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How To Plan Your Christening

How To Plan Your Christening

How to plan your Christening


How to plan your child’s Christening



To help you get started

How to plan a Christening


Step 1Choose the church
Often time’s families use their local church that their family is currently attending. Other options include using a larger, grander church for such an event. After you have chosen the church, you then contact the priest or minister. Sometimes the priest or minister likes to arrange a meeting where you can get any questions answered.

Step 2Pick a date
Schedule a date that is available at the church of choice.
Make sure your date works for your family and friends so there are no conflicts

Step 3 Choose the Godparents
Most parents choose family members or close family friends. You are asking this person to be a spiritual mentor to your child and that person you pick needs to be comfortable with the lifetime commitment and honor of being your child’s godparent.



Step 4 Guest list
Decide how many people are attending.  Make sure the number of guests will fit in the church and your party venue.  Some people prefer adult only events, while others prefer more of a family affair where children are welcome. 

Step 5 After christening party
Find a party venue in close proximity to the church. Make sure the correct day is available. Plan the décor, menu, and event entertainment. Or hire a caterer to handle all those details.

Step 6 Invitations
Invitations should include:
Date and time of your event
Location of your church and party venue with address
Include RSVP information, Inform guests of: dress code, gift policy, and if children are included.
Make sure you have ordered your invitations in advance to include mailing time to your guests.


Step 7 Your Baby’s Christening Gown or Outfit
When shopping for your christening gown or outfit.; Look for a company that use high-quality materials and provide reputable customer service, They should include size charts, (learn how to measure your baby to ensure a proper fit.) Many companies now provide a wide size range,  for newborns - 24 months, for a perfect fit no matter the size or age of your baby.
Many companies provide a gift registry so that family and friends can help purchase the gown or outfit of your choice and additional accessories such as shoes, bib, blanket, etc.
Quality christening apparel companies often provide embroidery options to personalize your baby’s christening gown or outfit by adding the name and date, or a monogram of your baby’s initials.
Make sure you review the company’s shipping/return policies, some companies have restocking fees that you need to watch for. After you have picked your gown or outfit, including the accessories, be sure to purchase a preservation bag or box to preserve that keepsake for the next generation.
Many families also purchase a gown or outfit that is less formal for the after-christening party.


Step 8 A gift for your baby
Parents or family members like to purchase a gift for their child on their christening day. Look for high-quality items such as christening frames, silver christening banks, silver cups, jewelry, or a jewelry box. Add that personal touch by having those items engraved with the child’s name or christening date.


Step 9 Photography
It's a good idea to hire a photographer to capture the baby’s christening and the moments of the party after. Many also plan a photography studio session before or after the christening of their baby in their gown or outfit.

Step 10 Enjoy your baby’s special day!
This is a day to be remembered and cherished.