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Miss Danielle First Communion Dresses - One Small Child
Miss Danielle First Communion Dresses - One Small Child

Miss Danielle First Communion Dresses | Portrait Ideas at One Small Child

When I was a little girl, I distinctly remember my mother saying something along these lines in an overheard conversation: “If I dress my girls modestly when they’re young, perhaps they’ll feel uncomfortable in revealing clothing when they’re older.” By and large, she was right!

I don’t intend to argue about the issue of modesty (or lack thereof) in our society, but I’d like to think some of you would agree with me when I say that many clothing styles for young ladies today are certainly pushing them to dress much older than they are and to bare a lot more than is necessary.

To me, special occasion dressing is just as important as (if not more important than) daily dressing…especially in a religious (First Communion, LDS Baptism) context: Do you really want your daughter to make deeply meaningful covenants with Deity in spaghetti straps? It’s true that what is in her heart is more important than what she wears, but it makes sense to me that what she wears is an outward sign of respect and devotion.

To that end, most of the First Communion dress styles you’ll find at One Small Child are all-over modest. You may see a bare arm here or there to accommodate customers looking for sleeveless styles, but you’ll never see a spaghetti strap or fully strapless gown in our boutique. It’s something we believe in.

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