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Pudding Summer Treats - One Small Child

Jello and Pudding Summer Treats

We’re loving summer here at One Small Child! One of the best summer treats is getting to spend oodles of time with the littles. Today we’re sharing some creative Jello and pudding summer treats to make with the kids via Pinterest. They’re easy for little hands to create and even more fun to enjoy!

Jello Summer Treats

Top: Underwater Jello Treats at | Bottom Left: Sky and Clouds Jello Treat at | Bottom Right: Sand Cups at

Pudding Summer Treats

Dirt Cups from | Homemade Chocolate Pudding Pops from | Summer Sandbox Pudding Dessert at

Summer Fun - One Small Child

Toddler Summer Fun List

Summer opens up a whole new range of activities. Take advantage and make some great memories with your little one! Here’s a list of summer fun activities to enjoy together.

Summer Fun

Play with bubbles: It’s oh so fun to chase and pop bubbles! You can even make your own bubble solution.

Go to the zoo: Splurge on a stuffed animal from the souvenir shop.

Make a water blob: These look so fun and cool on a hot summer day!

Play with buckets of water and measuring cups: You don’t have to get too fancy to entertain a toddler. Get out your big bowl and let them dump away.

Make a splash pad: Set up a few sprinklers on some plastic for a refreshing summer activity.

Go to story time: Many libraries offer a free story time program. It’s a great opportunity to teach your toddler about sitting still and making new friends.

Fly kites: A classic summer fun activity.

Dig for dinosaur bones in the backyard: Plant some fossils for your little to find.

Go to the park: You could bring a friend, or make it a mommy date!

Play with shaving cream: Put food coloring in it, and now you can paint the sidewalk!

Pick flowers: Put them in a pretty vase on your table.

Go to a petting zoo: You know your littles would love this!

Play in the sand: Build a sand castle. Knock it down. Little ones love the new sensory feeling of sand.

Make mud pies: Just once!

Go to a beach: Play in the sand and splash in the water together!

Draw with sidewalk chalk: A fun and simple activity for your toddler.

Wash the car: Your little one will love sponging and hosing mommy’s car!

Go swimming: Check out the local pool for a day.

Eat a popsicle: Indulge in a cool mid-day snack.

Plant something: Visit it every day to take care of it and watch it grow.

Go park hopping: Have a whole afternoon to kill? Explore some new parks in your area. You may even find a new favorite.

Eat ice cream: What’s summer without a little ice cream? Make it even better by getting it from the big pink ice cream truck!

Run in the sprinklers: So fun!

Play ring around the rosie: Guarantee your littles will love this!

Watch fireworks: Snuggle up together for the show.

Wash their ‘car’: Shine up their little trike or cozy coupe! They’ll feel so proud and important.

Eat snow cones: Head to the local snow shack for a refreshing summer treat.

Chip away at frozen ice blocks: Freeze some little treasures in a big block of ice and let your little one dig them out.

Piper Christening Dress - One Small Child

Piper Summer Christening Dress

Lovely raw-edge chiffon flowers. Three layers of shimmering tricot. A splash of colorful satin. Our newest Christening dress is super chic! The Piper is perfect for your summer party!

Piper Summer Christening Dress

All About the Piper:

Our newest dress is fit for an angel! The Piper is a simple A-line design with gorgeous details. A bouquet of chiffon roses makes a beautiful bodice. There are three rows of these pretty raw-edge flowers. The sheer cap sleeves are comfortably soft, so they won’t restrict her range of motion. Three layers of silky tricot make for a shimmery skirt. We love how gracefully the raw edges sweep the floor! Let her personality shine through with a colored satin sash. Tie it at her back or put the bow in front! Choose from pink, coral, baby blue, lavender or white. The sash is belted with subtle loops under each arm, so it won’t slide down.

The Piper dress is super comfortable! It’s made from Chiffon and Tricot. Each are soft and breathable fabrics. Not to mention super light-weight. She’ll feel like she’s wearing a cloud!  Plus, no restrictive stiffness. Three simple buttons do up the back.

Finish the Look:

Our adorable Piper dress is shown above with our Rose Bow Headband. Add our Day-Length Slip and Lace Ruffle Satin Slippers. Her gorgeous summer Christening outfit is complete!

EW Couture August - One Small Child

Summer Christening Dresses 2015: The New Iris Christening Dress

We’re excited to introduce the first of our Summer Christening Dresses 2015-the Iris Christening Dress.

EW Couture August Freebie file

The new Iris Christening Dress is an empire waist gown fit for a goddess! It features a bodice with a modern floral embroidery pattern. The shimmery skirt gracefully sweeps her ankles. Scallop-edged cap sleeves allow for full arm range of motion. The light-weight materials are just right for warm summer weather. The bodice and skirt are fully lined with the softest of fabrics for your little muse’s comfort. We simply delight in this demure Christening gown.

Bringing to life a piece I have been dreaming up is always a beautiful day for me. This gown is just as I had imagined it and seeing it on a little one is a true delight. To make it even better, the gown is machine washable! Having children myself I know the comfort in sometimes having something you can launder yourself instead of taking into the dry cleaners because there is only so much time in the day! This gown could also work for a flower girl dress with a colorful sash added on and even for delightful family photos. Versatility is a wonderful touch with this gown, and I know you will just love one of our newest Summer Christening dresses!

Complete the look! Combine the Iris with our Leather Ballet Moccasins and Jewel Lace Bow Headband for a modern look. Shown above with our Carnation Halo Headband.

August Campout - One Small Child

August Campout

One of the highlights of summer at our house is *the* annual August campout. This year we met with eleven other families in beautiful Challis, Idaho (one of my favorite places on the planet). The Challis Hot Springs Resort is nestled between a gorgeous mountain range and the powerful Salmon River. The campsite is lovely, the hot springs are heavenly, and the company, well, it’s pretty great.

We spent four days playing with cousins. Activities included rock-painting, hammock-swinging, croquet, food (the best part!), lots of chatting, swimming, bicycles and ATV riding.

The only sad part: when it’s over, so is summer.