Memorial Day Ideas: Family Activities for a Meaningful Memorial Day

Meaningful Memorial Day Ideas - One Small Child
Meaningful Memorial Day Ideas - One Small Child

Looking for some meaningful ways to observe the Memorial Day holiday? Here are several appropriate family activities to do on Memorial Day.

Meaningful Memorial Day Ideas

-Fly a flag. What a simple way to show your family’s patriotism as well as your support and appreciation for those who serve.

-Serve a veteran. Have the kids make some patriotic artwork, bake some cookies and pay a visit to a vet that you know. In many communities, like ours, there are nursing homes dedicated to war veterans that are always happy to have visitors. If you’re lucky, your family could end up hearing some great stories straight from those who have been there.

-Serve those on active duty. Put together and send a care package to someone on active duty. Be sure to include your kids’ finest patriotic artwork! If you don’t know anyone currently serving, is a website that will let you know who or where to send your gift.

-Attend an event or monument. Check out what events will take place in your community. Many have Memorial Day parades. If not, visit a local military monument or veteran cemetery as a family. What a great opportunity to teach your children reverence and respect for those who have served.

-Watch the national Memorial Day Concert. Check your local listings and tune in for some appropriate entertainment.

-Sing some songs. Teach your children a verse or two of the Star Spangled Banner, or America the Beautiful.

-Read some books. There are some great books that will help kids understand Memorial Day a little better. Check out your local library or purchase some just for the holiday.

-Have a moment of silence. Don’t forget to honor the national moment of remembrance at 3 p.m. on Memorial Day.

-Say a special prayer. Include the loved ones of those who have given their lives protecting our rights in your prayers.

-Tweet. Tweets with #wearegrateful hashtags will be screened, printed and distributed on postcards to troops worldwide.

-Discover your military roots. Do some digging into your family history and see if you can discover a great-great Grandfather Smith who was part of World War I. Maybe an ancestor served as a nurse at Pearl Harbor. You never know what you’ll discover!

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