June 2015

Month: June 2015

Memory Lace Christening Gown

Memory Vintage Style Christening Gown from One Small Child

Today we’re highlighting a gown that transcends time. This ivory beauty offers a vintage feel that’s totally on trend. The classy lace is perfect for passing on to generations to come. Take a look at our Memory Vintage Style Christening Gown

All about the Memory…

This gorgeous gown is made from a re-embroidered lace netting. It’s a very delicate, open, and light fabric that’s created by twisting, knotting, or weaving threads together at regular intervals. The finished fabric is exquisite! The dress is fully lined with a smooth polyester lining. The Memory features elbow-length lace sleeves. A luxuriously long satin ribbon ties at the back. The skirt is gathered at the waist, giving a little volume to the gown. An heirloom length is sophisticated and classy. The matching bonnet and shawl are made from the same beautiful lace. The bonnet is finished with satin ribbon ties. This four-piece set also includes a comfortable cotton slip that can be personalized with one or more of our embroidery options.

Memory Vintage Style Christening Gown

Complete the look…

Complete her vintage style Christening gown with the Memory Lace Christening Slippers, Memory Lace Blanket and Lace Bow Headband in ivory.

Royal Christening Gown Accessories

Today we’re highlighting all the accessories to our Royal Christening Gown. No Christening outfit is complete without some adorable shoes, and a matching blanket. Add a bib, diaper cover and classy pearl bracelet. Now the look is truly complete! Each accessory is made to flawlessly match the Royal Christening Gown, with the same luxurious re-embroidered lace and a silk base…

Royal Christening Gown Accessories

Royal Christening Shoes… Slip her feet into these adorable soft-construction slippers! The re-embroidered lace overlays a dupioni silk base. Fully lined with the softest cotton flannel, they provide a gentle warmth. A super-soft elastic band keeps them comfortably in place.

Royal Christening Bib… Protect the front of her gorgeous gown from threatening baby stains. Tie this on between the ceremony and photo shoots to maintain your look, and preserve your gown. The re-embroidered lace overlays dupioni silk and is finished with a silk bias trim and tie. Features an absorbent cotton flannel base.

Royal Christening Blanket… Your little one loves to be warm and comfortable. Keep her cozy on her Christening day with a matching blanket. The re-embroidered lace graces one corner of this dupioni silk blanket. This standard-sized blanket is lined with cotton flannel and finished with a generous silk ruffle. Make it unmistakably hers with one of our many embroidery options.

Mother and Child Pearl Bracelet Set… What’s a gorgeous gown without a little bling? Add some simple jewelry! We love a classy freshwater pearl bracelet, handmade for mom and baby.

Silk Dupioni Diaper Cover… Don’t forget the basics! A simple dupioni silk diaper cover will hide anything unsightly. Comfortable elastic waist and legs. Features cute satin ribbon bows at each leg opening.

Camisole Bodysuit… We layer this under everything! Little ones love the added warmth and comfort. Made from silky-soft bamboo. Add one of our embroidery options to personalize.

Christening Day Looks for Mom

A Royal Christening Day Look for Mom

It’s a big day for your precious little one. She’ll be on display for everyone to adore. You’ve found something adorable for her to wear, and added all the accessories. She is going to look fabulous!

…Now what about you? You’ll be in the limelight all day long. Standing in the ceremony, posing for pictures and entertaining all your guests. So, don’t forget to plan your outfit as well! Here are some suggestions for a mom’s Christening Day look:


{For our Royal Christening Gown photo shoot, we chose a classy, simple dress from Shabby Apple and a practical satchel diaper bag from Petunia Picklebottom.}

Christening Day Looks for Mom

Keep it simple… Today, your role is a supportive one. You’ve picked out an adorable outfit for your little one, and they’re going to be stunning! That adorable little one is what you want everyone to focus on. So you’ll want to make sure your outfit doesn’t steal the show. Go for a simple print or a solid in a neutral color.

Keep it classy… This is a day that will be looked back on for years and years. And, as everyone knows, fads fade. Choosing something classy will help your photos seem more timeless.

Be comfortable… It’ll be a long day for you and your little. Make sure to dress for comfort and be weather smart. If it’s a spring event, bring a cardigan. Choose an outfit that’s made from light-weight, breathable material in the summer. You’ll be happier and a more pleasant host.

