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Simple Girls First Birthday Party - One Small Child

How To: Winter ‘One’derland Girls First Birthday Party

Simple Girls First Birthday Party

A first birthday is such a fun milestone! One that definitely calls for a celebration. A couple weeks ago, we shared this Winter ‘One’derland First Birthday Party. Today, we’d like to share how Josie’s mom threw this simple girls first birthday party. Here’s what she did:

Simple Girls First Birthday Party

“I chose the Winter ‘One’derland theme because it fit my daughter’s January birthdate, and it was specific to a first birthday. I liked the trendy color combination of silver, light blue and purple. So I chose them to base my decorating on. I’m very practical, and I knew I could easily find everything I needed in these colors. I don’t like to stress over these things!

“I recruited my sister (a great cook) to bake a home-made cake for Josie to smash. She did layers in the theme colors of blue, white and purple. Then, decorated it with white whipped frosting and silver sprinkles. It was just what I wanted-simple and delicious! She also made colorful cupcakes with the leftover batter from each layer. We served the cupcakes to the guests with some blue punch and left the smash cake all to the birthday girl.

“The most important thing to me was to have cute pictures to remember the fun. So I created a colorful backdrop that went along with my theme. I used four plastic tablecloths-layered on top of each other to get the streamer effect. Shred the top three, and leave the back whole. Add the twinkle lights and tulle in a swag over to finish the top and sides. I also added coffee filter snowflakes throughout the backdrop. The foam letters I happened upon, and thought were a cute addition. I put down a folded white sheet that I could just throw in the wash after the cake smash and some balloons for the kids to kick around. Josie and the other kids had fun playing with them, and it made for some great snapshots.”

Simple Girls First Birthday Party

“My mom saw the chalkboard idea, and I loved it! I’m kind of a perfectionist, so I made sure to draw it well in advance. It was a little time consuming, but everyone loved it. I felt it was worth it to display some fun things about Josie’s personality.

“The order of events went like this: after the guests arrived we sang happy birthday to Josie. She was so excited to see all her family. I let her open her gifts first-mom and dad and both her grandmas helped a lot with that. It was sweet that she got to open several gifts with the help of those who gifted them. She loved all her clothes and toys! We saved the cake smash for last, since I knew she’d be messy afterward. We let her dive in and then served the cupcakes and punch to the guests. Afterward, everyone visited while the kids (and a few dads) played with the toys and balloons. It was all very laid-back and simple.

“Josie had a great time playing with all her family. She enjoyed the gifts and the delicious cake, and I loved seeing her so happy! It was a very simple party to put together-just right for a girls first birthday party.”