LDS Blessing Day: Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Event

Penelope's BlessingHeirloom Slips for Christening, Baptism, Blessing Gowns - One Small Child
Penelope's BlessingHeirloom Slips for Christening, Baptism, Blessing Gowns - One Small Child

Is there an LDS Blessing Day coming up for your little one? Here are some tips and tricks to help keep your day smooth and stress-free. It’s all about making special memories!

LDS Blessing Day Tips and Tricks

-Plan a time to take pictures and schedule a photo session. Moms never regret any efforts or money spent on good pictures. Make a plan to capture a couple special memories. Ask someone in advance to take a couple snapshots for your family so everyone can be in the picture. Plan to take a family photo in the foyer after baby is dressed, and before the meeting begins. This is the perfect time to capture your family while everyone’s looking their best. Another great photo you’ll love is one will all the men holding your little one. Ask them ahead of time to gather before or after Sacrament meeting for a quick snapshot. We also recommend doing a professional photo shoot of your little one in their blessing outfit after their special day.

-Pack everything the night before. Especially if you have 9am church! Gather baby’s outfit and accessories, pack the diaper bag, round up anything you’ll need for yourself and older children (snacks, quiet activities for sacrament meeting, etc.). Set out outfits and take baths the night before. This ensures that nothing will be forgotten, and you won’t be scrambling to find a missing shoe 5 minutes before you’re supposed to leave.

-Consider dressing baby at the church. Especially girls! With some dresses, there’s no way you’ll be able to buckle the car seat around all the ruffles and bulk. Baby will be more comfortable traveling in her footed sleeper anyways. Take advantage of the mother’s room and dress her there. A few quiet minutes together can turn into a very special memory. Just be sure to arrive early enough that you have plenty of extra time. It will be more stressful if you’re rushed.

-Don’t forget a blanket. Babies are happier when they’re snuggly warm. A beautiful white blanket will compliment her pretty dress. She’ll be all smiles if she’s comfortable. If your little one is used to taking a pacifier, make sure to pack one.

-Make a plan to preserve the outfit. Babies are natural stain machines. Extra care will need to be taken with any special occasion outfit. If you plan to leave baby in the outfit for the entire block, you may want to purchase a pretty bib to protect it. Plan a quick diaper change before Sunday school. After the event day, properly clean the blessing outfit (following the instructions on the care and content label) before preserving it. Whether it’s framed, stored in a special chest or a garment bag, it will need to be cleaned before hand.

We hope you found these tips and tricks useful. We wish you a wonderful, special day.

We love to hear from you! Let us know of what worked for your Blessing Day in the comments below.

{Our Memory Christening Gown and Lace Rosette Headband in the ivory option are pictured above.}

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