It’s the Little Things

Child Valentine to Mom - One Small Child
Child Valentine to Mom - One Small Child

Child Valentine

Little things keep me grounded.

Let me explain: I often find myself running full-speed with a brain on fire. I love most of the sweet obligations & tasks that fill my days, but sometimes I get so wound up trying to get all the moves right and be everywhere (on time) that I get stuck in my head, bouncing with ideas, to-dos and worries. Then, mercifully, some small thing catches my attention and brings me back to the present: my four-year-old grabbing my face and looking me straight in the eye to tell me what is on her mind right! now!, the sunrise as we drive home from an early-morning violin lesson, a little voice singing softly (oblivious to listening ears). Yesterday, it was this sweet valentine from my little man. Life is full of beautiful little things!

What are the small things that anchor your days and bring everything back into focus?

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