When to Use Infant Shoes

For special occasions, such baby baptisms, birthdays, weddings, or similar celebrations, a precious pair of shoes can really complete your baby’s outfit. But before your baby can toddle, shoes aren’t really necessary. In fact, shoes that are overly tight or that are worn too often can actually inhibit proper development of your child’s foot. That’s why when you’re shopping for infant shoes, your money is best spent on special-occasion shoes—shoes that baby will wear infrequently and that are comfortable and soft.

Dress-Up Shoes for Infants

When you’re looking around for baby special-occasion shoes, first take into account the event. For instance, for a christening, shop for shoes that will coordinate with the style and color of the baby’s baptism outfit. A classic shoe choice that will match almost any christening gown is white patent-leather shoes; just make sure to buy a pair that has a soft, flexible sole. Otherwise, seek out baby shoes that are made completely of fabric. As long as these shoes fit well, on the baby’s foot, they will feel just like socks or booties. Look for shoes in silk, satin, or cotton to coordinate with the fabric of the baby’s baptism outfit.

Infant Shoes That Stay Put

When you’re looking for baby shoes, seek out a style that will be reasonably easy to get on a wiggly foot and that will stay put until you’re ready to take the shoes off again. If your child is a champion wiggler, you might prefer shoes that you can deftly secure with Velcro. But if Velcro just isn’t your style, check out shoes that close with laces or maybe a ribbon bow.

Getting the Right Fit for Your Baby Shoes

Because shoes that are too tight are a no-no for infant’s feet, make sure you get the right fit. Websites that sell shoes generally provide sizing charts, so you can measure your baby’s feet and get exactly the size you need. You’ll want shoes that are about a quarter inch longer than baby’s foot. Those tootsies need plenty of room to wiggle.

Memento Infant Shoes

Because baby shoes are ideally just for special occasions, they can be perfect keepsakes. OneSmallChild.com offers memento shoes with space on the bottom so you can record the baby’s name and birth date, as well as his or her birth length and weight. Keepsake shoes are an ideal memento because they are not only a physical but also a written record of your baby.

Infant Socks

The only thing your baby really needs to cover her feet, of course, are simple white socks. Beyond the basics, though you’ll find a plethora of adorable baby sock styles. If for baby’s baptism or blessing, for instance, you decide to use just socks, you might choose socks that have ruffles or that are embroidered with a religious symbol. For casual wear or for nonreligious special occasions, you might want to get socks in plain colors, or socks with characters or designs. Socks made to look like shoes are a fun choice too.

Having Some Fun

Most times, socks are the best option for keeping your infant’s feet cozy, but on dress-up occasions, you also have lots of super options for dress-up shoes that are made with your baby’s feet in mind. You can get not only the function but also the fun!