January 2015

Month: January 2015

Bamboo Layette Set

Spring 2015: Bamboo Layettes and Gowns





Finding great baby staples for them be comfortable in  and grow with can be so hard, and that is before making sure it’s cute! Sometimes an outfit may be cute but the material is not soft and poorly made. Today we are giving you a preview of our Spring 2015 line, Bamboo Layettes and Gowns! We could not be happier about this in-coming product that will change how you look at baby clothes forever. Like our Bamboo Bodysuits they are super soft, stretchy while retaining their shape and have matching accessories that include an adorable hat and blanket. The Layette features a small side tie for you to easily put it on and off, separate bottoms with pocket detail and ankle slit. You’ll never want to take your little sweetheart out of them! We know you will love these amazing Bamboo Layettes and Gowns for their amazing feel and beautiful color offerings including: blue, pink and white. Make sure to follow our social media feeds to be the first to know when they are available for purchase!

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Simple Girls First Birthday Party

How To: Winter ‘One’derland Girls First Birthday Party

Simple Girls First Birthday Party

A first birthday is such a fun milestone! One that definitely calls for a celebration. A couple weeks ago, we shared this Winter ‘One’derland First Birthday Party. Today, we’d like to share how Josie’s mom threw this simple girls first birthday party. Here’s what she did:

Simple Girls First Birthday Party

“I chose the Winter ‘One’derland theme because it fit my daughter’s January birthdate, and it was specific to a first birthday. I liked the trendy color combination of silver, light blue and purple. So I chose them to base my decorating on. I’m very practical, and I knew I could easily find everything I needed in these colors. I don’t like to stress over these things!

“I recruited my sister (a great cook) to bake a home-made cake for Josie to smash. She did layers in the theme colors of blue, white and purple. Then, decorated it with white whipped frosting and silver sprinkles. It was just what I wanted-simple and delicious! She also made colorful cupcakes with the leftover batter from each layer. We served the cupcakes to the guests with some blue punch and left the smash cake all to the birthday girl.

“The most important thing to me was to have cute pictures to remember the fun. So I created a colorful backdrop that went along with my theme. I used four plastic tablecloths-layered on top of each other to get the streamer effect. Shred the top three, and leave the back whole. Add the twinkle lights and tulle in a swag over to finish the top and sides. I also added coffee filter snowflakes throughout the backdrop. The foam letters I happened upon, and thought were a cute addition. I put down a folded white sheet that I could just throw in the wash after the cake smash and some balloons for the kids to kick around. Josie and the other kids had fun playing with them, and it made for some great snapshots.”

Simple Girls First Birthday Party

“My mom saw the chalkboard idea, and I loved it! I’m kind of a perfectionist, so I made sure to draw it well in advance. It was a little time consuming, but everyone loved it. I felt it was worth it to display some fun things about Josie’s personality.

“The order of events went like this: after the guests arrived we sang happy birthday to Josie. She was so excited to see all her family. I let her open her gifts first-mom and dad and both her grandmas helped a lot with that. It was sweet that she got to open several gifts with the help of those who gifted them. She loved all her clothes and toys! We saved the cake smash for last, since I knew she’d be messy afterward. We let her dive in and then served the cupcakes and punch to the guests. Afterward, everyone visited while the kids (and a few dads) played with the toys and balloons. It was all very laid-back and simple.

“Josie had a great time playing with all her family. She enjoyed the gifts and the delicious cake, and I loved seeing her so happy! It was a very simple party to put together-just right for a girls first birthday party.”

Baby Boy Sweaters from One Small Child | Winter 2015

Winter Wear: Baby Boy Sweaters

Baby Boy Sweaters from One Small Child | Winter 2015

{Kevin Baby Boy Sweaters | Kody Baby Boy Sweaters}

We love little boys in preppy sweaters! You’ll adore the way your little gentleman looks, and he’ll love the way he feels in either of these baby boy sweaters! Top off his plain button up bodyshirt with something warm and dressy. Pair them with his favorite pants. The options are endless with this versatile accessory! We offer two styles: crew neck (Kody) or V-neck (Kevin). Each is made from 100% cotton. The V-neck style allows for the perfect amount of room for a fun bow-tie. These argyle cardigans are so adorable!

Our Cable-Knit Blanket is the perfect accessory for these baby boy sweaters.

