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Alex + Alexander Baby Ring Bearer Outfits from One Small Child

We love a little man all dressed up! Especially for a wedding. Your little will look so handsome in these baby ring bearer outfits! Check out the Alex + Alexander:

Baby Boy Wedding Suits

All About the Alex + Alexander Outfits…

These baby ring bearer outfits are super classy! A simple under-romper is made from combed-cotton broadcloth. It’s a soft, tightly woven fabric that’s comfortable for baby. With short sleeves and legs, the Alex was designed for warm-weather occasions. The Alexander is perfect for cooler weather, with long sleeves and legs. Each romper buttons up the back and has convenient snap crotch closures.

A clean-cut vest sits comfortably over the romper. Your little one will love that it’s made from a soft cotton pique material. The pique is a textured poly-cotton fabric that adds fun and interest to his look. Fabric-covered buttons secure the vest in style.

The Alex and Alexander are each three-piece sets that include the vest, under-romper and a matching visor beret hat. Complete his look with our Ribbed Ankle Socks and Poly-Cotton Shoes. Accessorize with the Waffle Pique Bib and Waffle Pique Blanket!

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Baby Boy Wedding Suits: Mitchell + Ryker from One Small Child

Even the littlest of littles can look fabulous on those special occasions. Such as a wedding! Today we’re highlighting two baby boy wedding suits for your little gentleman to wear. He’ll look every bit as snazzy as the bride and groom in these outfits!

Mitchell + Ryker Baby Boy Wedding Suits

Ryker Baby Boy Wedding Suits…

The Ryker is an adorable all-white tuxedo made from a crisp polyester shantung fabric. Shantung is a textile that’s full of amazing character. It’s a durable, nubby fabric that has pronounced texture and is visually pleasing. We love that this material holds it shape well without being too uncomfortable for baby-so his look will last all day long!

Three covered buttons decorate the front of the shantung tuxedo jacket. The top button closes mid-chest to secure the jacket in place. A traditional tuxedo collar looks handsome on the Ryker. The back of the jacket even has a tail!

A crisp white bodyshirt is guaranteed to never come untucked. The cotton bodyshirt is short-sleeved and has a button-up front, pointed collars and snap crotch closures. Perfect!

Flat-front suit pants are perfect for baby! The Ryker pants feature an elastic back for easy on and off. The matching bow tie is removable. Matching visor bonnet is made from shantung and features satin ribbon ties.

The Ryker five piece set includes the jacket, bodyshirt, pants, bow tie and bonnet. The Ryker is available for purchase here: Ryker Baby Tuxedo

Mitchell Baby Boy Wedding Suits…

The Mitchell Suit is made from dupioni silk. We love the rich pearl white hue of this luxurious fabric! Dupioni silk features natural horizontal “slubs”, which make up the unique character of the textile. It’s subtly textured and soft to the touch. …This material is amazing!

A crisp collar looks handsomely cute on the Mitchell suit jacket. Silk covered buttons fasten it in place. Our cotton bodyshirt fits neatly underneath. Flat front silk pants will be comfortable for baby all day. The matching silk tie says ‘little man’ and is removable for convenience. A matching hat is also included with this set. We loved the polished, sophisticated look of the Mitchell Suit!

Complete his handsome outfit with our Silk Booties. (They match flawlessly.) May we also suggest the Ribbed Ankle Socks and Silk Blanket? …He’s going to look adorable!

The Mitchell five piece set includes the silk jacket, pants, tie, hat and cotton bodyshirt. The Mitchell is available for purchase here: Mitchell Silk Baby Suit

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Noah Blue Blessing Outfits for Boys | One Small Child

Noah Something Blue Baby Ring Bearer Outfits from One Small Child

What’s cuter at a wedding than a baby ring bearer? The Noah is the cutest of baby ring bearer outfits! Make your little gentleman your wedding’s ‘something blue’ in this blue silk outfit from One Small Child.

Noah: Something Blue Baby Ring Bearer Outfits

All About the Noah…

The Noah is made from a luxurious blue dupioni silk. Dupioni silk is a subtly textured fabric, woven from a double strand of silk yarn in a plain weave pattern. The yarn is uneven and varies in width, creating a series of natural horizontal “slubs”, which make up the unique character of the fabric. It’s the finest of textiles!

We designed the Noah to mimic men’s ware. The crisp details include a pleated front and pointed collar. Cuffed sleeves and legs lend a laid-back boyish element. An adorable visor beret style hat tops off this little boy blue look. Silk-covered buttons add fancy finishing touches to the romper and hat.

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Ruby First Birthday Dress from One Small Child

Looking for the perfect First Birthday Dress? Check out the Ruby Party Dress from One Small Child! You can never go wrong with a little bit of sparkle and a whole lot of pink!