Be practical… Don’t forget that you’re a mom! Your blouse will be tugged on. Wear something with a modest, structured neckline. Your shoulder may get spit up on. Choose a fabric that can be washed easily. You’ll have to bend often, hold her on your hip and chase her down the hall. Go with something that you can move in. …And you may have to skip the gorgeous six inch heels.

Royal Christening Party

Royal Christening Party Ideas from One Small Child

In honor of our new Royal Christening Gown, today we’re bringing you a collection of five Royal Christening Party Ideas. Follow our new Royal Christening Pinterest pin board for all the source links and more ideas. Now, let’s sit back and soak up some inspiration…

Royal Inspired Christening… Who doesn’t love the lavish look for such a special celebration? Invite your guests in style with a gold leaf embossed invitation. Ornate lace details and a beautiful crest add to the royal effect. Treat your guests to a five-tiered gold and white christening cake. Pretty lace fondant will taste as wonderful as it appears. Send them off with a fabulously re-decorated chocolate bar favor-with gold wrapping, of course!

Royal Christening Party

A Touch of Pink… Throw her a Christening party worthy of the little princess she is! Pale pink and sparkling gold detailing grace these invitations. Each layer of this fabulous cake offers its own unique decoration-each precious and princess appropriate. Favor your guests with a princess inspired re-decorated chocolate bar. So adorable!

Royal Christening Party

Fit For A Prince… We love a dark blue with gold! Subtle navy pinstripes offer a masculine touch to a classy invitation. Simple gold scrollwork accentuate this rich blue cake. Isn’t it stunning?!

Royal Christening Party

A Modern Twist… Love the royal feel, but not crazy about all the frills? A simple gold-lettered invitation will feel rich, but modern. Go for a glittery gold and white color-block cake. Dare to be different! Favor your guests with hand-made lace crowns. The little girls will love prancing around pretending to be princesses!

Royal Christening Party

The Look, But  Less… Short on time or money? Send a postcard invitation with a royal essence. Favor your guests with a buffet of gold-wrapped candies in ornate apothecary jars. Rolos, Hershey’s nuggets and Ferro Rochers are conveniently ready to go! Opt for a simple one-tier cake that’s beautifully decorated and supplement with a sheet cake. You’ll get the grand effect without the cost.

Royal Christening Party

Personalized Royal Christening Gown

Royal Christening Gown from One Small Child

We are pleased to introduce something stunning today. It’s been months in the making, and we feel this new gown is finally ready for a big debut. We’ve created a profoundly regal Christening gown, worthy for any royal. Take a look at the new Royal Christening Gown from One Small Child!

Royal Christening Gown

What makes it Royal…

The Royal Christening Gown is made from the finest materials… An ornately embroidered satin-silk bodice is absolutely stunning. This luxurious fabric has all the charm and rich pearl color of silk. It offers the beautiful sheen of muted satin. You’ll love the silky-smooth feel that only a combination of these materials could provide. We topped the satin-silk with layers of re-embroidered lace netting, in the same pearl tone. This lavish material has character! The re-embroidery offers a pronounced texture, found in only the finest of textiles.

The Royal Christening Gown has style… It offers all the simple charm of an old-world heirloom. The bodice features ornamental embroidery. flanked with lace. The three-tier ruffle sleeve is suitable for any season. A slight gather provides an appropriate skirt volume. Symmetrical sweeps reveal yet another layer of exquisite lace. Generous ruffles finish the sweeps and hem of the gown. Hand-gathered silk trim offers extra decoration. Silk-covered buttons neatly secure the back of the gown to part-way down. This offers gown presentation ease. From the lace collar to the over-stated hemline, this gown is timeless.

The Royal Christening Gown is hand-made… Each Royal gown is hand-crafted with love. Special care is taken to construct your gown with beauty and durability. We’ve selected only the finest materials. Our most experienced seamstresses work to give you a gown worthy to be passed from generation to generation.

