Miracle Babies & Christening Accessories

Diaper Covers - One Small Child
Diaper Covers - One Small Child

One of the fun things about my job is photographing babies. This smiley baby girl belongs to one of my oldest, dearest friends, and she is a miracle. I love saying that.

She showcased a lot in this shoot, items pictured here are: Lettuce-Edge Pima Knit Blanket, Camisole Bodysuit, Cotton Diaper Covers, Suzie After-Christening Outfit, Silver Plated Christening Rattle, Carnation Halo Headband.

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  1. Kandis Glasier Porter says:

    I try to keep our 3 babes and myself cool with 2 Slip-N-Slides, a baby pool & 2 sprinklers! Living in the South can surely be trying! We just bought a Waterpillar and we look forward to throwing on the swim diapers and having some fun in the sun and water!!

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