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Happy Loving Family Standing In Christmas Store - One Small Child

Mom Talk Monday: Christmas Traditions

Today we are rounding up some of our featured moms for Mom Talk Monday: Christmas Traditions. Every family has traditions they look forward to for the whole month of December. But sometimes adding something new can be fun and inspiring.

Katie Lindsay, and her husband set up a fort in their living room with cameo coverings and Christmas lights. Her four boys sleep in it on Christmas Eve while the wait for Santa.

Our own Bethany has a tradition that many families do. Her children receive pajamas on Christmas Eve each year, but they come from a few special someones. Santa’s elves leave the pajamas on the front door step and ding dong ditch so they are not seen.

Jen Haderlie, the new mom of twin girls, loves to go to Starbucks for a cocoa and driving to see the Christmas lights where she lives. After they get home they read the story of Christ’s birth before going to bed.

We hope you take time to make new traditions, while still enjoying the old ones, with your family this holiday.

Christmas Christening Photography - One Small Child

Making Baby’s First Christmas Special

Baby's First Christmas

The Christmas season is full of magic and memories-starting with baby’s first Christmas. Part of what makes it special is creating Christmas memories. Baby’s first Christmas season is the time to start some fun family traditions. They will become special memory makers through years to come! Here are some simple ideas:

Visit relatives-especially elderly Grandparents. The elderly are always lonely this time of year. Why not take baby  for a quick visit to brighten their day? You can ask them to share a special Christmas memory with you and baby. You may learn a funny story or two about your family history while you’re at it!

Make a keepsake ornament or Christmas craft. You’ll cherish baby’s first Christmas ornament-whether bought or home-made. We love these DIY ornaments from Disney Baby’s blog. If you’ve purchased a keepsake ornament, make a cute hand/footprint craft with baby to document their tiny toes!

Take a photo with Santa. Baby will love to reminisce on photos with Santa each year! You’ll get a laugh out of their cute little crying face when the snapshot is taken too!

Let baby play with Christmas lights. Your little one will be captivated with that string of bright lights. Sit back and watch them have at it! This makes an adorable Christmas photo, too!

Write a letter to your child. Who wouldn’t love to read a letter from their mom about themselves as a baby? Take a few moments to jot down a fun memory or two. Be sure to express your love for your little one!

Have a Christmas photo shoot. You’ll enjoy capturing the magic as you photograph baby during the holidays. It’s fun to look at snapshots of all the traditional Christmas activities. Make sure you get at least one album-worthy shot! You’ll be displaying it for years to come.

Read Christmas stories to baby in special holiday pajamas. Babies love stories! Make an evening out of reading some great Christmas stories together in your holiday pajamas!

Dance to Christmas music. Even the youngest kids love music. Turn up your favorite holiday tunes and dance away!

Drive or walk around a neighborhood with lots of Christmas lights. Bundle up your little one and go out for a ride. Find a neighborhood that glows and you’re all set! Baby will love being out and about looking at all the bright lights.

Read the nativity story from the Bible and visit a live nativity. Take some time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas with your child. It’s never too early to start teaching baby what Christmas is all about.

Wrap Christmas presents together. This may be your worst nightmare. Let him crinkle the paper and pull off the bows. Picking a gift or two to wrap together will help prepare an older baby to open them! Decide if your nerves can handle it, then let them go wild! (Even though you’ll have to re-roll your ribbon spool seven times.)

Sing Christmas songs. Baby will love to hear you singing all those Christmas songs! From Silent Night to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. If you’re uncomfortable with singing, turn on the radio and hum along!

What other Baby’s First Christmas traditions do you love?

Christmas cookies and hot chocolate - One Small Child

Holiday Movie Night


Having a Holiday Movie Night in only takes a small amount of preparation to have an enjoyable evening that you can turn into a yearly tradition. Movie theaters are open on Christmas Day every year with some kind of a holiday show for families. But that also requires getting dressed, getting in the car and spending astronomical prices for popcorn. Besides, who wants to get out of their Christmas pajamas anyway? Why not stay in, stay warm and enjoy your vacation at home? I thought you might agree.


-Favorite Christmas show (Polar Express is always a good one because of the hot chocolate dance)

-Sleeping bags, blankets and pillows. Enough to fill the floor.

-Hot chocolate bar on the counter with ingredients like: marshmallows, chocolate chips in several flavors, cinnamon sticks, peppermint sticks, flavored coffee creamer, whipped cream and sprinkles.

Bring out some cute containers to put everything in and put on the pajamas! Send invitations out to family and friends you make with the kids. When everyone is over, let all of them sit on the pillows and blankets and cuddle up together. Turn out the lights and have just the Christmas tree on and it will feel magical. If the kids fall asleep there on the floor, leave them! What could be more fun than that? (Just not on Christmas Eve, you don’t want to trip on them while delivering gifts under the tree)

Traditions are part of what we look forward to during the holidays. Being able to share those things we cherish with those we love is a great way to give a gift that has no monetary value. It also shows your children what is so important this time of year, being together and growing as a family, extending the hand of friendship and making bonds. Happy movie night!

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4 ways to De-Stress this Holiday Season


I hear from a lot of other moms that their husbands have to constantly remind them that they need to “relax”, “do less” and “don’t stress so much”. Do any of us actually do anything to check these items off our never ending to do lists? No. With all of the activities, festivities, driving and cooking to do in the month of December I sometimes wonder if I will make it to January.

