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Customer Lucy Lace Christening Gown - One Small Child

Customer Highlight: The Lucy Christening Gown

We’re highlighting an adorable little one today. She’s wearing our fancy Lucy Christening Gown. Read all about her special day below.

Customer Highlight: Lucy Gown

How did you find One Small Child?

I found One Small Child with a Google search. It was one of the first links that caught my eye.

Customer Highlight: Lucy Gown

Was the purchasing simple and hassle-free?

Purchasing from One Small Child was very simple, with no hassle at all. I was also able to have a great conversation with an associate of One Small Child prior to purchasing. Communication was simple and hassle free as well!

Customer Highlight: Lucy Gown

What did you look for in a photographer?

Since I am a photographer, I did the photos of my daughter. I was going for a clean, minimal look that captured the beauty and sweetness of my daughter as well as the lovely gown and bonnet she was wearing.

Customer Highlight: Lucy Gown

What images of your event were important for you to capture?

We just had someone take some snapshots during the actual ceremony. The baptism took place during mass. We were able to get some shots with big brother, who made his First Communion that day as well.

Customer Highlight: Lucy Gown

What was the planning process like for your little one’s big day?

We spoke with the church committee and planned to do the baptism during mass, the same day my son made his First Communion, as we had family in town visiting. It was quaint and quick…but very special. The biggest task was finding the perfect dress-and One Small Child made that easy!

Customer Highlight: Lucy Gown

What did you want it to feel like/theme to be?

We wanted to have a simple service without stress. We had just built and moved in to our first home a week prior, and Daddy was getting ready to leave to go overseas. The less complicated, the better for us!

Customer Highlight: Lucy Gown

Did you provide a meal to friends and family afterwards?

All of our close friends and family went out for the evening to Olive Garden for dinner. It was nice to relax, celebrate, and not have to worry about catering the party. I also had a gorgeous, yummy cake made for dessert!

Customer Highlight: Lucy Gown

Was there a particular moment that was memorable on that day aside from the event itself?

It was a wonderful feeling to have all our friends and family together to celebrate. Simply put, felt very blessed!

Customer Highlight: Lucy Gown

Are you going to preserve and/or frame your babies’ gowns?

I plan to get the gown preserved this month. I am hoping that one of my three children will want to use it for their daughter one day.

Looking back, was there anything you would do differently?

Not a thing!

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