Ruby First Birthday Dress

All About the Ruby…

Lace trim adds a little sparkle to the waist and sleeves of the Ruby dress. Embroidered flowers are adorned with hand-beaded clusters. An assortment od white, clear and pearl beads add flashy shimmer.

Luxurious pink dupioni silk fabric is fit for a princess! In case you haven’t heard, dupioni silk is a subtly textured fabric that’s woven from a double strand of silk yarn in a plain weave pattern. The yarn is uneven and varies in width, creating a series of natural horizontal “slubs”, which make up the unique character of the fabric. It’s light-weight and comfortable for your little fashionista.

The Ruby Dress is perfect for your mobile baby. Crawling and walking is no problem in this above-the knee dress. The bloomers will keep her diaper out of sight. Made from the same pink silk, it matches perfectly.

Complete the Look…

Add our Ruby Shoes to complete her party look! Lined with cotton flannel, they’ll keep her toes cozy and comfy. Made with the same pink dupioni silk and beaded embroidered lace, these crib shoes match the Ruby Dress flawlessly. A silk ribbon tie keeps them comfortable in place.

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Skye First Birthday Party Dress from One Small Child

Have you seen this adorable first birthday party dress? Our Skye dress has all the details a girl could want! Perfect for your little princess’ special day!

Skye First Birthday Party Dress

All About the Skye…

The sleeveless underdress is made from aqua blue dupioni silk. It offers a simple backdrop to allow all the details of the over-dress to shine. For a little background info, dupioni silk is a subtly textured fabric. It’s woven from a double strand of silk yarn in a plain weave pattern. The yarn is uneven and varies in width, creating a series of natural horizontal “slubs”, which make up the unique character of the fabric. We can’t get enough of this deep, rich color!

The over-dress is a classy tea-length style that ends below the knee on most. It’s made from embroidered lace netting. Three rows of pretty embroidered flowers decorate the skirt. Dainty lace cutouts allow the vibrant aqua silk to shine through. The hem is finished with raw-edge netting. Puffed sleeves and a silk ribbon sash add pretty design elements. A hand-made silk rosette is placed off-center at the waistline. Silk-covered buttons back closures.

Accessorize her First Birthday Party Dress…

Finish her celebratory look with the Skye shoes! Made from the same rich aqua silk and embroidered lace, they’ll match her dress flawlessly. We also recommend our Shorty Slip and Bloomers set. Made from a soft cotton broadcloth, this slip is designed for comfort! Don’t forget to add a pretty headband to top it all off. Your little princess is all set to steal the show on her special day!

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Madeline Baby Easter Dresses | One Small Child

Madeline Pink First Birthday Dress by One Small Child

Your little angel is going to look amazing in this cute pink first birthday dress! The Madeline party dress is a wonderful choice for all her special celebrations!

Madeline Pink First Birthday Dress

All about the Madeline…

High-quality re-embroidered lace graces the skirt of this party dress. The texture of this off-white lace is amazing! In case you haven’t heard, re-embroidered lace is a fine needlepoint lace. Filled-in motifs, outlined with a heavier silky cord creates a raised outer edge. The floral motifs stand out on a sheer net background. It’s the finest of textiles!

The bodice and skirt body are made from a rich pink dupioni silk. Dupioni silk is a more subtly textured fabric. It’s woven from a double strand of silk yarn in a plain weave pattern. The yarn is uneven and varies in width, creating a series of natural horizontal “slubs”, which  make up the unique character of the fabric.

A gorgeous hand-made silk rosette is off-center over top a wide silk ribbon sash. What’s a party dress without puffed sleeves and a flared skirt? The subtle stiffness of the materials and construction maintains the pretty shape without being uncomfortable. Can we just say this dress is amazing?

To complete her look, a matching headband is included. It’s made from a soft, wide lace band. Topped with two hand-made silk rosettes, beading and tulle netting. So adorable!

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Kingston Boys First Birthday Suit in Silk by One Small Child

Celebrate your little gentleman’s big day in style! The Kingston is an adorable first birthday suit set in upscale silk. We love the versatility of this suit set! It offers a refined, formal feel all together. Remove the jacket and tie for a laid-back look. Add the hat for some little-boy fun. He’ll be the star of the show in this posh suit!

Kingston Boys First Birthday Suit

All about the Kingston…

The Kingston is a five-piece suit set that includes a jacket, shorts, bodyshirt, hat and tie. True to a little man’s styling, the bodyshirt is made from a soft combed cotton and buttons up to a pointed collar. Short sleeves make for easy layering. A snap crotch closure allows for quick diapering. The jacket, shorts, hat and tie are made from luxurious dupioni silk. It’s a rich material that is made by weaving a double strand of silk yarn in a plain. pattern. The yarn is uneven and varies in width, creating a series of natural horizontal “slubs”. These make up the unique, rich character of the textile. It’s lightweight, making it just right for his warm-weather event. Three silk-covered buttons fasten the jacket front. The silk  shorts are a flat-front design with an easy-on elastic back. The silk tie is removable for versatility. A visor beret hat tops off his little boy look. How handsome!

