March 2011

Month: March 2011

Miss Makeup

I Blinked

It happened. I hoped it wouldn’t. But it did. I blinked…and my baby went from this:

To this:

Really, how is it possible for five years to go by so quickly?

So I’m left to hope the next five slow down…but I’m here to tell you: snuggle and kiss and soak up all those precious tiny moments. They go by fast.

Chloe Silk & Lace Christening Gown

Limited Edition: Chloe Christening Gown

Chloe Silk & Lace Christening Gown

Finishing touches on the darling Chloe Christening Gown came together just today, and I’m pleased as can be to have it on the site and ready to go. The fabric on the skirt is amazing: dainty embroidered flowers are scattered all over the pretty lace. The entire dress is made of silk, in a flattering high-waisted cut. Silk ribbons stream from the bonnet. It’s a vision to behold, no doubt.

This baptism gown is a limited edition: only a small number of pieces were produced, so snap yours up today. I have a feeling it won’t last long!

{Update: response to this gorgeous dress was so great, we decided to bring it on to stay…yay!}