Christening Tutorials

Video: How to Tie A Perfect Bow

Long story short: we tie a LOT of bows around here...belts, sashes, ties, you name it, we've tied it. Did ...
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Video: How to Measure Your Baby for a Christening Outfit

Unsure exactly how to measure your baby for a christening outfit? Here's a quick demonstration. For more detailed instructions, view ...
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DIY Lavender Sachet Tutorial

DIY Christening Party Favors: Hand-stitched Lavender Sachets

Hand-stitched with a tiny cross or Baby's name, these fragrant lavender sachets are a lovely take-away gift for your guests ...
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Herb Pot Favor Tutorial Finished

DIY Christening Party Favors: Herb Pots

From our Christening Lookbook shoot: not only will these dainty herb pots look awesome on your party tables, they are ...
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DIY New Sew Bunting Tutorial

DIY Christening Party Decor: No-Sew Bunting

We created this sweet bunting for our lookbook, and thought we'd share the how-to with you! ...
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How to measure your baby's torso

How To Measure Your Baby For A Christening Outfit

One of the most common questions we get is, "What size should I order for my baby?" It's normal to ...
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Make It Work: My Notebook

So, it's a busy life, yada, yada, yada. I try to keep track of it all in my handy-dandy brain, I ...
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