Christening Gowns in My Blood

Audrey Mom Talk - One Small Child
Audrey Mom Talk - One Small Child

Audrey | One Small Child Mom Talk

We’re getting things rolling now on this One Small Child blog, so I thought I’d share some background information about me, your friendly behind-the-scenes writer. Here goes:

Christening gowns have been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I can clearly recall all the details of the first blessing dress my mother created when I was ten years old. It was sheer and lacy and ruffly with big dips on each side of the overskirt, trimmed with satin ribbon bows. In fact, it was very similar to our current Lucy style…funny that after all this time we’re coming full-circle, back to where we began!

I helped out in our little factory on and off through my teenage years and came to work with the company full time in my college years. I have logged thousands of hours cutting, sewing, trimming, inspecting, tagging, bagging, shipping, planning, scheduling, troubleshooting, answering phones, dreaming, designing, costing, sourcing, writing, editing, sweating, crying, laughing, and loving every minute. I have enjoyed close working relationships with family members, our talented staff, vendors, sales representatives, store buyers and many of our valued customers. I think I can safely say this business is in my blood! (Thanks, Mom!)

Six years ago, I became a mother, and I can truthfully say that this experience is the only thing more all-consuming and rewarding for me than One Small Child. I am truly living my dream: being a mom with a fun job on the side! Don’t get me wrong, I love what I’m doing, but we keep it real. We’re not always perfectly put together or clutter-free or calm, cool and collected…but there’s always tomorrow!

Thanks for visiting–I’m interested in you and what you’re interested in, so let me know all about you! And stay tuned for more information on everything going on at One Small Child.

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