Katy’s Time Management Tips for Momtrepreneurs

Time Management Tips for Mompreneurs

Being a business owner, a wife and a mom is a lot to juggle at times. I love One Small Child and I love my work. My first priority, however, has always been my family. Most days striking the perfect balance is a challenge, but I’ve learned a few time management tips that have definitely helped.

Taking time to read scripture in the morning is a must-do for me. Otherwise my day is chaotic and I feel like I struggle to balance everything.

I recently tried something new with dividing my week into days.

  • Sundays are all about family. We go to church and we visit grandparents. It’s important to me that my kids have a good relationship with their grandparents, so we make this a priority. We don’t schedule anything else on Sundays.
  • Mondays are our get ready for the week days. I make a plan for the week. The kids and I do all the laundry. I make a menu plan and a grocery list. This helps us avoid the last-minute ‘what’s for dinner’ panic. Making sure I have everything I need for each meal makes it so I don’t have to run to the grocery store several times a week.
  • Tuesdays are kid-friendly days. I keep Tuesdays open to focus on what they need.
  • Wednesdays are my bread-making days and a big kid-running day. A lot of the kids’ lessons and activities happen to fall on Wednesdays, so I wear my taxi hat those days.
  • Thursdays are my work meeting days. We have a scheduled meeting in the morning, and I try to check up with things in production after that.
  • Fridays are our chore days. The kids are getting to the age that they’re learning how to do chores, so we spend the morning getting all that done.
  • On the weekends, we do a pizza and movie night as a family. We also make a once-a-week date night a priority, which usually works out best on Friday or Saturday nights.

I try hard to not over-book myself and to stay flexible. This helps me keep the focus on my kids. They’re little and I know they need their mom.

Katy’s Favorite Outfit: Mitchell Silk Christening Suits

Mitchell Silk Christening Suits

In celebration of One Small Child’s new ownership, we’re highlighting one of Katy’s personal designs-the Mitchell. Katy has designed a special outfit for each of her children’s blessings. She loves the opportunity to create something beautiful for each child and is happy to share these designs with you. The Mitchell was her most recent. She wanted something that had little man written all over it for her adorable baby boy. So, she decided to design an adorable 4-piece silk suit. It turned out perfect for her little guy!

All the details of this outfit are carefully looked at. The short-sleeve bodyshirt is the perfect foundation for the outfit. The soft cotton layers well underneath and provides the option to remove the coat for a less-formal look. The jacket features a masculine lapel and silk-covered buttons. Flat-front pants have a comfy elastic waist in the back. They have a modern style and are easy to get on and off. The miniature silk tie matches flawlessly and completes the look. The Mitchell is a fabulous addition to our silk Christening suits!

Accessorize the Mitchell Silk Christening Suits with our Silk Booties and Silk Blanket.

Me and Mom Giveaway!

Me and Mom Giveaway March 2015

Welcome to the Me and Mom Giveaway! We live in an exciting time where we are able to find products more easily than ever that actually make a difference in our day to day lives. Today we wanted to gift one reader with a package of special, one of a kind products for not only your baby, but you as well. Because let’s be honest, Mom sometimes gets left on the back-burner and we wanted you to know how amazing you are. Take a moment to get to know 3 brands that we think are pretty awesome at what they do!

Me and Mom Giveaway March 2015

Fresh BiB

We’d like to introduce you to Fresh BiB – a monthly subscription to one-of-a-kind designer bandana bibs! Fresh BiB is a modern bib company that ships bibs to cribs and encourages mamas along the way. What makes their bibs unique? All of their bandana bibs are 100% cotton, reversible, made in the USA and have adjustable snaps. And to make things even more fun, each surprise bib comes in a cute glass jar and fun recyclable package. If you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift… look no further!

Fresh BiB has added one of their adorable bibs to our giveaway package!

Me and Mom Giveaway March 2015

manny + simon

manny + simon is a family-owned-and-operated business producing a classic and creative collection of children’s toys. Their designs engage young minds, creating unique play essentials for every kid. Gathering inspiration from sweet, classic silhouettes and vintage wood-worked toys, they aim to keep the spirit of simplicity alive by creating timeless products with a modern twist. From push toys, piggy banks, and teething toys, manny + simon has something special to brighten every child’s home!

