Communion Dresses for Hard to Fit Sizes

First Communion Dresses for Girls | One Small Child

First Communion Dresses for Girls | One Small Child

Does your child wear the most common size of 7, 8, or 10 in First Communion dresses? Great! You’ll have no problem locating an appropriate gown for her. If she’s smaller or larger than the average, however, finding the perfect dress can be a bit of a challenge.

To accommodate those of you who may be in need of a less common size, we offer several styles beginning at size 5 (sometimes even smaller) and running up to size 16, as well as some styles offered in sizes 8+ to 16+. You can view all styles offered in plus sizes here.

To see which sizes are available when viewing the order page for each style, simply click the drop down arrow on the size selection field to view the sizes offered. Detailed size charts are available for each style featured. Questions? Drop us a line!

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