30 Years of One Small Child: The Name Game

Christening Gowns, Outfits and Girls Dresses - One Small Child
Christening Gowns, Outfits and Girls Dresses - One Small Child

A lot changes in thirty years. Our company, now known as One Small Child, began in 1983 with a line of bouffant slips for girls called Fluff N’ Twirl. They were soft and frilly and each featured a tiny bit of marabou fluff. The line soon expanded to include ruffly christening gowns and then…cute outfits for boys! But that presented a question: does ‘Fluff N’ Twirl’ belong on a tiny christening suit meant for a baby boy?

Thus began the name game. Over the span of the past three decades, our line has been produced under a few different brand names. What has remained consistent all along is the design philosophy and commitment to quality and customer service provided by our founder, Ramona Murdock. Here is the story behind the name evolution:

Christening Gowns, Outfits and Girls Dresses | Treasures from Heaven - One Small Child

Treasures from Heaven

With the expansion of our girls’ line to include boys, Ramona named her line ‘Treasures from Heaven’ as a nod to how she felt about all children. Every one really is a treasure. Under this name our design aesthetic kept the original frilly roots and soon added more sophisticated silhouettes.

Allie Wade

As the company grew, Ramona looked for a simpler name that still held deep meaning. She settled on the name of her maternal grandmother, Allie Wade. This name evoked for her a sense of family and the legacy of love she felt as a child from this great woman. Also, it represented for her the influence of angels in our lives. She wrote our ‘A Child’s Blessing’ poem to reflect her hope for each child wearing an Allie Wade original:

A Child's Blessing | Allie Wade by One Small Child

One Small Child

In 2004, it was time for a new direction, and a new name fit the bill. ‘One Small Child’ was born, with the idea that one small child can change the world. Every individual is of worth; every one of us has the ability and opportunity to make a difference by the choices we make and the actions we take. Every one of us has beauty to share and love to give and lives to touch. That is the underlying belief and power of One Small Child. The products we design and offer are meant to honor that inherent potential in every child who wears and loves them.

And so, that is the story of the name game. We are so appreciative of the thousands of customers over the years who have supported our company. To show that appreciation, we’ll be announcing a fun contest for all past (and present) customers next week…stay tuned!

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