We adore all the frills and can’t help but swoon over all those ruffles. Did you know that we are offering embroidery options for the Royal Gown as well? Is doesn’t get much better than a gorgeous gown that’s personalized just for her!

Personalized Royal Christening Gown

Embroidery options are placed on the front of the slip, just above the ruffle and off-center to the right. Choose from 7 embroidery options and several thread colors. Oh, and don’t worry. Adding personalization options won’t delay your order. Learn more about our embroidery options here.

Personalized Royal Christening Gown

We can’t get enough of this gorgeous gown! In honor of the royal christening to take place this weekend, here are some more pretty pictures from our Royal Christening Gown shoot. Enjoy!

Personalized Royal Christening Gown


Personalized Royal Christening Gown

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