De-stressing your holidays might bring thoughts like, “I can’t do that”, “We do that every year” and “so and so will be so disappointed”. But who, besides yourself, said so many things had to be done? Be better to yourself, simplify the to do list. Say “no” to the countless festivities offers. Schedule time with the ones that really matter, and remind yourself that sitting on the couch with a cup of cocoa, a blanket, a movie and watching the snow fall out your window with your honey is a perfect way to spend an evening. Need a few other ideas?

We offer 4 ways to de-stress this Holiday season:

1. Simplify your gift giving with this simple poem: Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. Add a couple of things to their stockings and there you have a simple and meaningful list to fill for your loved ones.

2. It’s okay to buy store made treats to give your neighbors. Just add a simple note wishing them happy holidays. Put a cute ribbon on it and deliver. The only thing they will remember is how nice it was to be thought of.

3. Instead of cooking everything at the family dinner, do a pot luck style. Have everyone sign up to bring what they would like, make sure it makes a meal, and enjoy a little more time catching up with those you love at the counter instead of over the stove.

4. Most importantly, if what you have planned to do and give this year takes away from the time you have with your children, let it go. The time we have with our kids is limited and fading away. Let’s all try to remember to not let it waste away.

There will be some busy days over the holidays, lists to make and you will feel like it is never ending. But there is also great joy this time of year. Remember to cultivate an attitude of joy and your busy days will seem to flow better, your lists will not be so daunting and you will sit and enjoy this wonderful season and feel renewed for the coming year.

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Pretty Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Tired of the same old wrapping ideas? Let your creative side run wild! Try these trendy Christmas wrapping ideas we found on Pinterest. (Are you following us on Pinterest?) Your pretty packages are sure to add to the festivity of the season!

Christmas Wrapping Ideas

{We love these Christmas wrapping ideas from One Good Thing by Jillee. Brown craft paper is inexpensive and comes in huge rolls! You can find it at any local craft supply store. Dress it up with nearly anything! (Which means stuff you already have!) Any extra can be used for wrapping gifts throughout the coming year. Color combos we love: brown and red, brown and green, brown and white, brown with black and gold.}

Christmas Wrapping Ideas

{Who doesn’t love a great monogram? These huge, sparkly tags are adorable! The newspaper is a great base for that red to really pop. Why not re-use your old newsprint this year? Guests will be amazed at your creativity! We found this awesome idea on Premeditated Leftovers. She offers some helpful tips: try not to use crinkled parts and let the kids color on the packages for an added touch. Try using sheet music for a variation of this idea.}

Christmas Wrapping Ideas

{Looking for a personal way to tag your gifts? Use a cute snapshot of the recipient taken this year. (Also from Premeditated Leftovers) What a great way to give them their photos and gifts! Everyone will love reminiscing about fun memories. And no more mixing up gifts! Photo tags really pop on plain paper, but we love it with a print as well! For an easy way to get the framed look-crop with good old fashioned scissors and glue (with an acid-free glue stick) to a plain background paper. Or cut into fun shapes and paste on pretty tags. The options are endless!}

 Helpful wrapping tips: Start with a good box-it’s much easier to cover! Learn how to tie a perfect bow here.

Happy Loving Family Standing In Christmas Store - One Small Child

How to Entertain Guests during the Holidays

 photo Dollarphotoclub_57412943_zps28ca4ed9.jpg

Holiday get-togethers are memory makers. You catch up with family you haven’t seen in some time, eat as if calories don’t count and enjoy the spirit of the season. But some of us have the absolute pleasure of hosting some of that family for multiple days in our homes and the cooking, cleaning and pure joy that comes with it. Today we offer how to entertain guests during the holidays in small ways to make your life a little easier while you host those you love most.

While your grocery bill is going to go up, make sure that part of that is easy finger foods and drinks for all the kids that will be constantly asking for a snack, and adults. If your kids are anything like mine, if one asks for something to eat, they all do. Purchasing a large vegetable tray is a great way to go because you can set it out and everyone can take from it as they want. Even if it is in the fridge, everyone can take it out, take a few pieces and put it back. No preparation necessary. Add to it crackers, the mini cheese squares and flavored sparkling water and juice boxes and your all set.

Make a meal plan for every meal. Ask guests to contribute to the meals with a side or dessert and then they feel like they have helped in some way and you avoid them potentially offering you money to cover the costs of all the food. Also, clean out your fridge before everyone comes and leave room for your guests to put their own food, especially if they have a special diet.

Have activities in mind to go to or do at your home. Bringing out the board games are great, but knowing about special events happening in your area before your guests arrive is nice to choose from to break up the several game nights in a row.

Finally, offer those you love a room with a lock on the door. Having some kind of privacy will really help them feel better about staying over instead of a hotel. Knowing you can fully relax while vacationing is a gift in itself.

Enjoy your time with family and friends. Here’s to many nights of staying up late, too much cocoa and filling your heart with memories.

Baby Holiday Gifts - One Small Child

Baby Christmas Gift Ideas 2014

Baby Christmas Gift Ideas

In search of great baby Christmas gift ideas? Look no further! We’ve got everything you need from beautiful holiday dresses and holiday outfits to personalized gifts.   The Becca is a gorgeous cream silk and lace holiday dress. She’ll look adorable for all your winter events! Dress includes lace jacket and pretty flower headband. Gifted here with our personalized ballerina musical jewelry box, flower paci clip and rose pearl bracelets.

Baby Christmas Gift Ideas

Your little gentleman will steel the show in our Ludlow Holiday Suit! What little boy wouldn’t love a personalized sports car bank under the tree? Shown with our teddy bear paci clip.

Baby Christmas Gift Ideas

Our Lyla is a classic holiday dress in houndstooth print. Gifted here with our personalized ballerina musical jewelry box and flower paci clip.