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Phoebe Christening Collection - One Small Child

Ultimate Christening Outfits

Going grand for your precious little one’s big event? We’ve got the ultimate christening outfits! These lavish looks make a statement. They’re the complete collection for baby’s religious debut!

Take baby’s look from the ceremony to the after-party! These ultimate Christening outfits have everything you’ll need. (We know you love it when everything’s together and everything matches!)

Francis Christening Collection

Francis Christening Collection

The Francis collection was named after the current pope: Pope Francis I. The Francis is a simple, modern Christening outfit. The newsboy hat and regal length add subtle traditional touches. Each item is hand-crafted with fine dupioni silk. A touch of blue gives a masculine essence to each piece. The collection includes: baptism gown, after-Christening romper, jacket (not pictured), blanket, bib and shoes.

Phoebe Christening Collection

Phoebe Christening Collection

Our Phoebe was designed to be the counter-part to the Francis. It co-ordinates flawlessly! The Phoebe features the same modern design as the Francis, with a few feminine additions. We added a lovely monogram to the gown and lush silk ruffles to the blanket and bib. The collection includes: baptism gown, after-Christening romper, jacket, bib, blanket and shoes.

The Ultimate Christening Accessory Set from

Christening Accessory Sets

Our Christening accessory sets are the perfect finishing touches to the ultimate Christening outfits. Everything baby will need for his big event is decorated with simple detailing. Choose from our girl or boy sets. Each includes: a candle, shell, hankie, rosary, silk rosary bag, mini New Testament, and personalized muslin tote (not pictured).

Lillian Christening Gown Collections - One Small Child

Christening Gown Collections: Lillian

Lillian Christening Gown Collections

{Lillian | Christening Gown Collections from One Small Child}

Looking for a coordinated look for your little princess’ special day? We’ve got you covered! Our christening gown collections include the gown and all the matching accessories. That makes event shopping a breeze!

Our Lillian gown is a beautiful heirloom-length gown. Made from exquisite embroidered netting, this lace is absolutely stunning! Satin ribbons tie in back. Have the slip embroidered for a personal touch! The Lillian gown includes a cotton slip, lace headband and lace shawl. We know she’ll look breathtaking in our Lillian Collection!

To complete the collection: add our Camisole Bodysuit for a comfy layer between the gown and baby’s delicate skin. The Lace Bow Headband matches the Lillian gown flawlessly. Finish with our Lillian Lace Slippers and Lillian Lace Blanket for a head-to-toe look.

1Isabella Girls Christening Gowns - One Small Child

The Isabella Collection: Girls Christening Gowns


{Isabella Girls Christening Gowns}

We love the convenience of one-stop shopping. That’s why we love our Girls Christening Gowns collections. Today, we’re featuring the Isabella Collection. This is a gorgeous silk gown, and a personal favorite. It is so pretty in pictures, but just wait until you see it in person!

The Isabella is a classic A-line design gown. A sumptuous silk sash ties in back. Puffed sleeves add a feminine touch. The bodice, and bonnet feature beaded lace. Silk ribbons and bows finish off this stunning design. The Isabella dress includes a cotton slip and the matching bonnet. Add a couple of our embroidery options to the slip for a keepsake that’s truly personal.

Complete the Collection


{Preslee Blanket | Preslee Bib}

Complete the Isabella Collection with the matching accessories! The Preslee blanket features the same beaded lace over silk as our Isabella gown, Preslee bib and Preslee slippers (below). A headband is less-formal, not to mention adorable! Our Preslee headband matches the Isabella gown flawlessly. Don’t forget to add a soft pima bodysuit, for baby’s ultimate comfort under her gown! Everything you’re looking for to make her special event sparkle!


{Preslee Slippers | Preslee Headband}

If you like the Isabella, we know you’ll love our Kate and Preslee Girls Christening Gowns! Each can be coordinated with the same accessories listed above for your own collection!