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Christening Jewelry at One Small Child

Cuter in Miniature: Christening Jewelry

Christening Jewelry at One Small Child

Have you ever noticed that beautiful things become more so when recreated in miniature sizes: babies, clothes, shoes, furniture, etc.? The concept holds true with jewelry…I mean really, is this tiny 10k gold baby ring not the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen? Love it.

Gorgeous baby Grace is showing her own miniature sense of style with a stack of tiny pearl bracelets: Freshwater Pearl Bracelet and Rose Pearl & Crystal Bracelet.

How to Give Christening Gifts from the Heart

When it comes to christening gifts, it’s a big world out there, with a myriad of products to choose from…in a world of nearly limitless possibilities, how do you choose something truly meaningful? To help you narrow it down, here are a few things to consider:

1-Think about the recipient: what do you want them to remember & feel when they see or use your gift?

2-Think about the purpose of the gift: do you want it to be snuggled? Viewed? Worn? Carried?


3-Think about the type of gift: do you want to give something soft & cuddly, extra-ordinary or fancy, neutral or long-lasting, a personalized keepsake?

4-Think about the message you want to send with your gift: Love? Faith? Comfort? Thoughtfulness?

5-Think about how you’d like to present the gift: in a pretty bag, carefully wrapped, with a special letter or note?


When all is said and done, the gift should really be a symbol of the relationship you intend to nurture with your gift recipient: for that is what truly matters.


Feeling Nostalgic: Mother and Baby Christening Necklace Gift Set {Discontinued}

I’m working on uploading several new items to the site this week, and find myself feeling particularly nostalgic about this one.

Maybe it’s that my own children are growing up (ages 6, 8, 11)…and that I read this post yesterday, which reminded me that they are no longer babies.

Maybe it’s that I had the chance to snuggle this little model last night, and cannot help but feel a tug at my heart whenever I raise a tiny curled-up newborn to my shoulder.

Maybe it’s that I can literally see the closeness between this sweet boy and his lovely Mama in the photos I’ve been editing.

At any rate, it has me thinking a lot about the bond that grows between a precious child and the important women in his/her life. I love this gorgeous pearl cross necklace set as a symbol of that bond…a poignant token of the connection between a mother/godmother/grandmother and a beloved child.

Diaper Covers

Miracle Babies & Christening Accessories

One of the fun things about my job is photographing babies. This smiley baby girl belongs to one of my oldest, dearest friends, and she is a miracle. I love saying that.

She showcased a lot in this shoot, items pictured here are: Lettuce-Edge Pima Knit Blanket, Camisole Bodysuit, Cotton Diaper Covers, Suzie After-Christening Outfit, Silver Plated Christening Rattle, Carnation Halo Headband.

Basket weave crochet baby blanket

Handmade Keepsakes: Basketweave Crochet Blanket

My dear friend, Linda, crochets these amazing baby afghans, and it’s an absolute thrill to be able to offer them to you, handmade with love in every stitch. Soft and warm, yet light & airy ~ I can’t think of a better way to wrap your precious bundle of joy on his or her special day…and every day!

Bamboo Layette Set

New Products: Bamboo Gift Sets

Girls Bamboo Layette Gowns | One Small Child

Looking for a unique newborn or christening gift? Don’t miss these elegant layette sets!

Each high-quality layette features natural bamboo fabric and comes in your choice of a 3 or 4-piece set. The 3-piece set includes a sleeper, blanket, and hat.  The 4-piece set includes kimono style top, bottoms, blanket, and hat.  Girl sets come in white and pink, and the boy set comes in blue and white. A great outfit for baby to wear after the big event! Available in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months.

Baby Shower Gifts | One Small Child

Personalize It

The milestones and special occasions of childhood come and go so quickly…sometimes they seem to pass in a blur. These events bring with them moments and memories you don’t want to forget. Ever. The softness of a rosy cheek, the curve of delicate lashes, the scent of baby skin, the feel of a tiny hand clasped in your own, the way your child looks like an angel in white finery. Some of the memories stay with you forever, many fade away.

A beautiful way to remember the day is to add personalization to the items worn or used by your child during the event. There are many options available for your selection at One Small Child:

  • Select a cross, shamrock, monogram or baby’s name and date to be embroidered on the hem of a slip worn beneath the gown.
  • Choose from our many embroidery options to be placed on a christening bib or in the corner of a christening blanket.
  • Personalize a bodysuit worn beneath baby’s clothing with embroidery of your choice.
  • Circle your child’s wrist with a gorgeous silver bracelet bearing his/her name.
  • Carry a handkerchief monogrammed with your child’s initial.