All the details…

The Royal Christening Gown is a four-piece set… Along with the gown, you’ll receive a matching bonnet, cotton slip and preservation bag. The matching bonnet has two tiers of lavish lace and shimmery silk ribbon ties. The slip is made from combed cotton broadcloth material. It’s both comfortable and durable. A thick ruffle with generous gathering provides subtle volume to the bottom of the gown. This helps preserve the gown’s shape throughout the skirt. Our muslin preservation bag with padded hanger provide the proper environment for garment storage.

shop the new Royal Christening Gown and all the accessories

Get the complete look… What’s a gorgeous dress without all the perfect accessories? Check back next Monday to learn all about what completes this gown.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is this weekend! Are you ready? Why not get the kids together and make something special for dad? Here are a few cute Fathers Day gift ideas that we’ve rounded up from Pinterest:

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Crafty Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Make dad some hand-made watch bands from WeUpcycle.com. The one pictured is made from a baseball glove! So awesome!

Is daddy a more of a handyman? How about a personalized hammer? Make your own, or find this one on ShopMakarios.com.

Does he love to grill? Spend an afternoon making some special home-made bbq sauce! DesignMom.com has a recipe to get you started.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Simple Fathers Day Gift Ideas

What dad doesn’t love a cheesy home-made card? We loved this free printable poster from ConfettiSunshine.com. How fun for the kids to color pictures and write cute notes about their daddy!

Give some service with Father’s Day Coupons! We thought these ones from TipJunkie.com were adorable.

Trick the kids into giving dad a massage with this awesome musical massage shirt from LalyMom.com.

Whichever gift you choose to give, take some time to make this Father’s Day extra special for him!

Make sure to follow us on Pinterest to keep up to date on all the ideas we share!

Caleb Boys Christening Gown

Let’s talk classic. If you’re looking for a traditional gown that will stand the test of time, this is it. Our Caleb boys Christening gown is a classic style with simple features. A sharp pointed collar. Masculine pleated shirt front. Luxe fabric-covered buttons. High quality combed cotton broadcloth material. A timeless heirloom style that’s just the right length. An open-back, designed for presentation. Finished with an overstated, thick hemline. The matching bonnet features a double layer of the same high-quality material and satin ribbon ties. Includes our heirloom-length slip. Add one of our personalized embroidery options, and start your legacy.

Shop Caleb Christening Gown and Accessories.

Caleb Boys Christening Gown

Summer Fun

Toddler Summer Fun List

Summer opens up a whole new range of activities. Take advantage and make some great memories with your little one! Here’s a list of summer fun activities to enjoy together.

Summer Fun

Play with bubbles: It’s oh so fun to chase and pop bubbles! You can even make your own bubble solution.

Go to the zoo: Splurge on a stuffed animal from the souvenir shop.

Make a water blob: These look so fun and cool on a hot summer day!

Play with buckets of water and measuring cups: You don’t have to get too fancy to entertain a toddler. Get out your big bowl and let them dump away.

Make a splash pad: Set up a few sprinklers on some plastic for a refreshing summer activity.

Go to story time: Many libraries offer a free story time program. It’s a great opportunity to teach your toddler about sitting still and making new friends.

Fly kites: A classic summer fun activity.

Dig for dinosaur bones in the backyard: Plant some fossils for your little to find.

Go to the park: You could bring a friend, or make it a mommy date!

Play with shaving cream: Put food coloring in it, and now you can paint the sidewalk!

Pick flowers: Put them in a pretty vase on your table.

Go to a petting zoo: You know your littles would love this!

Play in the sand: Build a sand castle. Knock it down. Little ones love the new sensory feeling of sand.

Make mud pies: Just once!

Go to a beach: Play in the sand and splash in the water together!

Draw with sidewalk chalk: A fun and simple activity for your toddler.

Wash the car: Your little one will love sponging and hosing mommy’s car!

Go swimming: Check out the local pool for a day.

Eat a popsicle: Indulge in a cool mid-day snack.

Plant something: Visit it every day to take care of it and watch it grow.

Go park hopping: Have a whole afternoon to kill? Explore some new parks in your area. You may even find a new favorite.

Eat ice cream: What’s summer without a little ice cream? Make it even better by getting it from the big pink ice cream truck!

Run in the sprinklers: So fun!

Play ring around the rosie: Guarantee your littles will love this!

Watch fireworks: Snuggle up together for the show.

Wash their ‘car’: Shine up their little trike or cozy coupe! They’ll feel so proud and important.

Eat snow cones: Head to the local snow shack for a refreshing summer treat.

Chip away at frozen ice blocks: Freeze some little treasures in a big block of ice and let your little one dig them out.