Beautiful Daisy

Mandi Satin Christening Dress - One Small Child
Mandi Satin Christening Dress - One Small Child

About a year ago, I was helping out at our customer service desk and took a call from a loving aunt, looking for a christening gown suitable for a baby with special needs. This was my introduction to Beautiful Daisy, a darling baby girl born with a rare and devastating skin condition called EB. Any kind of pressure/touch causes her skin to break out in painful sores and blisters. Coordinating with her mother, we were able to make some modifications to our Mandi christening gown in an effort to lessen possible friction and rubbing of the garment.

I’ve checked in on Daisy periodically since then…I’m touched by the sheer enormity of the challenges she faces, and that despite these challenges, her mother describes her as sweet, happy, and determined. She has defied the odds in surviving her first year, and at 17 months of age is walking and talking and playing.

This week, local churches and charitable organizations are raising funds to help Daisy’s family build a specially equipped room to better facilitate her significant daily-care needs. Please visit her site to learn more and to see what you can do to help out.

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