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Paisley by Kayla Commercial Newborn Photographer - One Small Child

Mom Talk: Kayla Evans

For our Mom Talk Mondays we have something new for you! A different and unique mom every Monday that will hopefully give you some inspiration for your everyday life.

(If interested in being featured on Mom Talk Mondays, please email Bethany at bmbarrow [at] hotmail [dot] com, title MOM TALK)

-Tell us a little about your family and why it is special?

I am a farmers wife and a mother of 3 with #4 on its way soon! My kids are from ages 11 to newborn [soon]. We recently built our forever home on my childhood farm and I LOVE being home! It’s been my dream since I was little to live on the farm and I am living that dream now. My children have loved being a part of moving cows, playing in the ditches and riding the atv’s around the farm and to Grammie and Grandpa’s house and even to their cousin’s down the road. Being close to family was important to us.

-What do you do for work/volunteer outside of being a wife and mom?

Outside of helping with the farm, I co-own a photography/hair salon called Paisley Studios.  I have had a camera in hand for 14 years, starting in my mom’s darkroom in her house developing my own film and moving on to good old Photoshop!  I love what I do, but I have to admit it is hard because my work is always with me.  Still trying to find balance with working at home.  At the same time I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

-Is there something your family does on a regular basis for quality time?

We love to have family game night!  We choose a game and play it over and over…..well until bed time.

-How do you take time for yourself to recharge?

A night out or day with my girlfriends!  Shopping, food… always makes for a great recharge!  Connecting with other women in the same season of life as I am helps me know that where I am at is normal.

-What is your go to, never fail and in a pinch recipe?

Taco Soup – My kids love it but I think my husband is starting to get tired of it after 13 years.

-What is the one product you can not live without?

I would have to say Doterra On Guard Cleaner Concentrate. I use this on a daily basis to clean all of my counter tops and other surfaces in my home!  I had battled with eczema for quite awhile and really needed to keep my hands out of the water as much as possible, and this is what did the trick for me to get things while keeping my hands dry.  I literally have a spray bottle plus a bottle of the concentrate in all of my bathrooms, my laundry room and my kitchen.  I would really have a hard time without it for very long!  [I am discovering that I am a little OCD on clean, so this is the product that I must have!]

Thank you Kayla and congratulations on your soon to be here baby!

Bethany   Mom Talk - One Small Child

One Small Child’s Newest Member: Bethany

My name is Bethany and I am so excited to be a part of the One Small Child team! I will be assisting with social media to spread new products, projects, any and everything baby and most importantly inspiration from other moms.

I am still a “new” mom, I have 3 littles that I adore. My oldest is a boy who is 4 years old, my daughter is 3 years old and my newest is a sweet boy just 8 weeks old today! I call myself new because I still have so much to learn and experience with my children that it’s almost overwhelming to think about. And I have been blessed to be able to work from home but it can be easy to work when my children need me, even if they didn’t tell me they did.

S0 I have come to realize that slowing down in life is not a bad thing. Yes, work, activities and adventures are also necessary to learn, grow and enjoy life but I have learned that too much can leave us feeling drained. I want to lead an intentional life with my little family and it starts with me and how I set the tone for my household. My example is what my children learn from, good and bad. For example, our sweet baby boy at just 13 days old had open heart surgery to save his life. We were so blessed with everything and everyone involved. I could have panicked more than necessary though but I didn’t. I wanted my older two to see and understand that being sad, worried and scared was okay but that we had to be positive and keep going. So when Mommy and Daddy were gone for 10 days at the hospital, they were okay. They didn’t worry. Now they love to tell people how baby brother “got his heart fixed by the doctor” and then roll into what they did at school, dance class or story time at the library. I would say  for today it’s a win.

I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be a part of this great company and blog and look forward to interacting with all of you!