Summer Barbecue with the Crew

Roast Chicken - One Small Child
Roast Chicken - One Small Child

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a daily basis with many beautiful, smart, talented, hard-working women (and a lone man–my brother Kendall). One Small Child is a team effort–it takes a lot of hands to create, package and ship our products.

We had a little ‘get together’ the other day, and I brought my trusty camera along so I could give you a peek at most of the movers-and-shakers around here. This is the second year of a new company tradition: our summer chicken-in-the-barrel party (we cook our chicken a little bit differently than the recipe on the link…but the main concept is the same, and it is to-die-for yummy). So, without further adieu, meet the crew:

We really had a nice time, the evening was calm and warm, the food was great, the company was fun, and we finished with this:

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