Complete the look…

Add our ribbed ankle socks and silk booties to finish his little man look. These adorable little socks are just like dads, featuring a simple ribbed design. They’re even machine washable (you’re welcome mom). Our silk booties are made from the same dupioni silk as the Kingston suit, so they’ll matches flawlessly. They’re fully lined with a thick and cozy cotton flannel. A thin silk ribbon ties over the tongue.

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Johnny Overall Christening Romper

Johnny: Boys First Birthday Outfit from One Small Child

Dress your little tyke in a birthday outfit that fits his playful personality. Our Johnny first birthday outfit has a ‘boy at play’ feel. Perfect for your little boy’s style.

Boys First Birthday Outfits

The Johnny…

We love this over-all style outfit! The rigid shantung fabric holds its shape well for a look to last all night. It is fully lined with a soft cotton for comfort. Large covered buttons lend to the masculine design. A collared button-up bodysuit is layered neatly beneath. This three-piece set is topped off with a playful visor beret hat to match. Your little man will look so adorable on his big day!


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Francis Silk First Birthday Romper

Celebrating his first big milestone calls for an extra special outfit! We love our silk Francis Romper for boys first birthday. This simply styled romper is so classy!

Francis Silk First Birthday Romper

All about the Francis first birthday romper…

A plain silhouette offers a clean, streamlined style romper. This allows the luxurious silk dupioni fabric to show off its charm and character. A simple blue silk ribbon adds a pop of color. Sophisticated braided trim overlays the blue ribbon, creating a muted focal point. The adorable Francis romper is appropriate for any season. Short sleeves and long legs offer versatility. The light-weight material makes for comfort in warm weather and allows for bodysuit layering underneath. A cute visor beret with matching trim and silk-covered buttons is the perfect party hat! It’s included in this two-piece set. The Francis is a sure winner for your little gentleman’s upscale celebration!

Complete his look…

Finish his fun party outfit with the Francis Jacket and Francis Shoes. Each features the same silk fabric and blue silk ribbon with the braided trim overlay. They match flawlessly for a perfected look. The Francis shoes are lined with a cotton flannel that’s super soft and comfortable!

Shop the Francis Collection: Francis Romper | Francis Jacket | Francis Shoes

Take a look at all our Boys First Birthday Outfits and find the perfect look for your little guy’s special day!

Sentimental LDS Blessing Ideas

Sentimental LDS Blessing Ideas

Your little one’s blessing day is a sacred event to look forward to. Their name will be officially added to church records and they have the opportunity of receiving a special priesthood blessing. What a special day! Today, we’d like to share some LDS blessing ideas to make your baby’s day extra sentimental.

Sentimental LDS Blessing Ideas

-Dress your little one in a sentimental outfit. There are so many ideas for this! You can make (or have someone make) a blessing dress for your little girl out of your wedding dress. Dress them in your blessing dress or your husband’s blessing outfit. Use an heirloom blanket. That gorgeous knitted blanket that your grandmother made would make a sentimental addition to your little one’s outfit.

-Start a tradition. Use the same blessing dress for all your daughters. Have each one’s initials embroidered on the skirt hem. You could also use this idea with a blanket. What an amazing heirloom to pass down to future generations!

-Host a luncheon or dinner. Take advantage of all your family being in town and get together after church for some food and reminiscing.

-Take some special pictures. You will want good photographs! Capture their little features and special elements of the day. Many mothers now are opting for a professional photo session of baby in their outfit before or after the event. We love that idea, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to snap a few photos on the day of as well. You’ll want one of daddy holding your little one, all the men in their suits, etc.

-Write a letter to your little one. Jot down some excerpts from the blessing. You don’t need to write down the entire blessing, but maybe a few things that stood out to you. Journal about other special parts of the day, like when your he smiled and cooed in your grandmother’s arms. Your little one will love reading about their special day years down the road.

-Make a blessing day memory mini-book. You could include pictures, information about the ward (who your bishop is, what ward and which stake it belongs to, who the stake president is, which ward building you attend, etc.) the names of the brethren who stood in the circle, some excerpts from the blessing, your feelings as a mother about the special day.

What have you done to make your little one’s blessing more meaningful? Share your LDS blessing ideas in the comments below.

{Our Memory Christening Gown, Memory Christening Slippers and Lace Rosette Headband in the ivory option are pictured above.}