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Spring Collection 2015 Ivy Dress - One Small Child

Our New Spring/Summer Collection 2015 Part 3: Ivy Dress

Take a look at the final addition to our Spring/Summer Collection 2015-the new Ivy Dress.

All About the Ivy…

One Small Child Spring Collection 2015 | Ivy Dress

The Ivy Dress is available in Lilac, Coral or Pink.

Why she’ll adore her Ivy dress…

Light and twirly, but not overly poufy. Little girls love to twirl! Our new Ivy is just right for spinning. She’ll have a ball dancing and twirling in this princess dress. It’s not overly fussy, so she’s less likely to trip over gobbs of material.

Warm weather comfort. The Ivy Dress is made from three lightweight materials: embroidered organza, tulle and cotton. The organza bodice is scattered with colorful flowers and finished with a scalloped edge. The sheer tulle skirt ends mid-calf, making this a delightful tea-length dress. The bodice and skirt are fully lined with our soft, light cotton. This dress was designed to be comfortable during warm-weather months.

Inverted seam construction. No need for an undershirt for this dress. The seams of the Ivy Dress are sewn between the layers of material instead of on the inside of the dress where they would be against the skin. This means no more itchy seams!

Why you’ll love it…

Extended size range. Once again, we’ve extended our standard sizes for the Ivy Dress. You can dress all your little flowers in this charming dress.

Our modest tea-length skirt will be mid-calf. Little girls love to move and groove and sometimes it leads to an accidental ‘wardrobe malfunction’. The modest tea-length Ivy Dress lessens the chance that her cute princess underwear will be flashed to an unexpectant audience.

A charming, girly design. The Ivy Dress is full of feminine touches. Sheer, puffy capped sleeves. A ribbon belt sash that ties at the waist. A tea-length A-line skirt. This dress says ‘I’m all girl’.

Easy care. Machine washable just makes life simple for mommies.

Complete the look with one of our adorable headbands. We suggest our Twinkle Flower Headband.

Spring Collection 2015 Fiona Silk A-Line Dress - One Small Child

Our New Spring/Summer Collection 2015 Part 2: Fiona Dress

Today, we get to introduce the second dress in our Spring/Summer Collection 2015! The new Fiona Dress is available for purchase now. Be the first to get this charming three-piece set, exclusively from One Small Child!

All About the Fiona…

One Small Child Spring Collection 2015 | Fiona Silk A-Line Dress

The Fiona Silk Dress is available in six color options.

Why your little one will love this adorable A-line…

Designed for the mobile baby. We know it’s frustrating for little ones to do all things baby in a long, poufy dress. Our Fiona dress features simple A-line styling. The non-restrictive design means she’ll be able to roll, scoot, crawl and teeter totter like normal, making her a very happy baby!

A comfy headband. We know your little angel isn’t a huge fan of headbands. That’s why we make our headbands as comfortable as possible. We use soft elastics that are never too tight. Our headbands are comfy enough that she won’t even notice it’s there.

Constructed of light-weight materials. The Fiona Dress is made from organza and silk. Silk is known to be ‘silky’ smooth-perfect for delicate baby skin. Both are soft, light-weight materials, so she won’t feel weighed down by the dress. She’ll love the breathable materials during the upcoming warm-weather months.

Why you’ll love it…

Made from high-end materials. The modern polka-dot organza is feminine and absolutely stunning. This soft, sheer overlay sits perfectly atop the richly colored silk. Despite its softness, this silk is structured and preserves the A-line shape well. She’ll love how comfortable these materials make this dress. You’ll love the way they work with the design.

A modern, girly design. You’ll love the modern simplicity of the Fiona dress. A perfectly tied statement bow is bold and beautiful on the front of the dress. Colored silk is muted with the sheer organza overlay. The colored silk peeks out beneath the cute polka-dots to finish the hem of the dress. A big, simple bow makes for a modern, girly headband.

Three-piece set. Isn’t it nice when it’s all together and it all matches? For your convenience, we’ve included a simple bow headband and matching ruffled diaper cover. Everything you need is included in this three-piece set, so you don’t have to shop around for matching accessories to complete her outfit.

Complete the look with our leather ballet moccasins.

Psst… stop by tomorrow to see the final addition to our Spring/Summer Collection 2015!

Spring Collection 2015 Brittney Bubble Skirts - One Small Child

Our New Spring/Summer Collection 2015 Part 1: Brittney Bubble Skirts

We are so excited to begin our Spring/Summer Collection 2015 reveal! First up is a modern skirt and headwrap combo for babies and toddlers. The new Brittney Bubble Skirt is now available for purchase from One Small Child!

All About the Brittney…

One Small Child Spring Collection 2015 | Brittney Bubble Skirts

Snag a new Brittney Bubble Skirt in each color! Available in sizes 12 month -4T.  So adorable.

Why your little princess will love our new bubble skirts…

She’ll be able to move freely. Since the skirt ranges from baby to toddler sizes, we’ve taken into consideration the mobility needs of all stages in this size range. Your 12 month old will be able to crawl and teeter totter like normal. Your toddler will be able to hop-scotch as usual. A knee-length skirt is a happy compromise for mom and her little debutant.

Made from super soft taffeta. Remember when your mom dressed you all up in that frilly, fluffy dress with thousands of itchy layers? Remember trying to sit still in that loud, swishy material? We’re all about ‘looks amazing and feels great’, now. We love the bold, patterned material, but we made sure it was soft and comfy. Your little one will love wearing it as much as everyone loves seeing it on her!

She’ll be the envy of all her playmates. Bubble skirts are so cute! She’ll adore all the comments and compliments from her friends. She’ll feel like she’s playing dress up when you tie her hair in the matching headwrap! It gives such a modern statement, she’ll have all the pride and confidence in the world!

Why you’ll love them…

Life is easy with a simple slip-on skirt. An elastic back waistband makes for easy-on, easy-off dressing. That means it’s quick to dress your baby, and your big girl can easily dress herself! The perfect statement bow is already tied and securely attached to the front. No re-tying a sash every time it comes undone.

A durable fabric and design. Don’t be deceived by their soft, comfy feel. These bubble skirts are designed to hold their shape. They’ll keep just the right amount of pouf, all day long.

Classy color choices. Choose white for a modern look. Going for a vintage vibe? The ivory skirt is for you. Pink is always a classy, feminine choice for a pretty princess! Whichever color you prefer, coordinating accessories is a breeze.

Available in sizes 12-24months and 2T-4T. Admit it. You love dressing your little girls to match. We think it’s ridiculously cute ourselves! We’ve extended our standard sizes for the Brittney skirt. Now you can dress all your girls in the same adorable skirt. They’ll love being ‘twinners’, too.

Complete the look with our monogrammed bamboo camisole bodysuit and leather ballet moccasins.

Psst… check back tomorrow to see what else we have in store for you!