One Small Child Customer Highlight: Miss Taylor in our Memory Christening Gown

Christening Customer Highlight - One Small Child
Christening Customer Highlight - One Small Child

We are delighted to share Miss Taylor’s Christening today. This precious little lady is stunning in our Memory Lace Christening Gown. Doesn’t she look divine?

one small child customer highlight

How did you find One Small Child?

I was searching the internet for a unique and elegant dress that would be suitable for passing on as an heirloom one day. One Small Child was at the top of all my search lists.

Was the purchasing simple and hassle-free?

I was pleasantly shocked to find out that the company is based in Blackfoot, Idaho–within an hour away from my home! I had the rare treat of going to visit in person and picking out the Memory gown and all of its accessories. The customer service was amazing, especially considering that I came without calling first. They sent me home with everything except the things I asked to have embroidered, which arrived by mail two days later!

What did you look for in a photographer?

I opted for a photo session rather than professional pictures at the blessing. My photographer was very in tune with the fact that I prefer classic portraiture over babies wrapped in fabric, in baskets, with flowers, etc. I wanted someone who had the special knack for bringing out the person behind a face. I’m highly satisfied with the results! Her name is Leah Stallings, and she can be found at

one small child customer highlight

What images of your event were important for you to capture?

Family is paramount to me and in my religion. Most ceremonies are performed by male relatives instead of, or in addition to church leaders. And due to the physical limitations of some family members, we were given permission to gather at home rather than the chapel.

The living room was surrounded by windows and full of light as my new daughter’s uncles, grandfathers, and others, all dressed in Sunday suits, formed a ring around her and supported her weight in their joined hands. My husband spoke the words to announce her name before the church, and bless her with a happy, purposeful life and many things unique to her blossoming personality.

What was the planning process like for your little one’s big day?

My dear sister-in-law offered her home for the event, and ordered flowers and refreshments besides. Not having to plan gave me more time to play dress-up with my daughter. 🙂

What did you want it to feel like/theme to be?

We didn’t want a big party, just time to be with our near and dear ones. It was small but formal, peaceful but happy. There were four generations of family gathered together that day. Some may not live long enough for Baby to remember, but now she will know they were there, and that they loved her.

Did you provide a meal to friends and family afterwards?

There were homemade desserts provided. We gathered in the rather large kitchen and talked for an hour or two.

Was there a particular moment that was memorable on that day aside from the event itself?

I was quite content to watch others cuddle the tiny object of our mass adoration. This child was born to be a true lady, and dressed to match. She politely smiled or cooed as occasion called for, with her hands folded over her delicate lace shawl, and her long gown cascading over laps and arms by turns. I was glad the outfit was comfortable enough that she never fussed at all. The Memory gown was ideally suited to match the sweet, sacred nature of our wonderful day!

one small child customer highlight

Are you going to preserve and/or frame your babies’ gowns?

The embroidered bib will be framed for Baby to have when she is older. The dress will be used as often as it is needed, hopefully for generations to come. The slip was embroidered with her monogram, and to it will be added the initials of future wearers.

Looking back, was there anything you would do differently?

No. I believe that God keeps our needs and wants in mind. We had actually ordered a different dress before we found One Small Child, but the order could not be completed, and I feel that I was being lead to find a dress that would satisfy my desires for my child in every way. As a heavenly parent, he knows my darling girl is worth celebrating too!

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