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Weekend Getwaway - One Small Child

Weekend Getaway

At the last minute, we decided to fill our camper with kids and ATVs and head for the hills over the weekend. We landed in one of our favorite spots…a tiny town next to mountains full of old mines, perfect for days of exploration. Here’s what we found:

Old mine shafts…you wouldn’t believe how cold the air coming out of that caved-in tunnel is!

Lots of old mining equipment, begging to be climbed upon.

Little Miss stumbled on a pile of Fool’s Gold and spent several blissful minutes gathering a handful of the sparkly mineral.

Every abandoned homestead boasted patches of tiny wild raspberries, which we happily picked and enjoyed on the spot.

The view from 9,000-ish feet above sea level:

What did your Labor Day weekend look like?

August Campout - One Small Child

August Campout

One of the highlights of summer at our house is *the* annual August campout. This year we met with eleven other families in beautiful Challis, Idaho (one of my favorite places on the planet). The Challis Hot Springs Resort is nestled between a gorgeous mountain range and the powerful Salmon River. The campsite is lovely, the hot springs are heavenly, and the company, well, it’s pretty great.

We spent four days playing with cousins. Activities included rock-painting, hammock-swinging, croquet, food (the best part!), lots of chatting, swimming, bicycles and ATV riding.

The only sad part: when it’s over, so is summer.