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Mitchell + Ryker Baby Boy Wedding Suits - One Small Child

The Perfect Christening Tuxedo

Little white tuxedos have long been a favorite for christenings, baptisms and blessings. They’re dressy, they’re masculine, and there’s just something about a tiny version of menswear that makes people stop and say, “Awwwww.”

I’ll be honest. Tuxedos for babies are not always easy to design, sew, or wear. They’re fairly complex in construction, and most suits for babies are designed exactly like their bigger counterparts, with a shirt, a vest or cummerbund, pants, and tie. The problem is: that’s a lot of stuff to fuss with on a squirmy little guy (especially a newborn). A shirt hanging out the back of my baby’s pants just isn’t quite the look I’m going for in a formal setting. Know what I mean?

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to produce our own version of the christening tuxedo…it’s taken a lot of making and tweaking and changing and updating, but I think we’ve finally got it! Our Ryker christening tuxedo is constructed of gorgeous polyester shantung…crisp and pristine white with a subtle silk-like texture. It’s trimmed with soft, lustrous matte satin. It’s intended to fit little babies (most imports are sized so big that the smallest suits fit in the 9-12 months size range, but our tuxedo is available in sizes newborn through 12 months.)–so we left out the vest and cummerbund. The best part: the shirt is constructed as a bodysuit, so no shirt-tails sneak out the back of the pants. Ever. It’s made here in the U.S.A., and it’s one-of-a-kind. Our tuxedo comes with a traditional bonnet, which can be substituted with a trendy beret at your request. Bottom line: It’s a suit sure to please all of baby’s loved ones.