Their products are safe, simple, eco-friendly, and quality-made. They are committed to environmental and social responsibility, and use organic and made-in-the-USA materials whenever possible.

About their teether:

The new hard-maple teethers are perfect for babies to grasp and chew on. This non-splintering wood is naturally anti-bacterial, non-allergenic, and non-toxic, sanded smooth and finished with organic beeswax and olive oil. Proudly made in the USA.

For this giveaway, manny + simon are providing their adorable elephant teether!

Me and Mom Giveaway March 2015

Mommy Mailbox

Mommy Mailbox provides a monthly care package full of goodies to uplift mothers. Their boxes are a mix of fashion, food, home decor, fitness, art, beauty and kid items. Every month, their subscribers receive 4-6 surprise gifts to enjoy. We’re all in this together and we want to enjoy this journey of motherhood!

Mommy Mailbox is providing a month box delivered right to your mailbox. Take some time for yourself when you open it and enjoy something for you!

Me and Mom Giveaway March 2015

One Small Child

Here at One Small Child, we strive to provide you with beautiful, hand made gowns and outfits to make that special day as memorable as possible. We also have baby essentials to provide your little one with extra comfort. Our new Bamboo Bodysuits do just that and more. While being some of the softest and most comfortable fabric we’ve found in a long time, they wash amazingly well and still look new. Bamboo is quickly becoming our favorite fabric!

One Small Child is gifting one of our amazingly soft bamboo camisole bodysuit three-packs to our lucky contest winner! Best of luck to all who enter!

Use the Rafflecopter tool below for all your entries and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mom Talk: Meet Katy, Owner of One Small Child

We are bursting with excitement today, as we announce that One Small Child is now under new ownership! New owners Kendall and Katy have been with the business for over 30 years combined, and are excited about taking the next step to help it grow and develop. Learn more about them here. Learn more about Katy, this amazing mompreneur, today on Mom Talk.

Mom Talk: Katy, Owner of One Small Child

-Tell us a little bit about your family and why it is special?

Our family is unique and special, as we had the incredible experience, to give birth to a beautiful little girl, who is now 10 years old.   Our oldest is wise beyond her years and brings a quiet strength to our home.  After her birth, we suffered through a miscarriage and many years of infertility.  Infertility as it turns out, is one of my greatest blessings, as it led to the adoption of our oldest son.  His adoption and entrance into our family happened very quickly one afternoon, with a exciting phone call and a beautiful baby boy in our arms that evening.   His incredible birth mother turned to us once again about two years later with another pregnancy.   We excitedly prepared for another baby and welcomed another son to our home, with the same blonde hair as his beautiful birth mother and brother.  We were thrilled and beyond grateful to be blessed with three children.   This last year we also welcomed the baby sister!  All three of our youngest share an incredible biological bond and the same beautiful blonde hair as one incredible woman, their birth mom.  We have nothing but love and respect for a woman that trusted us to raise and call our own not one child, but three.  Kendall and I take that trust seriously and do our best to make sure it is well placed.  We love each one of our children and each day say a prayer of gratitude for our family of six!


Mom Talk: Katy, Owner of One Small Child


-What do you do for work/volunteer outside of the being a wife and mother?

I love adoption, obviously, and I volunteer with a local adoption group.  I also love helping in my local church.  For work, I have the great opportunity of working with my amazing team at One Small Child.  I love the feeling I get when my team and I accomplish one of our goals or projects.

-Is there something your family does on a regular basis for quality time?

We love pizza/movie night!   This is something I did with my family as a child and we continue the tradition of laying out a blanket on the floor and having a pizza picnic and movie.  There was always something exciting about being allowed in the living room in front of the television, for that one night.

-How do you take time for yourself to recharge?

I love to take hot baths and have the iPad on the counter with a great Netflix movie to watch or who doesn’t love a little Downton Abbey!  I am also a huge advocate of a weekly date night.  I love spending time with Kendall and I feel it is very important to take time to reconnect with him.

