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Camisole Bodysuit

Christening Undercover

Have you given any thought to what goes under a christening gown or outfit? So much depends on what you’re working with and looking for. Is the fabric of your gown a light-weight sheer cotton or a heavy satin?  Is your gown short or long? Do you like a little extra pouf under a dress? Or do you just want good coverage beneath?

For your convenience, many of our christening gowns are included with an appropriate length slip made of pure combed cotton. If you choose a style that does not include a slip, or if you’re looking for just the right thing to wear beneath a family heirloom or a masterpiece you’ve crafted on your own, we offer a nice selection of christening slips a-la-carte in different styles and lengths:

Our basic cotton slip comes in two lengths and is perfect under any dress that needs a good lining, especially under sheer or hand-crocheted gowns. It is constructed with a cross-back, button free closure for ease of dressing baby.  This slip is available in two lengths to accomodate day-length (22-24″) as well as longer heirloom-length (32-34″) christening gowns. We can also make it in custom lengths for you–just let us know what you need, and we’ll be happy to whip one up for you (additional charges may apply for longer length). We offer a nice selection of embroidery options on this slip as well: you can have baby’s name and christening or birth date, a monogram, a cross, shamrock or meaningful phrase added to the hem, which adds a thoughtful, personal touch to a truly special outfit (you can see our current embroidery options on order pages).

Our exclusive bouffant slip adds a nice fulness to any gown, and can be worn beneath our basic cotton slip, or alone under the christening gown, depending on your preference. It is available in three lengths: dress-length, day-length, and heirloom-length. It’s perfect under gowns of all styles, whether simple or frilly.

We haven’t forgotten the boys–we offer a nice selection of long-sleeved, short-sleeved, and sleeveless bodysuits to provide coverage and a little additional warmth beneath any christening suit (bonus: personalization is also available on these items), so no matter how you look at it, when it comes to christening undergarments, we’ve got you covered. {wink}

Preserving Your Christening Gown

So what do you do with your christening gown or christening outfit after the big day? Here are a few suggestions for preserving your child’s heirloom for future generations:

  • Dry clean or hand-wash the christening gown or christening outfit as directed on the clothing tag. Stains and body oils can irreparably discolor the fabric. If you hand-wash, avoid using harsh soaps, chlorine bleach, fabric softeners, and starch. Rinse the christening dress or outfit well to remove detergent residues.
  • Once your christening gown or christening suit is completely clean and dry, stuff it with clean, acid-free tissue; this will help prevent hard creases that can weaken the fabric. Fold additional tissue into pleats and slip it between layers of fabric.
  • Place the christening outfit or gown in a 100% cotton unbleached muslin bag, we have three different lengths to fit your needs. Plastic or vinyl bags are unacceptable for long-term preservation since garments need to breathe. For this same reason, you should not seal or wrap a cardboard box containing heirloom christening clothing. Never pack mothballs with your christening apparel since they can ruin fabric over time. Also avoid storing the christening suit or gown with metal items. If you have purchased a bracelet for your special occasion, you can find the perfect display frame at One Small Child.
  • Label your storage container (if it is not already monogrammed) with a name and date.
  • Store the christening outfit or christening gown in a dark, cool, dry place (for example, in a closet or under a bed). Avoid storing the box or bag in places where temperature or humidity may fluctuate seasonally (for example, a basement or attic). The ideal storage place has a relative humidity of 55 percent and a temperature of about 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Check your heirloom christening gown or christening outfit once in a while to ensure that it is maintaining its beauty. When you handle your christening heirloom, wear cotton gloves –- skin oils can discolor fabric.
  • When you wish to use your treasured christening gown or christening outfit again, remove it from the storage container and air it out for several days. You may need to steam the item to remove wrinkles; iron only as a last resort, and only on a very low setting.

Personalize It

The milestones and special occasions of childhood come and go so quickly…sometimes they seem to pass in a blur. These events bring with them moments and memories you don’t want to forget. Ever. The softness of a rosy cheek, the curve of delicate lashes, the scent of baby skin, the feel of a tiny hand clasped in your own, the way your child looks like an angel in white finery. Some of the memories stay with you forever, many fade away.

A beautiful way to remember the day is to add personalization to the items worn or used by your child during the event. There are many options available for your selection at One Small Child:

  • Select a cross, shamrock, monogram or baby’s name and date to be embroidered on the hem of a slip worn beneath the gown.
  • Choose from our many embroidery options to be placed on a christening bib or in the corner of a christening blanket.
  • Personalize a bodysuit worn beneath baby’s clothing with embroidery of your choice.
  • Circle your child’s wrist with a gorgeous silver bracelet bearing his/her name.
  • Carry a handkerchief monogrammed with your child’s initial.

What Color is Your Christening Gown?

Have you ever considered going pink for her christening gown?

Every congregation has different requirements…some prefer all-white attire for christening, but one of the trends of the past few years has been incorporating color into christening gowns and christening outfits.

I must admit here that I like to do traditional with a little twist. My first baby girl was blessed in a gown very similar to our Jessa christening gown, of white silk dupioni with dainty pink rose braid trim. I went just a bit bolder with my second daughter’s gown: a rose-pink silk ruffled slip with a pretty over-coat of delicately embroidered french netting in a soft ivory color. And it was just beautiful.

If you’re looking for something unusual, One Small Child offers several ways to introduce color in christening wear, from a tiny kiss of pink to entire gowns of mellow ivory or stunning pink. The boys are not forgotten, we also offer a traditionally cut romper in cool blue.

So, are you up for a little color?

Cross Lace Fascinator First Communion Headpieces | Hair Accessories for Girls

Crosses for Christening and Communion

For members of christian faiths that reverence the sign of the cross, the selection of a First Communion dress, christening gown, christening outfit or christening accessory adorned with the cross can be a meaningful expression of devotion.  We at One Small Child are pleased to offer many options for including this symbology in your special event:

-Several of our christening gown and Communion dress styles feature crosses embroidered on skirts, woven into lace trims, or hand beaded all over.

-Cross embroidery options are available on our simple cotton slip, bodysuits, bibs, blankets, and baptism towels.

-Socks embellished with embroidered crosses are available in styles for infant boys and girls, as well as older girls.

-Miniature bibles displaying crosses in gold tone or white lace are available in both Catholic and Protestant editions for your convenience.