Your Christening Gowns: Baby Victoria Elizabeth

Lillian Lace Christening Gown - One Small Child
Lillian Lace Christening Gown - One Small Child

Lillian Christening Gown Collections

Little Victoria Elizabeth’s mother, Amy, writes:

“My daughter Victoria Elizabeth just got christened this Saturday, and she was wearing the Lillian gown. I never imagined that a christening gown could be so beautiful. Everyone mentioned that they never saw one as pretty as this one, and they asked where I got it. I never thought that the netting and the embroidery would be so soft. It reminded everyone of a baby wedding gown. The bonnet was breath-taking. The detail that went into the bonnet and the dress was amazing. I didn’t realize how much detail there was put into the dress from the picture. I was extremely pleased and proud to have my daughter in your gown. Keep up the great work…you made me a very happy and proud mom.”

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