Sentimental LDS Blessing Ideas

Sentimental LDS Blessing Ideas - One Small Child
Sentimental LDS Blessing Ideas - One Small Child

Your little one’s blessing day is a sacred event to look forward to. Their name will be officially added to church records and they have the opportunity of receiving a special priesthood blessing. What a special day! Today, we’d like to share some LDS blessing ideas to make your baby’s day extra sentimental.

Sentimental LDS Blessing Ideas

-Dress your little one in a sentimental outfit. There are so many ideas for this! You can make (or have someone make) a blessing dress for your little girl out of your wedding dress. Dress them in your blessing dress or your husband’s blessing outfit. Use an heirloom blanket. That gorgeous knitted blanket that your grandmother made would make a sentimental addition to your little one’s outfit.

-Start a tradition. Use the same blessing dress for all your daughters. Have each one’s initials embroidered on the skirt hem. You could also use this idea with a blanket. What an amazing heirloom to pass down to future generations!

-Host a luncheon or dinner. Take advantage of all your family being in town and get together after church for some food and reminiscing.

-Take some special pictures. You will want good photographs! Capture their little features and special elements of the day. Many mothers now are opting for a professional photo session of baby in their outfit before or after the event. We love that idea, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to snap a few photos on the day of as well. You’ll want one of daddy holding your little one, all the men in their suits, etc.

-Write a letter to your little one. Jot down some excerpts from the blessing. You don’t need to write down the entire blessing, but maybe a few things that stood out to you. Journal about other special parts of the day, like when your he smiled and cooed in your grandmother’s arms. Your little one will love reading about their special day years down the road.

-Make a blessing day memory mini-book. You could include pictures, information about the ward (who your bishop is, what ward and which stake it belongs to, who the stake president is, which ward building you attend, etc.) the names of the brethren who stood in the circle, some excerpts from the blessing, your feelings as a mother about the special day.

What have you done to make your little one’s blessing more meaningful? Share your LDS blessing ideas in the comments below.

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