Winter Christening Outfits: Lucas


{Lucas Winter Christening Outfits for Boys}

We want to share one of our favorite winter Christening outfits today. The Lucas is an adorable 3 piece set. It includes a short-sleeved romper, adorable jacket and a visor beret hat. Each is made from plush knit cotton. This ribbed material has a heavenly texture. It’s extremely soft and thick. Your little gentleman will stay warm and snug in this handsome outfit! Ornate braided trim adds a subtle touch to the romper, jacket and hat.

Complete his look with our signature sleeveless bodysuit, matching Lucas shoes and Lucas blanket.

Looking for more winter Christening outfits? Check out our complete selection here!


Royal and Celebrity Christenings we Love!

We all have a love for anything to do with the Royal family, especially the adorable Prince George. Today we want to highlight Royal and Celebrity Christenings we love because we can’t get enough of babies in amazing gowns.

Prince George’s Christening gown was actually a handmade replica of the original Royal Christening gown that was used from 1841 until 2004 for all of the Royal family’s Christenings. The Queen finally had it retired and preserved 11 years ago due to age. What an amazing heirloom! (Source) I can only imagine the stunning gown in person with that kind of history.

After retiring the gown, the Queen commissioned a new gown to replica the original to be used for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The amazing lace details are swoon worthy!


| Source | Our Interpretation |

Another one of our favorites is this baptism dress for Rachel Griffiths baby girl back in 2009 that was made in 1920 by her great-grandmother. We love the simple color underneath with the darling over sized headband. Again, we love heirloom pieces that become a family tradition.


| Source | Our Interpretation |

And finally, from December 2013, Fergie and Josh Duhamel’s baby Axl’s baptism day! We love the little suit with the personal, modern touch of the high top sneakers. Sweet accents like this are fun and unexpected so they add surprise to the baby’s big day for everyone to see.


| Source | Our Interpretation |


Behind the Scenes: One Small Child’s Baby Boutique Preview


{Here’s a look at our new Baby Boutique about half-way finished. Big reveal coming soon!}

Today we’re giving you a behind the scenes look at the making of our baby boutique! In previous years, our products have been available strictly online. To better serve you, we’re opening our doors! You’ll be able to see all our amazing clothes and accessories in person. We know shopping online is a thrill. But nothing’s greater than brushing the rows of dresses with your hands. Surveying the outfits in person. Finding the one that truly fits your little one’s personality. Choosing all the fun accessories to complete the look. The peace of mind that comes from trying on the outfit. Seeing for yourself how helpful our baby gear can be adorable too. Browsing the in-stores-only section. Our baby boutique offers the ultimate shopping experience for you and your little one! We can’t wait to see you!


Girls Christening Dresses: Sarah


{Sarah | Girls Christening Dresses}

Looking for simple girls Christening dresses? Our Sarah is a plain, no-fuss option for her special day. This baby-doll silhouette is made with smooth white cotton. A subtle embroidered bodice offers a feminine element. The Sarah features pretty puffed sleeves and satin detailing. Your mobile baby will love the length. Great for your little crawler or walker! The satin bow headband is a sweet finishing touch. The Sarah dress is the perfect choice for her simple Christening event!

Try the Sarah as an after-event dress! It’s the perfect outfit for a classy after-party!

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2015

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2015

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Here’s to all the parents who dream of a better world for their children. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Winter 'One'derland First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party: Winter ‘One’derland

We recently celebrated a first birthday here at One Small Child. Today, we’re sharing the festivities! We loved this simple winter ‘one’derland first birthday party. Her January event was anything but cold!

Winter 'One'derland First Birthday Party

{Josie had so much fun playing with the balloons! This easy display made for a fun photo backdrop at her first birthday party. We started the festivities singing happy birthday. Josie then got to dive in to opening presents. She adored all her beautiful gifts.}

Winter 'One'derland First Birthday Party

{The chalkboard display was a fun way to show Josie’s personality. Not to mention a great way to photo-document some things about her! Her favorite part of the day was seeing all her family who came to celebrate.}

Winter 'One'derland First Birthday Party

{Josie loved her home-made smash cake-courtesy of her talented aunt. We let her have this one all to herself. The party guests were served matching blue velvet cupcakes and blue punch to drink.}


{This cute personalized bodysuit was perfect for cake smashing!}

Looking for a great first birthday party dress? The Skye dress and matching shoes are a perfect fit! See more party dresses here.