Katy’s Time Management Tips for Momtrepreneurs

Time Management Tips for Mompreneurs - One Small Child
Time Management Tips for Mompreneurs - One Small Child

Time Management Tips for Mompreneurs

Being a business owner, a wife and a mom is a lot to juggle at times. I love One Small Child and I love my work. My first priority, however, has always been my family. Most days striking the perfect balance is a challenge, but I’ve learned a few time management tips that have definitely helped.

Taking time to read scripture in the morning is a must-do for me. Otherwise my day is chaotic and I feel like I struggle to balance everything.

I recently tried something new with dividing my week into days.

  • Sundays are all about family. We go to church and we visit grandparents. It’s important to me that my kids have a good relationship with their grandparents, so we make this a priority. We don’t schedule anything else on Sundays.
  • Mondays are our get ready for the week days. I make a plan for the week. The kids and I do all the laundry. I make a menu plan and a grocery list. This helps us avoid the last-minute ‘what’s for dinner’ panic. Making sure I have everything I need for each meal makes it so I don’t have to run to the grocery store several times a week.
  • Tuesdays are kid-friendly days. I keep Tuesdays open to focus on what they need.
  • Wednesdays are my bread-making days and a big kid-running day. A lot of the kids’ lessons and activities happen to fall on Wednesdays, so I wear my taxi hat those days.
  • Thursdays are my work meeting days. We have a scheduled meeting in the morning, and I try to check up with things in production after that.
  • Fridays are our chore days. The kids are getting to the age that they’re learning how to do chores, so we spend the morning getting all that done.
  • On the weekends, we do a pizza and movie night as a family. We also make a once-a-week date night a priority, which usually works out best on Friday or Saturday nights.

I try hard to not over-book myself and to stay flexible. This helps me keep the focus on my kids. They’re little and I know they need their mom.

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