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Customer-Photo-Contest-2014 - One Small Child

Throwback Thursday: Customer Photo Contest – Winner!

We are happy to announce the winners of our Customer Photo Contest! In mid April, we asked for your photographs – old or new – in any of our product over the years. Our first prize goes to a photo that was selected randomly, and the second prize goes to the photo with the most likes. Each winner will receive a $50.00 shopping code! Thank you to all the participants! It was so fun to see our product on all your beautiful children!

Here are our winners:

LeeAnn Balbirona, who sent in our randomly selected photo, who said, “Ellie’s First Communion, May 2011 (Dress style is Miss Felicity.)


And Wendy Hickenlooper, who won the photo with the most votes! She said, “Max’s blessing day. I had my eye on this precious little tux and my mom got it for me! I was so excited. he looked so good‘”


{Ryker tuxedo}

Customer Photo Contest Spring 2014 - One Small Child

Throwback Thursday: Customer Photo Contest – One Small Child, Allie Wade, Fluff N’ Twirl

Customer Photo Contest Spring 2014

Looking back at all the dresses and suits we’ve made over the past 30 years has us feeling rather nostalgic. Each product has offered something special and unique to our customers. We’ve always enjoyed seeing our clothing worn by your children and babies throughout the years. And we *love* hearing what makes it special to them and you!

All this reflection has made us want to share this trip down memory lane, so we decided to do a customer photo contest! We want to see your photographs – old or new – in any of our product over the years. Tell us what made it special to you! How did wearing it make you or your child feel? What design characteristics did you like about it? What event did you or your little one wear it for?

Customer Photo Contest Spring 2014

Just for fun, we’re going to give away two $50.00 shopping codes: one credit will go to one randomly selected photo, the other will go to the photo with the most likes!

So dig out those old pics of you and your friends in Fluff N’ Twirl, Allie Wade and One Small Child dresses! Show us your nephew in his handsome blessing outfit! Share a snapshot of your granddaughter in her christening gown! Whether it was five days or fifteen years ago, if we made we want to see it!

Customer Photo Contest Spring 2014

To enter, simply upload your photo to our Customer Photo Contest page on Facebook, here. Encourage your friends and family to like it! We’ll accept entries through 11:59 pm mountain time on May 14 and announce a winner on May 15. Good luck!

William Convert-a-Gown with Brakkin Christening Romper - One Small Child

One Small Child Customer Reviews

We’ve been selling dresses for a long time…twenty-five years, in fact! Over the years, we’ve interacted with literally thousands of people. I’ve said it before, we love feedback, and it’s true. We have the best customers.

Of course, we like the positive comments…you should see the bulletin board on the wall in our customer service department. It’s covered with photos and christening invitations and kind notes from thoughtful customers. In addition, we’ve devoted an entire page on to customer comments. Ooooh. I love our customers.

Lest you think we only like the nice things people say, we actually really appreciate not-so-positive feedback as well. As hard as we work to get everything right, we’re human, Murphy’s Law kicks in every once in awhile, and we have a hiccup. Our philosophy is that the best way to get rid of our hiccups is to respond to each issue as it arises, do our best to make it right and then implement strategies to eliminate future occurrences. So thank you for bringing areas in need of improvement to our attention!

Anyhoo…the point of this post is to let you know how much we appreciate comments…if you’d like to know how people feel about our company, you can view the results of our BizRate post-sale surveys here.