-What is your go to, never fail and in a pinch recipe?

Shrimp stir fry, it’s easy and healthy!  Just take a bag of frozen shrimp, a bag of frozen veggies, add 2-3 tablespoons of butter to the pan and the juice of one lemon and cook for 10-15 minutes.  Then I take 1 bunch of cilantro and parsley, 1/2 cup of olive oil or avocado oil, 1 tsp salt, and the juice of one lemon and blend it together to make the sauce.  I pour a little sauce over each serving of shrimp and veggies and it is delicious!  You can use chicken instead of shrimp too!

-What is the one product you cannot live without?

I am going to say my oven.  Because I love to cook and bake and my oven has been used every single day!  I could not live without it!


Christening Quotes

We love beautiful Christening quotes and hope you enjoy this one as well!

Christening Quotes from One Small Child

Our wish for your Christening

brings a special little prayer-

that God will bless and keep you

forever in His care.

Christening Tips

Christening Tips from One Small Child

One of our main goals at One Small Child is to help make your event as enjoyable and memorable as possible. So, today we’re sharing some Christening tips to help your little one’s religious debut go smoothly.

  • Plan the Christening at a good time of day for baby. If at all possible, schedule it around nap and feeding times, so he will be his happiest self!
  • Pack everything the day before. Gather everything you’ll need including any paperwork, all the diaper bag essentials, Christening outfit and accessories, etc. Press or steam baby’s outfit and your outfit so they’re ready to go.
  • Bring a folder for your little one’s Baptism/Christening Certificate and any other paperwork the clergy may give you. You’ll need this certificate for many religious events in the future. Having a special place for it will help you keep track of it through the bustle of the big day.
  • Get a Christening bib! Especially if you plan on keeping your outfit as an heirloom. Or if your little one is wearing an heirloom gown. This can save your Christening outfit.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. You may be asked to arrive early anyway, but make sure to give yourself an extra few minutes on top of that as well. Both you and baby will be more at ease if you aren’t rushed and can take your time getting ready. If you arrive early, you can dress your little one after you arrive, give him a little snack, maybe play a game of peek-a-boo, etc. so he’ll be all smiles for the big event. It’s also a great idea to give him a fresh diaper right before the christening. A blow-out is less likely to occur with a new diaper.
  • Dress your little one at the church. Especially if you have a gown. There’s no way an heirloom-length gown is fitting in a car seat. You won’t want to chance baby spitting up or dirtying his outfit during the car ride. Warm car seats are sure to set wrinkles in freshly-pressed outfits. So, take it from us. He’ll be much more comfortable, and you’ll be less stressed if you dress baby at the church.
  • Invest in an after-Christening outfit. Your little one will be easier for guests to hold and love on in a comfy outfit rather than a long silk dress. You’ll be much less worried about keeping it clean as well.
  • Take a deep breath and roll with whatever comes. If something threatens to ruin baby’s perfect event, just smile and handle the situation with grace. You set the tone. Your guests and baby look to you for how they should react to less-than-perfect issues. It’s important that you keep a good attitude. It may drive you nuts today, but turn into a funny memory that you can laugh about later.

We hope you enjoy this blessed occasion and we wish you a wonderful event!

Planning A Christening

Planning a Christening in the near future? Not sure where to start? Today, we’re re-posting a step by step guide for planning a Christening. You’ll be care-free on baby’s big day, knowing everything’s been taken care of.

Planning A Christening Checklist

1-6 months before event:

-Contact the church or clergy member you wish to perform the ceremony. Determine what paperwork/preparation is required.

-Set a date.

-Decide who you want to be in attendance. Who do you choose as Godparents to watch over your child’s religious instruction? Do you want a large or small gathering? Determine how many guests you will have.

-Visualize what kind of event you want. This is the fun part! Will you have an all-inclusive at-home event, an intimate post-ceremony gathering at a restaurant, or a gala bash at a local reception venue? Whether simple or luxe, consider what you want when it comes to location, decor, food, favors, music, clothing, and photography. Depending on who you want to work with, you may need to book services many months in advance.

3-4 weeks before event:

-Order (or create) invitations.

