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Maelee Eternity: The meaning behind the name

Maelee Collage

When we were given the opportunity to adopt our baby girl Maelee, her birth mom had one request–that we use the name Eternity.  I have yet to hear the reason her birth parents picked the name, but I know that it was deeply important to them. And I in turn felt like it would be important for Maelee.  As it turns out, we have this thing for ‘M’ names, (long story). We felt like we couldn’t switch it up and have a child feel left out.  All the siblings insisted that baby sister have an ‘M’ name like they do.  So we named her after my great grandmother Mae, and Kendall suggested Maelee. Eternity fit as the perfect middle name. We felt like it was important for this sweet little girl to have a connection to both her adoptive family and her birth family through her name.  The name Mae means spring and a time for growth, which perfectly described how Maelee entered our family.  The name Eternity means infinite and timeless which is also perfect for our little one.  We are so grateful for her birth family, their sacrifice, and the love they have for her.  Adoption is quite the amazing journey and a “time for growth”.  We love you Maelee Eternity.

Stay tuned…. tomorrow we will share her story.