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Girl Christening Accessory Set - One Small Child

New Product: Boy and Girl Christening Accessory Sets

Today we want to introduce two new products: our Boy and Girl Christening Accessory Sets! There is so much preparation and planning involved with a baby Christening. Who has time to shop for all those Christening accessories with so much on your to-do list? We’ve got it covered! We’ve gathered our best and most popular products and put them together in a set that includes everything you need. (Isn’t it nice when it’s all there and everything matches!) We love how adorable they are! Each item is quality made with luxurious material, so all your keepsakes will last a lifetime! These convenient sets are sure to give you more time to enjoy your special day.


{Boy Christening Accessory Set}


{Girl Christening Accessory Set}

Your Christening Accessory Set includes: a candle with a cross embroidered silk cover; a New Testament with a cross embroidered silk cover; a cross embroidered hankie; a pewter shell; and a rosary with a cross embroidered silk rosary bag-all tucked neatly inside a personalized muslin tote!

Boys Christening Accessory Set - One Small Child

Personalize It

The milestones and special occasions of childhood come and go so quickly…sometimes they seem to pass in a blur. These events bring with them moments and memories you don’t want to forget. Ever. The softness of a rosy cheek, the curve of delicate lashes, the scent of baby skin, the feel of a tiny hand clasped in your own, the way your child looks like an angel in white finery. Some of the memories stay with you forever, many fade away.

A beautiful way to remember the day is to add personalization to the items worn or used by your child during the event. There are many options available for your selection at One Small Child:

  • Select a cross, shamrock, monogram or baby’s name and date to be embroidered on the hem of a slip worn beneath the gown.
  • Choose from our many embroidery options to be placed on a christening bib or in the corner of a christening blanket.
  • Personalize a bodysuit worn beneath baby’s clothing with embroidery of your choice.
  • Circle your child’s wrist with a gorgeous silver bracelet bearing his/her name.
  • Carry a handkerchief monogrammed with your child’s initial.