-Go shopping. Ooh! Another fun part! {wink} Find the perfect gown or outfit, or make arrangements for a custom-made or family heirloom garment for baby’s special day. Don’t forget to plan clothing for siblings and parents!

-Schedule a portrait session–trust me, you don’t want to not have photos of your baby in his/her precious outfit! Whether you go for a formal studio session or a natural-light gig, have a list of shots you want the photographer to capture. If possible, allow enough time to have framed prints to display at your event.

2 weeks before event:

-Tie up all loose ends…check in with venues, food providers, photographers, etc.

-Mail christening invitations or simply make phone calls to those with whom you want to share this experience. Be sure they know when and where to show up!

Day before event:

-Gather everything you’ll need for the big day: baby’s clothing and accessories, items to be used in the ceremony, cameras, decorations, etc. Pack the diaper bag. Here’s a great article on what to pack for a Christening.

-Press or steam baby’s finery as well as your own outfit.

-Finish up any last-minute details.

Day of event:

-Take a deep breath and enjoy the companionship of your loved ones in celebration of this blessed day!

Ultimate Christening Outfits

Going grand for your precious little one’s big event? We’ve got the ultimate christening outfits! These lavish looks make a statement. They’re the complete collection for baby’s religious debut!

Take baby’s look from the ceremony to the after-party! These ultimate Christening outfits have everything you’ll need. (We know you love it when everything’s together and everything matches!)

Looking to make a statement? The Francis is one of the Ultimate Christening Outfits from OneSmallChild.com

Francis Christening Collection

The Francis collection was named after the current pope: Pope Francis I. The Francis is a simple, modern Christening outfit. The newsboy hat and regal length add subtle traditional touches. Each item is hand-crafted with fine dupioni silk. A touch of blue gives a masculine essence to each piece. The collection includes: baptism gown, after-Christening romper, jacket (not pictured), blanket, bib and shoes.

Looking to make a statement? The Phoebe is one of the Ultimate Christening Outfits from OneSmallChild.com

Phoebe Christening Collection

Our Phoebe was designed to be the counter-part to the Francis. It co-ordinates flawlessly! The Phoebe features the same modern design as the Francis, with a few feminine additions. We added a lovely monogram to the gown and lush silk ruffles to the blanket and bib. The collection includes: baptism gown, after-Christening romper, jacket, bib, blanket and shoes.

The Ultimate Christening Accessory Set from OneSmallChild.com

Christening Accessory Sets

Our Christening accessory sets are the perfect finishing touches to the ultimate Christening outfits. Everything baby will need for his big event is decorated with simple detailing. Choose from our girl or boy sets. Each includes: a candle, shell, hankie, rosary, silk rosary bag, mini New Testament, and personalized muslin tote (not pictured).

Thank You from One Small Child Baby Boutique

Today, we’d like to say thank you for a wonderful first week! The One Small Child Baby Boutique has been a huge success!

Thank you for a wonderful first week! | One Small Child Baby Boutique

Our lovely boutique offers an exceptional shopping experience. Fall in love with the perfect LDS blessing outfit. Have it personalized while you browse preservation supplies. Get a thoughtful Christening gift!

Give your girls an unforgettable experience as you find the perfect LDS Baptism dress. She’ll feel like a princess as you help her choose the perfect accessories. Our amazing staff bends over backwards to help make your event magical.

One Small Child’s Baby Boutique also features products from your favorite baby vendors: Aden and Anais, Finn + Emma, Lily’s Closet, Car Seat Canopy and there’s lots more to come! From baby Easter baskets to Christening gifts; newborn essentials to first birthday presents. We’re your go-to shop for adorable and unique baby items! We hope you’ll stop by often to see what’s new.

Thank you to all who came to join in our festivities! We are excited to continuing serving you! We look forward to 30 more wonderful years!

Did you miss the grand opening? Come see us Wednesday evenings from 4:00-7:00 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am-2:00 pm. As always, you can shop online anytime at www.OneSmallChild.com.

Parenting Humor: Shopping with Kids

A little parenting humor to get you through the day.

Shopping with Kids | Parenting Humor from One Small Child

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