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About Fabric

Shopping for christening gowns and baptism outfits online has its advantages (convenience of 24/7 shopping, large selection of styles and and sizes) and disadvantages, one of the biggest being that you can’t actually *feel* your selections before ordering them. We get that!

To offset that challenge, we’ve provided detailed descriptions of the fabrics we use in each garment. To find this information, just look under any listing’s description.  It will be in the star bulletin named “Fabric”.  You can also get a detailed description of each fabric by going to our fabrics description page. The fabric will be listed in columns, along with a short description of the textile.

In addition to the information found on each page, we proudly offer an unparalleled return policy with no re-stocking fees!

Shipping: A Cautionary Tale

Gather around dear friends, I have a story to tell.

Once upon a time, and every once in a while, despite our best efforts, shipments arrive late. For a special occasion, that can have devastating consequences…a day late for a christening, baptism, first communion, or wedding might mean that a valued (as well as busy and likely stressed under the circumstances) customer may have to run all over town at the last minute trying to find a replacement outfit, or worse, not be able to find what is needed at all.

Though the significance of these special days is truly in the people involved rather than pieces of clothing and accessories, we all want things to be as perfect as envisioned for a lifetime. It literally breaks our hearts when we receive news that a deadline was not met. In an effort to lessen the possibility of this happening to you, I’d like to explain a few things that may be helpful to know when planning your online special occasion purchase.

1-About us: We have an amazingly talented and caring staff working full time to meet your needs. Every (and I do mean every) effort is made to fulfill all orders in a timely manner.

Our shipping policy lets you know the time frame within which you can expect your order to leave our facility. We offer a handy delivery chart to demonstrate the number of days it takes for your order to be delivered to you based on the day we receive your order. (Be sure to notice if you’re ordering a made-to-order item: construction of your garment will add one week to the time listed on the chart.)

On very rare occasions, we experience human moments that can affect the delivery time of your order. In these circumstances, our policy is to do anything and everything within our control to get it to you on time. (Things we can control: processes within our facility. Things we can’t control: processes/transit within a shipping company.)

2-About our shippers: We offer the shipping services of two companies. It is important to note a few things about each, as they both have pros and cons. Regarding both companies–once your package leaves our facility, it is beyond our immediate control.

United States Postal Service: Our free shipping offer utilizes the US Postal Service (aka USPS). The biggest benefit of this service is the speed with which most packages are delivered–usually within 2-3 business days. That said, there is a major drawback that can make a big difference in a time crunch:

  • The USPS is not guaranteed to be delivered in a specific time frame and can take up to a week…more, if your package happens to get lost.

UPS: Our express shipping services are provided by UPS. UPS offers in-transit package tracking and guaranteed delivery dates. The important thing to know when selecting the level of service you need is this: the ‘day count’ begins the day after your shipment leaves our facility. (Example: Next Day is delivered the next business day after shipment… Second Day is delivered two business days after shipment with the day after shipment being the first day. If that doesn’t make sense, refer to our delivery chart.)

It is important to keep in mind that Saturday is not considered a business day, so if you’re ordering on Friday and need your order tomorrow (Saturday), you have to specify Next Day with Saturday delivery. If you’re ordering on Friday and need it Saturday, be sure to CALL us so we can let you know if it is possible to ship your order same day or not.

3-About you: Yep, you! It’s important for you first, to be informed and to understand the specifics when the time is short. And second, to let us know if there’s a problem so we can help you resolve any delivery issues. If your package hasn’t arrived as expected–let us know! We can often ship an emergency replacement in time if you give us enough notice. If you call Friday afternoon after our shipments for the day have left, about a gown you need on Saturday…our hands are tied. There’s nothing we can do but cry with you. And we will. But we’d rather not. {smile}

Preserving Your Christening Gown

So what do you do with your christening gown or christening outfit after the big day? Here are a few suggestions for preserving your child’s heirloom for future generations:

  • Dry clean or hand-wash the christening gown or christening outfit as directed on the clothing tag. Stains and body oils can irreparably discolor the fabric. If you hand-wash, avoid using harsh soaps, chlorine bleach, fabric softeners, and starch. Rinse the christening dress or outfit well to remove detergent residues.
  • Once your christening gown or christening suit is completely clean and dry, stuff it with clean, acid-free tissue; this will help prevent hard creases that can weaken the fabric. Fold additional tissue into pleats and slip it between layers of fabric.
  • Place the christening outfit or gown in a 100% cotton unbleached muslin bag, we have three different lengths to fit your needs. Plastic or vinyl bags are unacceptable for long-term preservation since garments need to breathe. For this same reason, you should not seal or wrap a cardboard box containing heirloom christening clothing. Never pack mothballs with your christening apparel since they can ruin fabric over time. Also avoid storing the christening suit or gown with metal items. If you have purchased a bracelet for your special occasion, you can find the perfect display frame at One Small Child.
  • Label your storage container (if it is not already monogrammed) with a name and date.
  • Store the christening outfit or christening gown in a dark, cool, dry place (for example, in a closet or under a bed). Avoid storing the box or bag in places where temperature or humidity may fluctuate seasonally (for example, a basement or attic). The ideal storage place has a relative humidity of 55 percent and a temperature of about 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Check your heirloom christening gown or christening outfit once in a while to ensure that it is maintaining its beauty. When you handle your christening heirloom, wear cotton gloves –- skin oils can discolor fabric.
  • When you wish to use your treasured christening gown or christening outfit again, remove it from the storage container and air it out for several days. You may need to steam the item to remove wrinkles; iron only as a last resort, and only on a very low setting.
Gray baby shorts and suspenders

A Return Policy Like No Other

Here at One Small Child, it is our desire to provide you with exquisite products and exceptional service. In order to assist you in making the all-important decision of what to have your child wear on his or her unforgettable day, we allow you to order up to two different styles/sizes of christening gowns or christening outfits, keep the pieces that best fit and return the unused garments. Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions regarding this policy:

Are there any re-stocking fees on returned items? No. Never. Please be aware, however, that if you selected our free shipping offer and your return causes the original order total to fall below $50, we do deduct $8.75 from your refund to cover the original shipping costs.
Do I pay for the items up front, or do you charge me after I return the unused items? At checkout, you pay for all items before they are shipped, and we cheerfully refund your card within one week upon receipt of your return.
Your return policy states that items must be returned within 15 days–is that from the date I order? No. the 15 day return period begins when you receive your order.
Does my return have to be in your facility within the 15 days? No. It just needs to be in the shipping system (postmarked). We do not expect you to spend exorbitant amounts on express shipping! Just be sure to select a shipping method that offers delivery confirmation.
Are made-to-order items returnable? Yes. Non-stock made-to-order items are constructed for you when we receive your order, but we do accept returns on them.