Making Baby’s First Christmas Special

Christmas Christening Photography - One Small Child
Christmas Christening Photography - One Small Child

Baby's First Christmas

The Christmas season is full of magic and memories-starting with baby’s first Christmas. Part of what makes it special is creating Christmas memories. Baby’s first Christmas season is the time to start some fun family traditions. They will become special memory makers through years to come! Here are some simple ideas:

Visit relatives-especially elderly Grandparents. The elderly are always lonely this time of year. Why not take baby  for a quick visit to brighten their day? You can ask them to share a special Christmas memory with you and baby. You may learn a funny story or two about your family history while you’re at it!

Make a keepsake ornament or Christmas craft. You’ll cherish baby’s first Christmas ornament-whether bought or home-made. We love these DIY ornaments from Disney Baby’s blog. If you’ve purchased a keepsake ornament, make a cute hand/footprint craft with baby to document their tiny toes!

Take a photo with Santa. Baby will love to reminisce on photos with Santa each year! You’ll get a laugh out of their cute little crying face when the snapshot is taken too!

Let baby play with Christmas lights. Your little one will be captivated with that string of bright lights. Sit back and watch them have at it! This makes an adorable Christmas photo, too!

Write a letter to your child. Who wouldn’t love to read a letter from their mom about themselves as a baby? Take a few moments to jot down a fun memory or two. Be sure to express your love for your little one!

Have a Christmas photo shoot. You’ll enjoy capturing the magic as you photograph baby during the holidays. It’s fun to look at snapshots of all the traditional Christmas activities. Make sure you get at least one album-worthy shot! You’ll be displaying it for years to come.

Read Christmas stories to baby in special holiday pajamas. Babies love stories! Make an evening out of reading some great Christmas stories together in your holiday pajamas!

Dance to Christmas music. Even the youngest kids love music. Turn up your favorite holiday tunes and dance away!

Drive or walk around a neighborhood with lots of Christmas lights. Bundle up your little one and go out for a ride. Find a neighborhood that glows and you’re all set! Baby will love being out and about looking at all the bright lights.

Read the nativity story from the Bible and visit a live nativity. Take some time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas with your child. It’s never too early to start teaching baby what Christmas is all about.

Wrap Christmas presents together. This may be your worst nightmare. Let him crinkle the paper and pull off the bows. Picking a gift or two to wrap together will help prepare an older baby to open them! Decide if your nerves can handle it, then let them go wild! (Even though you’ll have to re-roll your ribbon spool seven times.)

Sing Christmas songs. Baby will love to hear you singing all those Christmas songs! From Silent Night to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. If you’re uncomfortable with singing, turn on the radio and hum along!

What other Baby’s First Christmas traditions do you love?

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