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Customer Highlight: Little Sergio in Justin Baptism Gown - One Small Child

Customer Highlight: Little Sergio in our Justin Gown

Today we’re featuring an adorable little man in our Justin Baptism Gown on our customer highlight series. Sergio’s gown was embroidered with our gold name and date embroidery option. His Godmother also purchased the Boys Christening Accessory Set for Sergio’s big day.

Customer Highlight: Little Sergio in Justin Baptism Gown from OneSmallChild.com

-How did you find One Small Child?

I found One Small Child via another person’s Pin on Pinterest and then Google’d them further to see what the store had to offer in regards to Baptism clothing.

-Was the purchasing simple hassle free?

The purchasing process was very hassle free online and also over the phone.  When I had called to rush the order, Christine had supported all my requests and changes with immediate attention and did an amazing job!

-Did the adding embroidery create the special touch you were envisioning?

Yes, absolutely!  It was even better when we were able to select the different color options for the embroidery.

-Did you use a professional photographer to capture special moments?


-Did you have pictures of Sergio in his Justin Gown?

Yes, we did a mini photo shoot at home. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of photos of the celebration or food.

-What was the planning process like for his special day?

It was a real rush. We only had 10 days to get everything organized and planned. The baptism courses didn’t end until Jan 29th. At that point we were allowed to book a date. The problem was we couldn’t baptize during Lent, which this year started on Feb 18th. After Easter our Godmother will be overseas. The only day that worked for all of us was Feb 8th. I utilized Pinterest and created a board for food menu, décor.

-What did you want it to feel like/theme to be?

We just wanted an enjoyable celebration that was elegant with family and friends.

-Did you provide a meal to friends and family afterwards? If so, what was the menu?

Yes, we hosted the celebration after the ceremony in our log home. We had everything from traditional Portuguese cuisines to modern comfort food. Portuguese fried chicken, roast beef, Bacalhau (traditional Portuguese cod and potato dish), meatballs, pasta salad, shrimp, scallop potatoes, mashed potatoes, carrot salad, chef salad, corn, fresh Portuguese sweet bread, veggies, fruit, cheese and cracker trays, Caldo Verde (traditional Portuguese Kale soup), rice pudding, cheesecake, and celebratory cupcakes.

-Was there one particular moment that was very memorable on that day, aside from the event itself?

Keeping the Portuguese tradition, we had his Godmother arrive early to dress Sergio in his gown. It was memorable watching him getting dressed and seeing the gown for the first time.

One moment that does stand out was during the ceremony, standing up at the front of the church, when Father Thomas went to bless Sergio’s mouth, Sergio couldn’t help but try to bite his fingers… I guess everything is a teether to him. Everyone in mass laughed, including the priest. It was very adorable.

Another moment was the photo shoot. Here Sergio was playing with his personalized Christening Set he received from his Godmother from One Small Child.

-Are you going to preserve and frame your baby’s gown/suit?

We will be keeping the gown. It holds a special value being personalized with his name and baptismal date.

-Was there anything that you would do differently in hindsight?

More planning. Unfortunately, because of the last minute notice, we didn’t have enough time to send out invitations. Invites became a personable via mass text messages and Facebook private messages. And a lot of family and friends already had commitments for that day.

-What resources did you use?

Pinterest and One Small Child’s Christening Gift Set; gifted from his Godmother. The set is just beautiful. The quality is excellent and having it personalized with his name adds a real special touch. Our son can grow with it during his faith-filled years and it’s something that can be passed down to his children.