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First Communion Accessories for Girls - One Small Child

Communion Accessories for Girls: Communion 2014, Part 2

We introduced our First Communion dress line for 2014 last week; today is all about Communion accessories for girls!

We’ve pulled together a lovely collection of veils, headpieces, shoes, hosiery, and more for all your First Communion needs. Each item is pretty on its own but put it together with your special dress and you’ve got a look that is truly beautiful. Whether your girl prefers simplicity or all-the-frills, we’ve got everything you need in one convenient location.

Beaded Lace First Communion Headwrap | Hair Accessories for Girls

{Beaded Lace First Communion Headwrap}

Cross Lace Fascinator First Communion Headpieces | Hair Accessories for Girls

{Cross Lace Fascinator Headband}

First Communion Hair Accessories | Veils and Headpieces for Girls

{Crystal Hair Snaps, Dew Drop Veil}

First Communion Rosaries

{Pearl Rosary}

First Communion Accessories for Girls

{Feather Flower Comb}

Personalized First Communion Bibles

{Personalized Bibles, coming soon}

{Nancy First Communion Shoes, Organza Lace Socks}

Pearl Headwrap First Communion Headbands for Girls

{Pearl First Communion Headwrap}